David Becker

San Francisco, CA USA

Professional Experience

I'm a writer/reporter/editor with more than 25 years experience covering everything from Metallica concerts to semiconductor design. Work and freelance experience includes major magazines, metro newspapers, trade pubs and Web operations. Author of "Master Your DSLR Camera," a bestselling (250,000+ copies) e-book/app. Areas of interest and expertise include personal technology, music, photography and travel. I'm a concise, witty and fluid writer, a meticulous editor of others and my own work and a no-excuses deadline performer.


5 Years
20 Years
20 Years


Consumer Products
10 Years
15 Years
10 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
5 Years
Newspaper - Local/Regional
12 Years
Online/new media
12 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

24 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Wired News (10+), Macworld (1-2), Men's Journal (1-2), Open Air Publishing (1-2), Popular Science (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

J. Peterman (10+)

Other Work History

Staff jobs: Staff writer, CNET News.com; managing editor, TechWeek; features writer/movie critic, Wisconsin State Journal; pop music critic, Oakland Tribune.

Technical Skills

Photoshop, Lightroom

Foreign Language Skills

some Spanish, German.

Computer Skills

Word, Quark Xpress, Windows 7, Typepad, WordPress, Tumblr


WiFi laptop, digital SLR camera, Word, digital audio recorder, iPad, Android phone


Western Publishers' Association "Maggie" award, 2004, Best Online Article



Feature on the evolving "use tax" law and enforcement.
Feature on the religious dimensions of the Y2K scare.
Review of Canon's new high-end compact camera.
Roundup of latest digicam models, plus advice on buying gear and taking betters photos.
Roundup of underwater cameras.
Reviews of digital camcorders for August 2008 Men's Journal.
Complete your high-end audio system with $5,000 speaker wires.


Review of Barry White concert.
Profile of San Francisco church that venerates jazz legend John Coltrane.
Feature exploring the business aspects of home-grown hip hop.
Profile of inspirational Bay Area jazz singer.
Profile of blues legend Charles Brown.
Profile of famous/infamous rock originator Ike Turner.


A media-rich e-book for aspiring photographers. 150,000 copies sold and still running hot!