Eric Swenson

East Northport, NY USA

Professional Experience

SENIOR INTERNET DESIGN & BUSINESS STRATEGIST Accomplished interactive product management and design leader. Consistently set new standards for performance and efficiency through deployment of innovative technical, User Experience (UX) design, and business solutions. Experienced in bridging IT, creative, business, production, and client services. Successful record promoting design, installation and adoption of technologies and programs to create new products and workflow efficiencies, address business challenges, evoke new ideas, and develop new ways to work internally & with customers. Core competencies include: * Fifteen years of project management and leadership experience across diverse industries * Broad understanding of emerging and traditional media outlets * Eighteen years of knowledge and experience in all facets of digital publishing: eBooks, Web, application-based, CD-ROM and DVD * User Experience strategy & testing * Specification and requirements documentation


Producer (new media)
19 Years
Other, Specify
15 Years
Web Developer
15 Years


Arts & Humanities
19 Years
Business (general)
19 Years
19 Years


Academia Teaching
3 Years
Advertising agency
5 Years
Online/new media
15 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

18 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Richard Kern (3-5), Deka Design (3-5), Diversion Media (1-2), Oxford University Press (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Allan Chasanoff (3-5), AT&T Labs Research (1-2), Capax Global (1-2), JP Morgan Chase (1-2), L.A. Burman Associates (1-2)

Other Work History

Elsevier, New York, June 2011 - Present Director Product Management SciVerse Hub - Swensonia Inc., New York, June 2007 - June 2011 Project Management Consultant | Sole proprietor. Hearst Interactive Media, New York, January 2002 - May 2007 Director of Program Management. Swensonia Production Management Consulting, New York, November 1998 - January 2002 Consultant | Sole proprietor. Hearst New Media Center, New York Director, Production (1997 - October 1998); Executive Producer (1997); Producer (November 1995 - 1996) Necro Enema Amalgamated, BLAM! CD-ROM, New York, 1992 - 2000 Co-founder and Creative Director.

Technical Skills

Registered iPhone App developer with projects in-progress; registered Amazon DTP Kindle publisher. registered Nook developer; Arduino enthusiast; Google App Inventor

Foreign Language Skills

Spanish (novice: speaking, writing)


Freelancers Union

Computer Skills

Operating Systems: Apple OS X Snow Leopard; Windows XP & 7; Linux: Fedora 14 and Ubuntu 10.x Software: Adobe Director, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Keynote, Apple Pages, Axure RP Pro, Balsamiq Mockups, BBEdit, Calibre (eBooks), DevonAgent, DevonThink, Endnote, Fast Track Professional, FileMaker Pro 9, Final Cut Pro, iPlotz, Logic, Microsoft Project 2010, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Visio Pro Premium 2010, Parallels VM, Microsoft Word, Mindjet MindManager, OmniGraffle Pro, OmniPlanner, OmniTask, Papers, Personal Brain, Protoshare, Quark, Xmind Programming & Scripting: Apple Xcode and Interface Builder environments; Apple iPhone/iPad SDK 4.2+, Objective C (novice, in training); intermediate Action Script (Flash), HTML, CSS, Lingo (Director); XML Additional IT Experience: Registered iPhone App developer; registered Amazon DTP Kindle publisher; registered Nook developer


iPad 64GB MacBook Pro 15" 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7 (2 for redundancy) MacBook (Black) 13" IBM X31 Laptop Olympus DS-40 Digital Recorder Large collection of previous generation Macintosh and IBM and IBM-compatible machines for use on testing projects as well as variable media art projects.

Work Permits & Visas

U.S. Citizen


Available upon Request


Pace University, Citation for Excellence in Teaching, 1999 I.D. Magazine, Interactive Media Review Silver Award for BLAM! 3 design, 1998 Videonale 8, Berlin Videofest, Berlin, Germany 1st prize in CD-ROM category for BLAM! 3, 1998


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Graphic Artists Guild (GAG) Information Architecture Institute (IAI) Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Interaction Design Association (IxDA) Project Management Institute (PMI) Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP)


About Eric Swenson

Brief Bio of Eric Swenson

Writing Samples

How-to POV piece describing how would-be electronic publishers could migrate from paper-based fanzines to electronic (web or CD-ROM) media. This piece was written just prior to the mass-adoption of the web, when CD-ROMs were still a big deal, but the production principles espoused translate well even to today's web, eBook and iPadd/Android app developers.
Critique and foreshadowing of the implications of the (then) new WIRED magazine and what its editorial philosophy implied.
Virtual Alternative was a magazine covering the impact of technology on the radio industry. Feature article describing the then-unknown future of interactive advertising on the then-fledgling Internet and World Wide Web. The piece predicts the implementation of narrowcast advertising profiling and other then-unimaginable techniques of exploiting the medium. This was written at a time when the notion of advertising on the internet in its current form was not necessarily seen as "inevitable" by large groups of academics and cultural theorists.


This is a PDF of a presentation that covers the wide spectrum of work products that often accompany my consulting services. Since clients often ask for "proof" of capabilities, this presentation shows non-replicable (e.g. sanitized) thumbnails of work products ranging from: - Mind Maps - Project Plans (produced in various industry standard products such as MS Project, OmniPlan, Fast Track and others) - Workflow analysis - Functional and Technical Requirements - UML diagrams - RFPs - Information Architecture Analysis - Published trade writing - Web design - CD-ROM product design - Art exhibits