Gregory Taggart

Orem, UT USA

Professional Experience

I write engaging, well-sourced copy and always meet my deadlines. Bloomberg, Institutional Investor, President & CEO, Morgan Stanley, Fidelity, Schwab, One+, HNW,, and are among the many names I've written for. My goal is to always put the right word in the right place for the right purpose. In short, I'm a careful writer. For the evidence to back up this claim, see my writing samples below.


14 Years
16 Years
16 Years


Business (general)
30 Years
30 Years
Personal Finance
30 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
16 Years
Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
14 Years
Magazine - Trade magazines/publications (B2B)
15 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

16 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Wealth Manager Magazine (1-2), NEA Member Benefits (3-5), OstlerJameson Publishing (3-5), President & CEO (3-5), Institutional Investor (3-5), Lumin Publishing (1-2), Marriott Alumni Magazine (1-2), (1-2), One+ Magazine (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Imagination (6-10), The Phoenix Companies (3-5), Brigham Young University (1-2), Private Wealth Management (1-2), MultiLing International (1-2), HNW (6-10)

Other Work History

FINANCIAL Writing: *Columnist - Bloomberg Personal Finance *Regular contributor - Bloomberg Wealth Manager *Institutional Investor *President&CEO * *HNW *Regular contributor - Wealth Manager magazine - SBM * *Third Age *One+ *Morgan Stanley *Fidelity+ and Fidelity Focus *Schwab's OnInvesting *VSA Partners PUBLIC RELATIONS/ADVERTISING Writing: *Connect Public Relations *FranklinCovey *Element OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE: *Lecturer - Brigham Young University *Staff Attorney/AVP - Michigan National Corporation *Agent - Northwestern Mutual *Partner - Financial services firm *Script Supervisor TOPICS I have written on: *Finance *Investments *Personal finance *Charitable giving *Estate planning *Tax planning *Retirement planning *Banking *Religion *Book reviews *Life insurance *Health insurance *Long-term care insurance *Divorce *Prenuptial agreements *Technology *Travel *Life science *Physical science *Math *Art *Design

Technical Skills

Former attorney Life, health, and disability insurance licenses - in previous career Series 7 - previous career AP, Chicago, MLA, and APA style

Foreign Language Skills

Speak and read Portuguese and Spanish.

Computer Skills

Mac (OS10) and PC (XP) MICROSOFT Word, Excel, Powerpoint LaTeX Wordpress Adobe Acrobat Pro


Fully functional home office, including IMac, MacBook Pro, scanners, printers, digital cameras and video recorders voice recorder,


Online Publications - Financial

The basics of Medicare.
I did it. After talking to Scott Bilker, creator of, I just had to try a balance transfer to take advantage of a zero percent APR offer I had received recently. You see, I had a $3,000 balance on my credit card and an unforeseen cash-flow problem. And Travelocity came to the rescue with an offer I couldn't refuse: nine months interest free on that balance. Of course, I remembered Scott's advice: "You have to be cautious that you do the math, so that you actually save money when you do the balance transfer."
Everyone knows that your credit score is important to your financial life, affecting the rates you get for mortgages, credit cards and insurance. Improving your score may save you thousands of dollars in interest. So would it help your score if you got rid of a credit card?
Article discussing the basic provisions of long-term care insurance.
Article on homeowners insurance basics.
Article discussing the major types of ID theft and how to protect yourself from them.
Quarterly, no-byline articles for a Northern Trust newsletter for advisors. By contract, I cannot link to them. Began writing articles in May 2010.
What individual investors can do to benefit and protect themselves from the crisis in Europe.
What individual investors can do to benefit and protect themselves from the crisis in Europe.
First in a series of interviews with fund managers, each of whom pursues a different investment style.
Article the discusses how teachers can finance National Board Certification.
A discussion of the new regulations on SEFs.
charitable contributions, tax deductions,
A look at the proposed BRICS stock exchange.
Why would consumers who have debt trouble opt for a fee-laden subprime credit card rather than a less expensive secured credit card? "Marketing. Marketing. Marketing." That's how . . .
Every year after the age of 40, you receive your Social Security benefit statement about two months before your birthday. You probably add it to the "to do" pile in your home office. But maybe you should spend a little time reading it to make sure Uncle Sam has his facts straight.
The world of credit cards is getting more complicated, if that's possible. More and more retail stores are teaming up with American Express, MasterCard or Visa to issue credit cards that carry the name of the store and the logo of the card issuer. But they also still offer cards that can be used only in their own stores. How does a consumer choose?
This link leads to 10 different stories I wrote for Wealth Manager, a Summit Business Media publication.
Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires -- it seems one part of the country just recovers from a natural disaster when another kind occurs somewhere else. To help victims of these disasters get back on their feet, insurance companies and partner banks have devised catastrophe claim cards, or "CAT" cards. These special debit cards are issued by banks in partnership with property and casualty insurers and loaded with insurance money to cover immediate, short-term needs.

Magazine Articles - Art, Design, Travel

The scene resembled a grade-school field trip to the Virginia countryside. As the owners of Tiger Valley Estate looked on with anticipation, artist blacksmith Nol Putnam, X-Acto knife in hand, busily reshaped cardboard leaves the size of tall children, then tacked them to a wooden frame traversing the country road in which they were standing.
In the center of St. George, near the intersection of Tabernacle and Main Streets, stand a variety of commercial, government, and religious buildings. The St. George Tabernacle, a two story, red sandstone building dedicated in 1876 with a towering white spire, graces the intersection. The city's new red and yellow sandstone library stands next door. A large Zions Bank branch, also sandstone, sits one block north. Like the library and all the other buildings in the four block area around the intersection, the bank appears as though it was built at about the same time as the Tabernacle. In fact, it was dedicated less than 10 years ago.

Marketing - Brochures, Pamphlets, etc.

Brochure for Covey Leadership Week
Brochure for Covey Leadership Week.

Magazine Articles - Financial

Article on getting and keeping wealthy clients. For this piece, I interviewed a variety of wealthy individuals, managers of their family offices, and other wealth managers and advisors.
Article on the 10b5-1 pre-established trading plan and the blind trust, two safe harbors from charges of insider trading. For this piece, I interviewed a variety of wealth managers and advisors who have dealt with this issue.
Article on the financing of life insurance premiums in trusts to benefit the heirs of wealthy individuals. For this piece, I interviewed advocates and critics of the practice as well as with insurance company and bank executives.
Article on inflation for the alumni magazine of the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University. For this piece, I interviewed economist John Williams, publisher of Shadow Government Statistics, and Barry Ritholtz, CEO and Director of Equity Research at Fusion IQ, among others.
Article on the need for commodities in the asset allocation of an investment portfolio. For this piece, I interviewed the portfolio/product managers for the Oppenheimer Real Asset Fund, the PIMCO Commodity Real Return Strategy Fund, and the Rogers Raw Materials Index Fund, among others.
Article about swap execution facilities or SEFs in Capital Markets section of the magazine.
Article evaluating methods of measuring portfolio risk. For this piece, I interviewed Nobel laureate and father of modern portfolio theory Harry Markowitz; Ron Surz, president of PPCA; and Barry Schachter, managing director of risk management at SAC Capital Advisors, among others.

Online Publications - Travel

Article about staying productive on the road.

Magazine Articles - Profiles

You pull up to seven Gs in a bobsled--?seven times earth's gravitational pull. It's tough sledding. Fraser Bullock knows that from his experience on the bobsled track at Utah's Olympic Park. He had just signed on as CFO and COO of the Salt Lake Olympic Committee and wanted to understand what it was like to be an Olympic athlete. “I looked in the sled and there were chains, apparently to keep people from climbing out halfway down," he laughs.