A. Richard Langley

Marietta, GA USA
Website: www.mediabistro.com/ARichardLangley

Professional Experience



Copy Editor
15 Years
Technical Writer
10 Years


5 Years
10 Years
Other, Specify
15 Years


Academia Other
5 Years
Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
3 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

5 Years

Computer Skills

• PC Platform – Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Acrobat • Authoring Tools – FrameMaker, InDesign, MadCap Flare, PageMaker, and RoboHelp • CMS/Coding/Database – HTML, Knowledge Base tools, SharePoint, Silverpop, and Socialtext • Varied Working Knowledge – Mac platform and standard social media tools


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Merit Award (2003) Society for Technical Communication, Printed Publications Category Employee of the Month (03/09) McKesson, Physician Practice Solutions On-the-Spot Award (05/09) McKesson, Physician Practice Solutions

Work Samples

Marketing Clips (Due to copyrights, I cannot post most of my rec

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Travel and Culture

(TripAdvisor 2/7/2016)
Sept. 15, 2015, review of Lotte New York Palace
Flyer promoted and provided registration information for an antiques buying-and-selling trip to Buenos Aires that I co-led.
A soleful piece on how the brand, style, and quality of a man's shoes attract attention as much as his physical and emotional makeup.
Piece covers the illuminating week my girlfriend and I spent in a Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn during Christmas 2013.
(Art & Antiques magazine 2/7/2016)
Front-of-book piece about my experience buying and selling antique collectibles in Buenos Aires.
Fun piece on the history and cultural influence of cashmere.

Lifestyle and Luxury

(Atlanta Citymag 2/7/2016)
Piece on affordable and helpful ways to pamper yourself.
(Capricious -- Roswell, GA 2/7/2016)
(Atlanta Citymag 2/7/2016)
Piece about shopping for fragrances and my experiences with cologne.

Celebrities and Entertainment

(Newcomer Magazine 2/7/2016)
Profile of renowned Atlanta concert promoter Peter Conlon.
(Atlanta Citymag 2/7/2016)
Piece on well-known NYC-connected celebrities who made their initial marks in the ATL.
Covers the intriguing career of Jennifer Jason Leigh, who has convincingly portrayed a plethora of prostitutes and a diverse lot of other suffering souls.

Dining and Nightlife

(BlackBook Magazine 2/7/2016)
Punchy blurbs on Atlanta's nightlife and dining hot spots
(Newcomer Magazine 2/7/2016)
Review of Genki restaurant in Atlanta.
(Newcomer Magazine 2/7/2016)
Review of Luna Si restaurant in Atlanta.
(Newcomer Magazine 2/7/2016)
Appetite-inducing takes on premier power lunch spots in the ATL.

Film Pieces

(Film Threat 2/7/2016)
Piece covering actors who rolled the dice and portrayed nuns onscreen.
(Newcomer Magazine 2/7/2016)
Piece on notable films shot in Georgia--and their stars and factoids--particularly in and around Atlanta.
(Peachtree International Film Society 2/7/2016)
Review of the Oscar-winning film Life is Beautiful, which the PIFS screened during its festival.
(ShinyGun.com 2/7/2016)
Colorful take on the underrated 1989 cult film "Vampire's Kiss," which covered the emotional, physical, and spiritual breakdown of its longing-for-love main character (a no-holds-barred performance by Nicolas Cage).
The '80s were rife with teen, Brat Pack, and vampire flicks. "The Hunger," a high-class vampire work, was critically savaged at the time but is now a cult classic. This piece discusses the elements that make it influential, including the eclectic director, cast, and music.
Edgy charticle comparing the careers, films, and lives of Joan Crawford and Cindy Crawford.