Jill Provost

Los Angeles, CA USA
Website: http://www.jillprovost.com

Professional Experience

A senior health editor turned award-winning writer, I possess a sparkling and authoritative voice on what's hot in nutrition, fitness, sex and pop culture. I always know where my morning cup of coffee stands with the latest caffeine research, and devour science headlines as voraciously as Takeru Kobayashi can swallow 69 franks. Inspired and passionate, I bring an innate curiosity to everything I write. Though I can unabashedly geek out on topics like neurobiology and biochemistry, I always come at the sciences from a layman's perspective, with the ability to break down complex medical information into simple, easy-to-digest copy. Though my first obsession is health, I am riveted by anything with a science or psychology slant. I cover dating advice, orgasm mechanics, anti-aging technology and stress management techniques... to name a few. In addition to straightforward reporting, I write revealing and humorous personal essays; engaging blog entries and clever headlines and copy.


Content Editor (online)
12 Years
16 Years
16 Years


12 Years
12 Years
12 Years


Broadcasting - News - TV (National)
5 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
3 Years
Online/new media
12 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

15 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

RealAge.com (10+), YouBeauty.com (10+), YourTango (10+), Cleveland Clinic (10+), HealthGuru.com (10+), Good Housekeeping (10+), Healthy Advice magazine (10+), iVillage (10+), American Photo (6-10), WomansDay.com (6-10), National Education Association (NEAMB.com) (6-10), Momtourage (3-5), Women's Health (3-5), RealBeauty.com (3-5), DailyWorth.com (3-5), First30Days.com (3-5), EverydayHealth.com (3-5), Healthline.com (3-5), Lifescript.com (1-2), Glamour (1-2), Becker&Mayer (1-2), MSN (1-2), New Hope Media (1-2), New Jersey Life Health + Beauty (1-2), Time Out New York (1-2), Turner Wellness Media (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Healthy Advice Network (10+), She & Me (10+), Solidea (10+), Hearst (6-10), Johnson & Johnson (6-10), Lehigh Valley Health Network (1-2), Gyrate Media (1-2), Digitas Health (1-2), Fandango Development (1-2), Studio One (1-2)

Other Work History

Staff Positions: Managing Editor - CompletelyYou.Com Senior Online Editor - Good Housekeeping Senior Health Editor - iVillage Sex Editor - CollegeClub News Writer - CBS News Broadcast Coordinator, Real-Time News - PBS-Boston Beat Reporter - The Landmark (weekly local paper) Editorial Assistant - American Photo

Technical Skills

HTML/XHTML, photography, basic photo editing

Foreign Language Skills

Proficient but not fluent Spanish


Freelancers Union

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, QPS, HTML/XHTML, HomeSite, PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, Vignette, Omniture, K4, InCopy, ENPS, iNews, Drupal


digital audio recorder, digital camera, laptop, iPhone, Photoshop, Dreamweaver


Available upon request


Winner of the National Health Information Awards - Gold, 2011; Web Marketing Association International WebAward Competition - Outstanding Achievement in Web Development, 2007


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Work Samples

Diet, Nutrition & Fitness

(iVillage 7/26/2017)
Chocolate, good for us? Ah, life is sweet indeed. With recent reports that dark chocolate is brimming with cancer-zapping antioxidants and heart-healthy fats, we guiltlessly present to you: the best in cocoa...
(McClain's Orange County 7/26/2017)
Your boxes are packed; your moving checklist is halfway complete. Besides worrying about adjusting to a new neighborhood, you've found yourself wondering if your less-than-fabulous physique is going to make the grade in an area known as the California Riviera...
(iVillage 11/11/2008)
From Thanksgiving to New Year's, we spend more time consuming cocktails than Chris Parnell does macking on Magnolia. While we can think of diet-friendlier ways to celebrate the holidays, the season would be a lot less merry (think ho-ho-hum)...
(Good Housekeeping 7/26/2017)
Everything you do -- from sleeping to eating a bowl of rocky road ice cream -- burns calories. Likewise, every bodily function, like digestion, blood circulation, and breathing, takes effort...
(iVillage 3/18/2010)
Maybe it's because your stationary bike has morphed into a clothesline or because the only time you break a sweat is while eating jalapeno poppers, but you've decided it's time to start a fitness routine...
(RealBeauty.com 2/3/2010)
Depriving yourself of dark chocolate? According to a recent survey, women who indulge every day have an easier time climaxing than those who practice cocoa celibacy. Drop the virtuous act and defile your taste buds already...
(iVillage's Momtourage 8/28/2009)
You're having a meltdown that only chocolate can fix. Studies show that a 10-minute walk can help cure the most ardent chocoholic's craving, but we wouldn't want to turn the world into a clan of PMS-ing nomads. Your only option: Find a healthier substitute that will leave you satisfied...
(Time Out New York 7/26/2017)
<i>Seven activities to burn your beer belly and land a date--all while throwing back a pint.</i> <br />With summer under way, you've got three priorities: shedding your winter padding, kicking back with a cold one...
(iVillage's Momtourage 12/31/2008)
Excuse us, but we couldn't help notice the drool on your chest, and our guess is, it's not your infant's. Time for a wake-up call that doesn't involve espresso shots. What you need, in addition to sleep, are a few lessons in eating for energy...

Sex & Relationships

(Tango 7/26/2017)
Dr. Hilda Hutcherson loves sex toys, believes the world is much too pornophobic, and thinks more women should give anal sex a try. In other words, she's the gynecologist every guy wants his girlfriend to meet...
(iVillage 7/26/2017)
Is your love life feeling a little vanilla lately? Add some flavor to your sexual favors with our favorite midnight munchies. If food is indeed the way to a man's heart, get ready to watch him drool. Luckily, these tantalizing treats are sure to hit your sweet spot as well...
(WomansDay.com 4/15/2011)
Has your love life gone from sizzle to fizzle? You don't have to memorize the Kama Sutra to spice things up between the sheets. In fact, it's the positions you assume outside the bedroom that could really heat things up.
(Cleveland Clinic's 360-5.com 5/6/2011)
Desire gone MIA? Millions of men and women — 31 percent and 43 percent, respectively — lose their mojo at some point in their lives. Because most of us don't advertise it with an APB — attention, attention, be on the lookout for one lost libido — it can be harder to find than your misplaced keys. Often, it comes down to knowing where inside yourself to look...
(iVillage 8/9/2010)
Not sure what possessed you to buy that racy red dress? Blame your hormones.
(Tango Magazine 6/30/2008)
Less than 48 hours after meeting Ryan, I was straddling him in a nightclub, giving him my first-ever lap dance...
(iVillage 7/27/2010)
"What's more harmful than not exercising, twice as bad for you as being obese and as deadly as smoking 15 cigarettes a day? Did you guess eating a tub of Crisco, too? ..."
(iVillage 1/10/2011)
Forget the sob story, ladies. New research shows that playing the sympathy card isn't the most effective way to land a man. A study published in the journal Science found that tears are a total turn-off for guys.
(Women's Health 3/1/2009)
Right after moving in with her boyfriend of three years, Kim, a 31-year-old Web designer in New York City, strolled into a meeting with a new coworker and felt like she'd been hit by a truck. His intense eyes, his warm voice, his muscular forearms...

Health & Conditions

(Glamour 5/1/2009)
<em>...for Four Common Little Body Issues</em><br /> 1. Bumps on Your Tongue: These small white or red "tongue pimples" are actually inflamed taste buds...
(iVillage 7/26/2017)
As it turns out, living in the moment isn't always the best way to stay healthy. When it comes to how humans battle stress, the war is better fought with a little forward thinking. Reaching for a glistening Krispy Kreme, for instance, has a remarkably soothing effect on our psyche...
(MSN/iVillage 7/26/2017)
Georgianna Perez begins every day as many mothers do, rousing her son and getting him off to school before setting out on her four-mile walk at the local park. It may seem ambitious, though not so remarkable, that she's up at 5:30am, sipping coffee and preparing for her daily jaunt...
(iVillage 1/27/2011)
<i>Flu symptoms don't keep Americans from going to work, school</i><br /> Think of the flu as the circus daredevil who gets shot out of a cannon. When somebody coughs or sneezes, the virus can travel up to six feet. Not to completely gross you out, but if the virus lands in your eyes, nose...
(Cleveland Clinic's 360-5.com 8/2/2009)
We all want to be happier. And why not? Our forefathers did, after all, declare it to be one of our inalienable rights. Besides, having a positive glow doesn't just feel good -- it's good for us. What's going on in our head is strongly connected to what's going on in the rest of our bodies...
(Women's Health 12/1/2009)
There's a reason Julia Hunt hates long lines and slow elevators, but it's not the one you might think. "I'm deathly afraid of getting stuck talking to someone. What if I blurt out something stupid..."
(Cleveland Clinic's 360-5.com 3/9/2011)
No matter how picky we are about our bunkmates, there will always be unwelcome visitors. Namely, dust mites. They love a warm environment like your bed just as much as you do. And since they snack on dead skin cells, they have no reason to leave. (We're guessing they never heard the saying about...
(Healthline.com 7/30/2010)
A comprehensive, consumer-friendly medical overview of depression, including causes, symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis and treatment options.
(First30Days.com 9/15/2008)
Interviews with surgical oncologist Peter Pressman, M.D.; breast cancer nurse and two-time survivor Lillie Shockney, R.N., M.A.S; breast cancer oncologist Marisa Weiss, M.D.; and Marc Silver, author of Breast Cancer Husband.
(First30Days.com 9/15/2008)
Getting a breast cancer diagnosis is both devastating and overwhelming. When you first hear those two words, you think your life is over. The world is still spinning, the doctor's mouth is moving, but you've slipped into a black hole...
(iVillage 4/21/2010)
Smoking bans in the U.S. have been successful in lowering the number of people who smoke. Some in the tobacco industry might even say too successful. Now, worried about seeing their profits go up in smoke (sorry, couldn't help that), one big cigarette company's come up with some creative--and controversial--options to get around the bans.
(HealthyAdvice.com 1/5/2010)
Good news for potato chip connoisseurs: Junk food can be blamed for many health woes, but acne isn't one of them. Studies show that there is no connection between chocolate or greasy foods and acne...
(First30Days.com 9/15/2008)
During the next 30 days, we'll help you get your bearings by showing you how to sift through the piles of information out there and find the best medical treatment...
(Healthy Advice magazine 5/16/2010)
Fifteen years ago at the age of 38, Duane Klosterman realized what it meant to have a family history of heart disease. The realization didn't come the day his dad died at age 65 from a heart attack...
(iVillage 12/14/2010)
Who needs Advil? Not Zen meditators. Turns out, meditation can give you the superhero-like ability to control your mind -- and increase your tolerance to pain.

Fashion & Beauty

(American Photo 7/26/2017)
When Helena Christensen decided to get out of the supermodeling business, she looked forward, she says, to leaving the world of make-believe glamour behind. But in 1998, Editor in Chief Marvin Scott Jarrett asked her to get right back in -- not as a model, but as the creative director...
(iVillage 3/9/2011)
Think of hair care like childrearing: you can do damage via neglect or by loving it too much. Here, the telltale signs that your hair is in serious need of therapy, and how to help it flourish without sparing your blow-dryer or brush.
(Momtourage - iVillage 7/26/2017)
Uh-oh, we can spot those damaged goods a block away. Not you, silly -- your hair! Split ends, limp locks, tresses as dull as Paris Hilton's big-screen debut... Restore your hair to a lively and lustrous condition with these five hair-repair strategies for spring...
(Momtourage - iVillage 7/26/2017)
The python look may be all the rage, but definitely not when it's the pattern decorating your elbows or legs. Cold air combined with dry home heating can make our skin flaky and itchy by the time spring rolls around. Here's how to shed your scaly skin before sandal and swimsuit season...
(YouBeauty.com 7/11/2011)
<i>Eat your way to young skin, fuller hair and a whiter smile.</i> We're not knocking the power of a fantastic face cream, thickening mousse or high-tech teeth whitening session, but the foundation of your beauty is pretty grassroots—it's your diet.
(American Photo 7/26/2017)
Last February, the New York Times reported that coffee and nuts had been replaced as Brazil's hottest exports by a new crop -- supermodels. Model-of-the-moment Gisele Bundchen was only the beginning. Everywhere in fashion land, the call went out for dark-skinned, succulent beauties...
(iVillage 11/19/2010)
Yikes! Find out what lifestyle factors might be adding years to your appearance.

Home & Organizing

(Good Housekeeping 7/26/2017)
When you've got errands to run, dinner to make, and a schedule to stick to, grocery-shopping can become a test of patience, and a serious time drain. Keep yourself sane and on track with our 10 commandments to efficient food shopping...


(AOL Digital City 7/26/2017)
Slinky, sexy, churlish and ferocious, Amanda Palmer, one-half of Boston's punk Goth cabaret duo, could rip the heart from any man with little more than a flash of her delicious, dangerous smile...
(CollegeClub 7/26/2017)
When a musician finally achieves rock star status, there are certain lifestyle privileges one assumes he or she can now take for granted. For instance, a world-renowned DJ should be able to afford a relatively hedonistic night of clubbing...