Shane Kite

Brooklyn, NY USA

Professional Experience

Crack!... Heads smoke for days from this freelancer's silver-bullet reporting on technology, power, politics and art. Words akin to adrenaline shots to the temples, fact-finding that confounds convention, eviscerates assumption, piddles on groupthink and opens minds. I cover music, film, theatre, art, technology, public policy, Wall Street, human interest and community affairs, profiling the people, cultural trends, market forces and shifting political winds that impact us all.


17 Years
17 Years
17 Years


17 Years
17 Years
27 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
6 Years
Newspaper - National
17 Years
Magazine - Trade magazines/publications (B2B)
17 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

17 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

American Banker (10+), Bank Technology News (10+), Forbes (10+), (The) Street Controls (You) (10+), Mugshot magazine (10+), Nikki Style magazine (10+), Securities Industry News (10+), The Brooklyn Paper (3-5), US Banker (3-5), On Wall Street (3-5), Institutional Investor magazine (3-5), (3-5), (my work has appeared there) (3-5), Alpha magazine (1-2), Inc. Magazine (1-2), School Transportation News (1-2), Huffington Post (1-2)

Foreign Language Skills

little french, needs work, tres mal, mon francais.

Computer Skills

word, quark, photoshop


digital camera, digital video, laptop, sony digital recorder, tape recorder, electric nose hair trimmer


Robert Barba, Valerie Berrios, Bonnie McGeer, Bobbie Gossage, Gersh Kuntzman, Karl Cates, Michael Eggebrecht, Brooke Van Cleve, Lauren Lynn, Gida Snyder, Jessica Koslow, Mike Dumiak, Matthew de Paula, Holly Sraeel, Jeff Kutler, Colin Brayton, Christina Medina, Mike Gregory, Mike Sisk, Randy Devere, Tanya Chen, Nicole Sender


Jesse H. Neal American Business Media Award


Society of Professional Journalists

Work Samples

Technology, Power, Politics

(American Banker Magazine 4/28/2014)
A decade of waning interest in small business investment companies is quickly reversing course among banks big and small. The pooled investment funds, which get matching money from the Small Business Administration, are exempt from the restrictions on equity investments imposed by the Volcker Rule.
(American Banker Magazine 6/25/2013)
Busting telecommuting myths.
(American Banker Magazine 1/1/2011)
Telecommuting takes off at banks.
(American Banker Magazine 11/1/2010)
Bankers adopt social media to win PR war.
(Bank Technology News 11/30/2011)
The CEO was at a dinner party late last summer when he received an odd message. First Midwest Bank had sent an alert to his cellphone describing pending fund transfers that would have siphoned thousands from the company's bank account. He simply pressed "9#" on his cell and blocked the fraud attempt
(American Banker Magazine 8/26/2013)
Strange Bedfellows: You know those smart-sounding, fast-moving disruptors that supposedly will disintermediate the banks? Their relationship with the industry isn't entirely adversarial. Banks seek stakes in disruptive Silicon Valley startups.
(Securities Industry News 10/6/2003)
(American Banker Magazine 6/24/2013)
The courts now recognize telecommuting as a viable way for employees to fulfill their job requirements, thanks to recent cases involving companies like J.P. Morgan Chase and Ford Motor Company.
(American Banker 12/14/2015)
The animus and distrust that's characterized so much of the bank-tech dynamic has faded, said speakers at Web Summit, much like the fog that lifted over Dublin's quays and canals at the start of the show.
(Securities Industry News 2/28/2005)
There are billions to be made from private accounts. So why won't anyone say so? Brokerage firms are courting the 100 million or so "uninvested" Americans, despite official denials that privatization of social security would boost Wall Street's wallet.
(Bank Technology News 10/4/2004)
(Securities Industry News 10/6/2008)
Regulation is coming to the credit default swaps (CDS) market. That outcome was virtually assured long before Securities and Exchange Commission chairman Christopher Cox asked Congress to grant the agency authority to oversee credit derivatives. But just how, when and who will do it remains unclear.
(Huffington Post 12/18/2015)
The hype at Web Summit was as thick as the fog that delayed flights into Dublin Airport last month at the Earth's largest gathering of startups. Here are the most absurd and insightful statements made at Web Summit 2015:

Car Reviews

( 1/25/2006)
Coverage of New York International Motorcycle Show for Forbes' autos news page on
( 9/27/2006)
Nissan Murano piece for Forbes' auto review site, Based on a test drive.
( 10/12/2006)
Coverage of Wired Magazine's "NextFest" focused on GM's fuel cell concept vehicles for Forbes' autos news page on
( 8/25/2006)
Coverage of MTV-GM partnership on "E85" Ethanol flex-fuel ad campaign for the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards for
(School Transportation News 10/1/2011)
Trans Tech Bus will unveil later this month what is expected to be the nation's first-ever full-production, factory-made, all-electric Type-A school bus.
( 11/20/2006)
The L.A. Auto Show design challenge offers eco-friendly car concepts, from the kooky to the conceivable.
( 11/23/2006)
Pontiac GTO piece for Forbes' auto review site, Based on a test drive.


(Mugshot magazine 5/30/2005)
Cover story on John Leguizamo

Local, community news, features, reviews

(The Brooklyn Paper 4/24/2009)
Feature on front of The Brooklyn Paper's entertainment section on the rise of Washington Avenue nightlife in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

Cover Story

(Mugshot magazine 5/30/2005)
Cover story on John Leguizamo


(Nikki Style magazine 10/19/2007)
Reviews of latest from Elliott Smith, the White Stripes, Bjork, Hyphy Hitz and Wilco
(Nikki Style magazine 10/19/2007)
Artist profile of Keren Ann
(Mugshot magazine 10/12/2004)
Artist profile on lunatic MC
(Nikki Style magazine 7/24/2007)
Reviews of latest from Rufus Wainwright, P.W. Long, Bebel Gilberto, Grinderman (Nick Cave) and The Stooges
(Mugshot magazine 5/30/2005)
Cover story on John Leguizamo
(Nikki Style magazine 1/2/2007)
Reviews of latest from Beck, Paolo Nutini, The Who, Tom Petty
(Nikki Style magazine 4/6/2007)
Artist profile of Amy Winehouse
(Nikki Style magazine 4/2/2007)
Reviews of latest from Tom Waits, The Shins, Jef Stott, Damien Rice and Wiley (Eskiboy)


(Inc. 9/25/2012)
Zombie 5Ks "Gross" Millions Nationwide If the giddy nightmare of being gored by the undead can't push you forward, can anything? The creators of the "Run for Your Lives!" adventure races brainstormed correctly that the zombie craze was good business.


(Mediabistro 7/19/2012)
Raising the quality of both journalist's and editor's work by getting editors to reveal their specific needs and requirements for desired articles/sections. More on-target pitches beget a wider, more incisive editorial well.


(Mugshot magazine 5/30/2005)
Cover story on John Leguizamo