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Location: Irvine, CA US
Experience:24 Years
(Updated 5/19/2016)
Writer, Editor, Book Author
I'm a Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist, #1 bestselling author and former executive editor of Charisma magazine. I spent two decades as a reporter, bureau chief and editorial writer at the Los Angeles Daily News, The Press-Enterprise and ...
Location: San Francisco, CA US
Experience:26 Years
(Updated 5/2/2016)
Content Editor (online), Reporter, Writer
Currently writing lifestyle & industry pieces for magazines and corporate clients–LinkedIn and U of Phoenix–and handling social media for a non-profit, I revel in spinning complex ideas about education, climate, careers and tech into engaging stories. From penning ...
Location: Carmel, IN US
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 5/24/2016)
Copy Editor, Writer, Content Editor (online)
Copy editor/proofreader/writer/fact-checker/project manager with detailed focus not only on the text but on all the minute components of the whole. Responsive. Fast. Meticulous. Innovative. Collaborative. On-message. Career of deadline communications delivery: web, mobile, print ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 5/24/2016)
Copy Editor, Editor
New York City proofreader and editor. Need a manuscript proofreader? Outsource your project to me: an expert industry veteran. If you want good, get someone else; but when you want AWESOME, bring it to me, Dave Baker, the Super Copy ...
Location: Summit, NJ US
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 5/3/2016)
Editor, Reporter, Writer
Need to cover the latest beauty and lifestyle trends online or in print? Look no further. Whether it's reporting on hair trends for SELF, GLO.COM or INSTYLE MAKEOVER, organizing my office on a budget for WOMAN'S DAY, ...
Location: Jacksonville, FL US
Experience:24 Years
(Updated 5/12/2016)
Copy Editor, Editor, Writer
An award-winning writer and editor, I have nearly twenty years' experience writing on topics from business, employment law, finance, education and health, to travel, spirits--ethereal and liquid--coffee, and writing itself. I have written and edited more than ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:22 Years
(Updated 5/10/2016)
Book Author, Reporter, Writer
I'm an award-winning, best-selling writer w 22 yrs in health/fitness, beauty, parenting & relationships for national publications (i.e. Glamour, Real Simple & The NY Times) & websites (i.e. iVillage). I co/ghost-write books -several NY Times ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 5/21/2016)
Book Author, Editor, Writer
I can tackle just about any topic from architecture and home design to cats and dogs, from education to book reviews and first-person essays. Starting out as a poet gave me an advantage; it taught me to find the ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:15 Years
(Updated 5/11/2016)
Copywriter, Content Editor (online), Writer
Currently freelance & the Editor-at-Large for CLINIQUE. Beauty, fashion, style, design, lifestyle, travel, and culture. Elevated content and Brand Strategy. I help brands tell their story with clarity, consistency, and authenticity across channels. Experience with a broad range of ...
Location: Tokyo, JP
Experience:17 Years
(Updated 5/18/2016)
Writer, Editor, Reporter
I’m a journalist, blogger, communications specialist and editor with more than 15 years of experience working for universities, non-profits, newspapers and magazines. As a reporter, I’ve covered higher education, the arts, food, health, travel, business and numerous ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 5/24/2016)
Copy Editor, Content Editor (online), Editor
Highly creative, no-nonsense, no-attitude, deadline-oriented editor, writer, marketer, social media maven, speaker, blogger, seminar producer and overall communications specialist, complete with tons of solid-gold experience and out-of-box ideas which consistently leave clients smiling ear-...
Location: Raleigh, NC US
Experience:33 Years
(Updated 5/14/2016)
Content Editor (online), Editor, Writer
Great research. The best sources. Concise, clean, accurate and engaging prose. Available for short gigs and longer-term projects, with experience in technology, sports, travel, medical, and business writing. ...
Location: Albany, NY US
Experience:13 Years
(Updated 5/14/2016)
Content Editor (online), Fact-Checker, Writer
I have been a freelance writer since 2002, covering health issues, profiles, food, spa, and New York state travel. Specialties are New York state travel, food, and autism....
Location: Vancouver, CA
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 5/22/2016)
Writer, Researcher, Technical Writer
I'm a tech-savvy writer who regularly contributes to The Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor Passcode, JSTOR Daily and the Harvard Business Review. I write timely, engaging stories that draw on my expertise as a tech researcher ...
Location: Charlotte, NC US
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 5/12/2016)
Editor, Writer, Technical Writer
As a B2B writer, ghostwriter, and content marketer, I work with healthcare, IT and technology companies. I take complex content and make it simple and easy for your customers to understand. I write, ghost write, blog and ghost blog for ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 5/14/2016)
Fact-Checker, Reporter, Writer
Seasoned fact-checker, researcher and interviewer on staff for Time, Sports Illustrated; freelance NY Times, Time Books. Veteran wordsmith, having reported on the arts, sports, celebrities, kids' books, autism, etc. I also ghostwrite online dating essays. Former Deputy Chief of ...
Location: Cincinnati, OH US
Experience:22 Years
(Updated 5/2/2016)
Editor, Writer, Book Author
I have three passions: reading, writing, and helping others tell their stories. I have spent my twenty-year career doing just that. A published best-selling novelist (HarperCollins) and memoir writer, I hope to share my writing, editing, teaching, and ...
Location: Barcelona, ES
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 5/13/2016)
Writer, Cameraperson, Content Editor (online)
A Barcelona-based freelancer, I've written for The New York Times, Reuters, Variety and Newsday, among others. I've covered politics, business, art and culture, sports and gastronomy. In recent years, I've added video journalism, contributing to the ...
Location: Studio City, CA US
Experience:8 Years
(Updated 5/15/2016)
Content Editor (online), Copy Editor, Writer
Carolyn Richardson is a writer and business consultant who specializes in health, fitness, and lifestyle content. She also provides copy for marketing collateral for businesses small and large with interests in music, film, and interactive media....
Location: Brooklyn, NY US
Experience:9 Years
(Updated 5/6/2016)
Copywriter, Writer, Social Media
Location: Cherry Hill, NJ US
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 5/20/2016)
Fact-Checker, Researcher, Writer
My ability to quickly track down statistics, experts and medical studies, combined with my innate curiosity to know something about everything, makes me a natural-born reporter, writer and researcher. For 20 years, I've written for publications like Reader'...
Location: Dubai, AE
Experience:5 Years
(Updated 5/16/2016)
Correspondent, Editor, Writer
An essay writer, radio producer and travel journalist, I've written about race, culture and comedy for National Public Radio, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, McSweeneys Internet Tendency and Travelers Tales. Currently based in ...
Location: Irvington, NY US
Experience:10 Years
(Updated 5/20/2016)
Editor, Social Media, Writer
I am a highly experienced freelance editor and writer. I have 10+ years of experience that encompasses editing and writing for magazines, newsletters, websites, and social media. I am well-versed in the digital arena having created a digital presence ...
Location: Duluth, MN US
Experience:8 Years
(Updated 5/23/2016)
Writer, Copy Editor, Technical Writer
Terri Nowak writes experiential travel essays, poems about love and beauty, and short-story fiction. She is always saying that she’ll journey anywhere on earth, at least once. Terri is an observer and plans to be a sociologist in ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 5/24/2016)
Art Director, Designer
I began my career as a graphic designer while I was in high-school; it all started with an after school job at a small desktop publishing storefront shop in Brooklyn. This was back in the day when Pagemaker was ...
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