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Location: New York, NY US
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 12/15/2017)
Copy Editor, Editor
NYC proofreader and copy editor. I work with ad agencies, marketing departments, and education companies to produce professionally polished and error-free text, always delivered on time, to help these businesses succeed while saving them headaches, time, and money. I ...
Location: Stephentown, NY US
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 12/13/2017)
Copywriter, Copy Editor, Writer
Stories sell—even more so than products, services, and ideas. That’s why I’m in the business of crafting unique stories, and why my clients trust me to communicate theirs to the world. Prior to starting my own content ...
Location: Irvine, CA US
Experience:26 Years
(Updated 12/10/2017)
Writer, Editor, Book Author
I'm an Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist who writes for Reuters, Newsmax and other media outlets, and a bestselling Hachette author who coauthors and ghostwrites books. I spent two decades working at the Los Angeles Daily News and other ...
Location: Fanwood, NJ US
Experience:24 Years
(Updated 12/10/2017)
Editor, Researcher, Writer
I'm an award-winning business, finance, and tech editor & journalist, as well as researcher, with extensive print & online experience. I've had a successful career as a senior-level finance executive, lending an in-depth level of knowledge to ...
Location: El Sobrante, CA US
Experience:24 Years
(Updated 12/13/2017)
Writer, Promotions, Copywriter
A Telly Award-winning writer, I mix research/analytics obsession, artistic creativity and journalistic discipline. I’m a geek with a tiny bit of chic. During two decades of writing, my work has been distributed through the Wall Street Journal, ...
Location: Kew Gardens Hills, NY US
Experience:23 Years
(Updated 12/17/2017)
Reporter, Editor, Writer
Award-winning writer and editor for business-to-business and trade publications. Extensive experience covering solutions, best practices, breaking news, industry leaders and trends in insurance, financial services and information technology. Two-decade-plus track record of editorial excellence....
Location: Chicago, IL US
Experience:40 Years
(Updated 12/5/2017)
Researcher, Editor, Reporter
I am a writer in Chicago, focused on food and drink, after a long career as a political analyst. I have great contacts with people who are working to improve how we eat and drink, in areas such as sustainable ...
Location: Vancouver, CA
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 12/6/2017)
Writer, Researcher, Social Media
I am a freelance technology writer who regularly contributes to The Wall Street Journal, The Harvard Business Review, JSTOR Daily and more. I write timely, engaging stories that draw on my expertise as a tech researcher and data analyst -- and ...
Location: Framingham, MA US
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 12/15/2017)
Content Editor (online), Reporter, Writer
Cloud, AI, IoT, oh my. Despite what you've read, technology/business articles do NOT have to be dry and dull. I know how to jazz 'em up. I'm a freelance writer and editor with over 25 years of ...
Location: Seattle, WA US
Experience:32 Years
(Updated 12/13/2017)
Writer, Editor, Content Editor (online)
As a highly-experienced lifestyle reporter and copywriter, I cover beauty, fashion, weddings, shopping, relationships, food, and more. My client list includes dozens of national magazines, web, and commerce sites, including. MICHAEL KORS, COSMOPOLITAN, GLAMOUR, GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, and BRIDES. I'...
Location: Madison, WI US
Experience:11 Years
(Updated 12/8/2017)
Reporter, Writer
2017 ASJA Excellence in Reporting award winner and 2017 National City Regional Magazine Awards finalist for Civic Journalism. 10+ year freelance writer and senior contributor to Madison Magazine, travel scout for Midwest Living Magazine, and co-author of Wisconsin: A ...
Location: Carmel, IN US
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 12/16/2017)
Copy Editor, Editor, Writer
Proofreader, copy editor, editor, writer, fact-checker, project manager. Education, healthcare, technology, finance, media. Clients range from universities to novelists to bloggers to pharma manufacturers. Detailed focus not only on the text and big picture, but on all the components ...
Location: Los Angeles, CA US
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 12/15/2017)
Writer, Editor, Copy Editor
Accomplished, dedicated entertainment publishing professional. Strong editorial content developer and strategist for print, online and social media. Broad expertise covering film, television and animation industries, VFX and emerging technology. Deep knowledge of comic books and graphic novels. Problem solver and ...
Location: Glenview, IL US
Experience:21 Years
(Updated 12/12/2017)
Writer, Copywriter, Reporter
I am a writer, editor and corporate communications leader with a knack for grammar, a superb attention to detail and an ability to translate strategies and successes clearly. I write strong, creative pieces that reinforce messages, increase engagement and help ...
Location: Las Vegas, NV US
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 12/5/2017)
Copywriter, Producer (television), Producer (new media)
Multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, gets the job done! Very strong in Research, Writing, and Analysis! Asia, Europe, and the USA have seen in me action, so if anyone needs somebody experienced, ethical, creative, & results-oriented for anything from Copy-Writing ...
Location: San Francisco, CA US
Experience:6 Years
(Updated 12/14/2017)
Copy Editor, Editor, Writer
I am a creative, deadline driven writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience in marketing and publishing. Recent experience includes social media marketing and copywriting in the eCommerce and events design production industries. As Managing Editor for ...
Location: Brookline, MA US
Experience:19 Years
(Updated 12/5/2017)
Copy Editor, Editor, Writer
I'm an experienced writer and editor who's written long-form profiles, features, and book reviews for national publications and edited articles, books, and corporate projects. I've written about everything from the near-collapse and then meteoric rise ...
Location: Vancouver, WA CA
Experience:15 Years
(Updated 12/8/2017)
Book Author, Writer, Researcher
I am a freelancer based in Vancouver, Canada with a focus on food and travel and legal issues. I have been published in print and online in national and international magazines and newspapers. As well, I wrote "The Ocean Wise ...
Experience:7 Years
(Updated 12/11/2017)
Writer, Reporter, Copywriter
I'm a freelance writer specializing in craft beer, small businesses, sustainability and bar/restaurant news. I currently contribute to publications online and in print including Men's Journal, Craft Beer & Brewing, Ale Street News,, and ...
Location: Boulder and Ft. Collins, CO US
Experience:15 Years
(Updated 12/5/2017)
Copywriter, Writer, Social Media
Dina is an award winning marketing and sales professional with over fifteen years of experience in internet content and digital media. Her diverse background includes interactive and digital marketing, content product management, social media strategy, enterprise advertising, campaign management, direct ...
Location: Burlington, VT US
Experience:12 Years
(Updated 12/13/2017)
Book Author, Editor, Writer
Experienced writer of books, articles, and other content aimed at children and teens. I specialize at breaking down complex concepts and information and presenting it in clear and engaging prose. Topics have included spies, pirates, 3D printing, nanotechnology, outer space, ...
Location: Bloomfield Hills, MI US
Experience:15 Years
(Updated 12/5/2017)
Copywriter, Account manager, Reporter
An award-winning, Detroit-based writer with 15 years of experience, I've written on everything from combating obesity to the appropriate use of high-efficiency laundry detergent to prepping for the world's biggest classic car cruise (and a ...
Location: New Orleans, LA US
Experience:10 Years
(Updated 12/12/2017)
Reporter, Writer, Editor
An accomplished freelance journalist who has covered everything from how we fell in love with our favorite brands to the psychology behind why you choose your favorite interior paint colors. Has a passion for architecture, real estate, and culture. ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:18 Years
(Updated 12/6/2017)
Copy Editor, Writer, Reporter
My byline has appeared in O, the Oprah Magazine, Entrepreneur, Wired, Metropolis, and other national magazines. From front-of-book shorts to interviews and features, I've mastered many formats and have reported on topics ranging from boxing to baby ...
Location: Minneapolis, MN US
Experience:14 Years
(Updated 12/3/2017)
Copy Editor, Book Author
I am an unforgiving stickler for grammar, consistent style, and a clean layout. For the past 14 years I've worked as a freelancer in the editorial field as a proofreader, copy editor, and writer, and indexer. The bulk of ...