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Location: Nashville, TN US
Experience:31 Years
(Updated 4/19/2017)
Writer, Editor, Book Author
As an award-winning writer, I've covered everything from luxury cars and travel to business, healthcare and technology. My work has appeared in newspapers, magazines and websites around the world, and in addition to writing books on music and ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 4/28/2017)
Copy Editor, Editor
NYC proofreader and copy editor. I work with ad agencies, marketing departments, and education companies to produce professionally polished and error-free text, always delivered on time, to help these businesses succeed while saving them headaches, time, and money. I ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:13 Years
(Updated 4/20/2017)
Art Director, Graphic Designer, Designer
GOT WORDS? NOW GET READERS. You want your magazine, book, or e-publication to be sought, bought, used, and talked about. You want... Readers, and I can help you connect with them, in print, on screen. I’m a New ...
Location: Brooklyn, NY US
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 4/10/2017)
Copywriter, Book Author, Writer
Check out my full portfolio at Digital content. Catalog copy. Influencer Outreach and Social Media. Magazine stories. Best-selling books. Marketing materials. / Fashion. Beauty. Family. Travel. Luxury. Relationships. Celebrity. / As an author, copywriter, ghostwriter, editor ...
Location: Fanwood, NJ US
Experience:23 Years
(Updated 4/12/2017)
Editor, Researcher, Writer
I'm an award-winning business, finance, and tech editor & journalist, as well as researcher, with print and online experience. I've had a successful career as a senior level finance executive, lending an in-depth level of knowledge to ...
Location: Carmel, IN US
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 4/30/2017)
Copy Editor, Editor, Writer
Copy editor/proofreader/writer/fact-checker for education, healthcare, finance, media, book authors. Detailed focus not only on the text and big picture, but on all the components of the whole. Meticulous. Responsive. Fast. Innovative. Collaborative. The final touch to ...
Location: New York City, NY US
Experience:30 Years
(Updated 4/21/2017)
Reporter, Writer
Location: Philly/South Jersey, NJ US
Experience:18 Years
(Updated 4/26/2017)
Reporter, Writer, TV Reporter
As a nationally recognized food and craft beer writer who also covers sustainability, tourism, arts/culture, politics and more in Philadelphia, New Jersey and beyond, I'm exuberant about my work. I turn clean, accurate copy quickly and promise to ...
Location: Lowell, MA US
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 4/5/2017)
Writer, Editor
I'm a skilled storyteller who is eager to meet your needs. I have long and deep experience with writing and editing for print and online, primarily through working for the Robb Report family of magazines and also Art & Antiques ...
Location: Albuquerque, NM US
Experience:15 Years
(Updated 4/15/2017)
Editor, Writer
I'm a journalist, editor, and proofreader with an MBA, a master's degree in journalism, and actual financial experience. I have solid, hands-on knowledge of markets and instruments, personal finance, business plans, insurance, and credit; experience with SEC ...
Location: Hastings on Hudson, NY US
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 4/26/2017)
Copy Editor, Editor
I am a New York-based eagle-eyed professional editor with more than twenty years of experience. I focus on line editing, copyediting, and proofreading for book publishers, book packagers, authors, artists, screenwriters, bloggers, start-ups, nonprofits, foundations, museums, small ...
Location: Gainesville, FL US
Experience:28 Years
(Updated 4/3/2017)
Editor, Book Author, Content Editor (online)
I provide professional writing and editing services for businesses, publishers, authors, students, website creators, and others. I also have extensive experience in most facets of US book publishing and trade journalism. ...
Location: Williamsport, PA US
Experience:25 Years
(Updated 4/28/2017)
Writer, Editor (video, film), Reporter
I'm good at making people feel good. From features on NFL greats to award-winning stories on a variety of successful professionals to 30-second pieces for CBS Radio News, I employ a diverse skill set to highlight virtues ...
Location: Racine, WI US
Experience:20 Years
(Updated 4/16/2017)
, Reporter, Writer
I'm a versatile writer with a clear, concise writing style and a flair for crafting warm and engaging stories. My assignments have included profiling the president of an international service organization, describing the benefits of ballet, profiling the owner ...
Experience:7 Years
(Updated 4/11/2017)
Writer, Reporter, Copywriter
I'm a freelance writer specializing in craft beer, small businesses, sustainability and bar/restaurant news. I currently contribute to publications online and in print including Men's Journal, Craft Beer & Brewing, Ale Street News,, and ...
Location: Portland, ME US
Experience:9 Years
(Updated 4/24/2017)
Writer, Editor, Content Editor (online)
I am a freelance writer, editor, and teacher. My first book, Handcrafted Maine, an in-depth look at maker culture in my adopted home state, is due out in September 2017 from Princeton Architectural Press. I specialize in stories about ...
Location: Scarsdale, NY US
Experience:12 Years
(Updated 4/6/2017)
Reporter, Writer, Producer (new media)
Beth Braverman is an award-winning journalist and content producer, writing mostly about personal finance, parenting, and careers. Prior to launching her freelance editorial services business, Beth spent seven years covering personal finance, first as a senior reporter and social ...
Location: New York, NY US
Experience:14 Years
(Updated 4/10/2017)
Art Director, Graphic Designer, Production (print)
Forward thinking, competent, inspirational, and engaging individual – experienced in turning business briefs into effective and high-impact design solutions....
Location: Evanston, US
Experience:1 Years
(Updated 4/21/2017)
Account manager, Writer, Coordinator
Hi, I'm Annie. I'm a freelance marketer, photojournalist and writer, who has a passion for community development. My projects have been wide-ranging, from card products in the financial sector to IDP camps in Haiti to business competitions ...
Location: Williamsburg, VA US
Experience:6 Years
(Updated 4/4/2017)
Writer, Editor, Fact-Checker
Experienced, published journalist specializing in shelter magazines and how-to service content. ...
Location: Bronx, NY US
Experience:22 Years
(Updated 4/29/2017)
Copy Editor, Fact-Checker, Writer
A bit about me... Having worked on staff at national magazines such as Family Circle and Body Mind Spirit, I have a good idea of what editors are looking for. My number one job as a freelancer is to make ...
Location: Melrose, MA US
Experience:10 Years
(Updated 4/25/2017)
Copy Editor, Production (print), Editor
Ten years of content management and editorial experience in academic journals and major reference works including management of ScholarOne, copy editing and proofreading, article tracking, and online and print publication. Currently pursuing additional freelance opportunities in project management, copy editing, ...
Location: New Hope, PA US
Experience:14 Years
(Updated 4/26/2017)
Book Author, Reporter, Correspondent
I am a reporter who enjoys going off the beaten track and reading evolving events to see a pattern before it becomes recognized as a major social or political change. I relish the chance to explore new territory, and new ...
Location: Denver, CO US
Experience:12 Years
(Updated 4/27/2017)
Social Media, Writer, Editor
I am a digital marketer, writer and editor with experience in the technology, lifestyle, health, financial services and insurance industries. My areas of expertise include content strategy, marketing automation, social media, editing, writing, blogging, email marketing and digital strategy. I ...
Location: Brooklyn, NY US
Experience:0 Years
(Updated 4/7/2017)
A writer and blogger based in Brooklyn with a penchant for writing about relationships, mental health, and books. I also do reporting about NYC and national topics....