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Are You a Gold-Medal Job Seeker?

Just in time for the Rio Olympics, see how your job-seeking skills perform

The 2016 Rio Olympics are here. And since a job search sometimes feels like it could be an Olympic sport in itself, now’s the time to see if your job seeking skills are medal-worthy.

Looking for a job takes the all-around mastery of a decathlete, the endurance of a marathoner, the follow-through of a tennis star, the agility of a gymnast and the ability to keep going, even when the competition seems too tough.

And while there’s no official medal ceremony, winning at the job search means getting the best prize of all: a new gig that’s just the one for you.

So let the games begin: Take our quiz below and see what you’ll take home. Will you land the gold? The silver? The bronze?

There’s only one way to find out: Ready, set, go!

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