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Super-Easy Ways to Enhance Your Job Search (Especially If You Hate to Network)

#WeekendJobSearch Assignment #6: Download an app, look to LinkedIn, and more

Hey there! Welcome to week 6 of the #WeekendJobSearch, our ongoing series that breaks the whole job-search process into 13 totally doable to-do items.

Last week, we updated your resume, making it application-ready. (Have you given it a spin and put in a few applications already?) This week, we’re all about networking—taking a few small steps toward connecting you with professionals and influencers in your field.

Don’t worry. Networking doesn’t have to be a painful process. Especially this weekend: We’re keeping you right in your comfort zone where there’s very little fear of rejection, or even human interaction. It’s just a matter of taking baby steps right now, preparing you to branch out and grow as a networker.

Let’s get started.

The #WeekendJobSearch Assignment #6

Get Networking

Don’t worry, we’re not going to send you out to a social mixer this weekend; all the networking you’re doing today happens right in your home (or coffee shop…or bar?). Complete these three steps right now and start becoming a networking master.

1. Download a networking app. Did you know there are apps that pretty much do the networking for you? Yeah—they exist and you should have at least one on your phone. Take Shapr, which presents you with a daily curated list of top contacts in your field. You choose which ones to connect with and which ones to pass on. Think of it like Tinder for professional networking.

2. Sign up for a conference. Not only are they are a great way to stay up-to-date on your area of expertise, conferences are a prime opportunity to score connections with other media professionals. Search out upcoming conferences in your area and sign up for one today.

Lanyard is a great site to find upcoming conferences, and the Lanyard app can help you prep for conference day with info on speakers, talks and more.

3. Follow/connect with five influencers on LinkedIn or Twitter. This one’s easy. Go on Twitter or LinkedIn and find five people in your field who are considered thought leaders. (Not sure where to start? Try LinkedIn’s List of Media Influencers as a point of departure).

Follow at least five now. When your feed starts filling with articles and ideas from these thought leaders, you can then share the information, adding yourself into the conversation. (If you’re feeling ambitious, consider publishing thought-leadership posts yourself. It’s one of a few great ways to use LinkedIn that you may not be using yet.)

And that’s week 6! Next week, we’re going to add a little more power to your network by signing up for industry-specific associations.

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