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Top 10 Career Advice Stories in 2016

From practical job search advice to the skills you need to get ahead, here's what you all read and shared the most last year

It’s been nearly a whole year since we relaunched the Mediabistro website with a stronger focus on helping you land your next gig and find success in your career.  From answering every job seeker’s most pressing questions to sharing advice and stories from pros in the trenches, here’s what industry pros like you read and shared the most in 2016.

  1. No One Is Responding to My Job Applications. What Should I Do?
    We’ve all been there. Based on the comments and questions from some of you, it’s not surprising this one topped our list.
  2. Keep These Words off Your Resume
    It seems like those cliche terms make your resume sound like it should, but they really don’t.
  3. 10 Instagram Profiles Every Media Professional Should Follow
    These accounts will help you be better at your job and enjoy your day a bit more.
  4. Nailed the Interview but Didn’t Get the Job? Here’s Why
    If only being great at interviews were all it took to land the job.
  5. Nail These 4 Interview Questions to Land the Job
    These expected interview questions need to have unexpected answers.
  6. How to Find a Job in a New Field When You Have No Experience
    The career transition can be a hard nut to crack, but it’s 100% doable.
  7. 10 Digital Skills Every Media Pro Needs to Master
    Forget about what your “role” is. You need all of these skills. Period.
  8. 8 Key Steps After the Interview to Land the Job
    There’s the interview prep, the interview itself and then there’s everything after.
  9. Social Media Skills You Need to Hone Now
    These are the social media skills that matter (right now).
  10. Breaking into Medical Writing and Editing
    A steady AND lucrative writing/editing career? Makes sense this one made the cut.

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