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Microsoft Offering Free Windows for Devices With Displays No Larger Than 9″

windows-free-iot-100259240-largeMicrosoft wants to make friends with mobile and connected devices. Sorry desktops, you’ll still need to pay. This means manufacturers of phones to not have to pay Microsoft to license the new operating system on phones. The new operating system will be on board to compete with the likes of Google’s wearable operating system or even electronically connected devices in your home, your car, or your clothing:

We’re bringing Windows to a whole new class of small devices. Build a smart coffee mug, build a talking bear, build a robot, or build something else entirely. All this using a platform and tools you already know and love. Read more

New York Times App Now Offers Cheaper Newspaper Subscription for Mobile

nyt nowNYT Now, from the New York Times, now offers a discounted subscription option for mobile readers at $8 every four weeks. for heavy newsmonger, the Times will offer a Times Premier to content like Times Insider which will have behind-the-scenes content.

The Times Premier subscription will cost $45 for four weeks, or an extra $10 for the same period for home delivery subscribers. The subscription, which also includes special content like access to compilations of articles from the Times’ archive and additional crossword puzzles, is shareable with two family members, and includes three 12-week all-digital-access gift subscriptions each year. Read more

Amazon’s Fire TV: $99 Worth of Electronics for Fast, Digital Streaming

Amazon joined the world of digital streamers today with the release of its Fire TV device, an Android supported streaming black box that can be used to watch movies or play games. The device comes with a large assortment of apps, even on its first day, and according to Amazon, we should expect to see more.
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US Mobile Consumers Have Second Slowest Download Speeds in the World

Open Signal Released some interesting data this year, revealing that T-Mobile has the fastest 4G Network around.  Unfortunately, it’s not actually around very often.

For most Americans, Verizon offer the widest, most expansive coverage for wireless, but if you’re lucky to live in a good T-Mobile region, you can take advantage of their super fast average download speed of 11.5 Mbps. However, the fast speeds are inconsistent. T-Mobile consumers only have LTE access 59% of the time compared to Verizon’s 77%.

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Open Me: A New Gadget That Uses GPS to Open and Close Your Garage

Open Me is a new gadget is in the works to help you maintain your garage. It’s like a Genie, but it uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and your smartphone.

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‘Facebook’ is Leading the Top Free Android Apps List This Week

Facebook EngineersWe’re beginning to think that Android users can’t get enough of their Facebook app, which has been leading the top free app list for weeks, not to mention Facebook Messenger biting on the heels of the popular social app. If you also count Instagram, Facebook owns three out of the top four apps in the Android App store on most weeks. That’s quite impressive, unless you’re Pandora, who feels a bit of a black sheep…

Below, we’ve listed the top free Android apps of the week. The list links to Google Play’s research about the individual apps, including user reviews.

We spotlight the top free apps every week–helping our readers discover, enjoy and analyze successful content. Read more

Like Science? Participate in NASA’s Space App Challenge

space appNASA’s two day Space Apps hackathon is coming up, which means, it’s time to talk about technology and science! If those subjects interest you, then you should definitely plan to attend the International Space Apps Challenge. You don’t have to be a developer or scientists – teams are made up of a myriad of technologists, designers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, and even students.

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Artists Creates Immersive Social Installation to Experience Strangers’ Social Feeds

If you’re an artist, you might ask yourself, “how does it feel to be inside someone else’s social media stream?” That’s what artists Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald asked – perhaps they were tired of the bombardment from their own stream or maybe they’re just really in love with social media?

In the video below, you can watch as users experience the phenomena they created called Social Soul. It’s an installation at TED 2014. Attendees uses their smartphone to access their Social Soul – a soul mate that’s discoverable, experienced, and streamed in 360 degrees of public social media postings. It’s intense, disorienting, and beautiful. At the end of the show, users are encouraged to contact their social soulmate.

Social Soul from MKG on Vimeo.

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Kitestring: A Safety App Even Your Mom Will Love

kitestringKite strings – they let you hold onto kites, but they also let you pull them back. It’s a great name for an app that essentially helps others know you’re safe during late night walks.

The KiteString app is actually a mobile friendly web app. All you have to do is set up your emergency contacts, tell the app how long you’re going to be out, and checks up on you after that specified time, using SMS. If you go ‘off the radar,’ the app will notify those contacts. It’s simple, and it’s really nice for loved ones to know you’re safe. Read more

AirBnB Now Lets Users Rent Their Desks

Decent workspaces are hard to come by. Just ask any urbanite seeking co-working spaces for their startup/app/company. They are far more common than you’d think, and it’s likely that AirBnB is onto a new commerce scheme that will out-perform our greatest productive desires: renting out under-utilized desks.
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