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  Tami Yu
Professional/Personal Overview
  Freelance lifestyle writer covering beauty, food, fashion and travel. Solid background in the aforementioned industries with a keen eye for current and future consumer trends.
Work Info
Writer 10 Years
PR & Event planning 6 Years
Copywriter 11 Years
Fashion 10 Years
Food 9 Years
Beauty 11 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
11 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Huffington Post San Francisco (11+), AOL City's Best San Francisco (11+), AOL Digital City (11+), AOL when.com (11+), Caviar Affair (11+), p.s. magazine (3-5), Daily Candy (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Colleen Quen Couture (11+), FAUX (6-10), Rick Lee Design (6-10), del4yo (1-2)
Computer Skills
Word, Excel, internet research, blog platforms (Moveable Type and Squarespace)
Digital camera
Foreign Language Skills
Conversational Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese).
References are available upon request.
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near Seattle-Tacoma, WA. I am willing to travel locally. I have a driver's license.
Work Samples
(Glam Media/Kohl's, 5/15/2012)
Online fashion campaign with Kohl's via Glam Media. The feature was one of the five style blogs profiled on the brand's The Style File website.
(Caviar Affair, 12/1/2011)
Profile on Bella Schneider, founder of LaBelle Day Spas for the 2011 holiday issue of Caviar Affair magazine.
(Huffington Post San Francisco, 10/27/2011)
Q&A with the founders of Benefit Cosmetics in San Francisco. Interview covered their company history and the Ford twins' favorite places to shop and eat in SF.
(fete a fete, 10/14/2011)
Product review featured on Glam.com's home page as one of their featured publishers. Sponsored by Laura Mercier and Glam Media.
(Huffington Post San Francisco, 9/9/2011)
Beauty feature on best day spas and hair salons to treat summer-distressed skin and damaged hair.
(Huffington Post San Francisco, 9/6/2011)
Q&A with Marcia Gagliardi, author, restaurant authority and founder of Tablehopper.com, a weekly dining column for the Bay Area.
(Huffington Post San Francisco, 8/29/2011)
Interview with Craig Stoll, chef and owner of Delfina in San Francisco. Stoll discussed his favorite things in SF, including local restaurants and why he loves the city.
(Huffington Post San Francisco, 8/15/2011)
Preview of the third annual SF Street Food Festival by La Cocina. Story includes slideshow of best dishes to try at the event.
(Huffington Post San Francisco, 8/8/2011)
Story on Turning Heads, a local organization dedicated to helping at-risk young women get off the streets and prepare them for the workforce. This slideshow photo story appeared under the Impact section of Huffington Post SF.
(Huffington Post San Francisco, 7/19/2011)
Q&A with Andrew Mariani, vintner of Scribe Winery. Interview included Mariani's favorite sommeliers and wine lists in SF.
(Huffington Post San Francisco, 7/13/2011)
Story on San Francisco nonprofit La Cocina, featuring five female food entrepreneurs and their latest product news/offerings. Story is featured on Huffington Post San Francisco (AOL City's Best), under Impact news section.
(AOL City's Best San Francisco, 6/17/2011)
Summer story on seasonal, unique spa treatments in SF. Spas featured: SenSpa, Lash Lab, Purevana, Juin Organique and Aria Skin & Body.
(Milkshake, 3/21/2011)
Freelance assignment for Milkshake, a website that delivers daily articles on products, people and companies that give back to the community. Story focus is on OSEA, a skin care company that uses organic ingredients and algae from South America.
(AOL City's Best SF, 3/18/2011)
Restaurant review for Plate Shop, a new restaurant in Sausalito, CA. Story includes interview quotes from executive chef Kim Alter, who has worked at Michelin-starred establishments like Manresa and Aqua.
(AOL City's Best SF, 3/9/2011)
Q&A with Dominique Crenn, executive chef of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco. Crenn discusses her experience with Iron Chef America and her exclusive partnership with Gouge Eye Farm.
(AOL City's Best SF, 2/24/2011)
Q&A with Melissa Perello, executive chef of Frances restaurant in San Francisco. Perello shares her favorite places in SF, her biggest mentor and the possibility of starting a new restaurant.
(AOL City's Best SF, 2/22/2011)
Travel guide to Napa Valley for AOL City's Best SF - featuring top hotels, restaurants and wineries.
(Caviar Affair, 2/1/2011)
Profile on Ben Gorham, founder of the cult Swedish perfume house Byredo. Focused on Gorham's exotic fragrances and his unusual career background.
(AOL City's Best SF, 1/31/2011)
Interview with Matthew Accarrino, executive chef of SPQR in San Francisco. Accarrino discusses his culinary inspirations and talks about working in Italy.
(AOL City's Best SF, 1/25/2011)
Interview with haute couture designer Colleen Quen for AOL City's Best. Quen discussed the San Francisco fashion scene, what it takes to become a fashion designer and why she's loyal to SF fashion lovers.
(AOL City's Best SF, 1/3/2011)
Q&A with the owner of Mission Beach Cafe for AOL City's Best. Interview focused on their famous pot pies and their secrets to making the perfect pie crust.
(Rick Lee Design, 5/24/2010)
Product descriptions for Rick Lee Design's new bamboo furniture and Essence rug collections. Project is integrated into client's electronic press kit.
(Rick Lee Design, 5/24/2010)
Press release for international award-winning industrial designer Rick Lee. Project focuses on two new eco-friendly bamboo furniture and Essence rug collections. Includes new designer bio.
(AOL Digital City, 12/31/2009)
Feature on some of the top fashion designers of 2009 and how they set the bar for 2010 and beyond.
(AOL Digital City, 10/15/2009)
Interview with Michael Recchiuti, renowned chocolatier based in San Francisco.
(AOL Digital City, 9/29/2009)
Interview with Delfina's Craig Stoll (James Beard Award winner for Best Chef).
(Daily Candy, 8/24/2009)
Story assignment on new luxury shoe designer Coye Nokes for Daily Candy Everywhere Edition.
(Daily Candy, 8/21/2009)
Story assignment on artisan chocolate company Cocoa Absolute for Daily Candy SF Edition.
(AOL Digital City, 6/18/2009)
Interview with Chef Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin. Featured the restaurant's famous 129 Cardinal Sins.
(AOL When.com, 6/15/2009)
Father's Day gifts round-up for AOL When.com blog.
(AOL Digital City, 5/5/2009)
Interview with popular cookbook author and food blogger David Lebovitz (former Chez Panisse pastry chef).
(when.com (AOL), 4/28/2009)
Feature on Farina restaurant in San Francisco for when.com (AOL).
(Colleen Quen Couture, 8/25/2008)
Revised biography of renowned French couture designer Colleen Quen
(Rick Lee Design, 5/1/2007)
Copywriting project for Rick Lee Design's Ouroboros collection (Inside of brochure).
(LeeQuen, 4/1/2007)
Fashion & design brand identity (hand-painted by Colleen Quen) on artist atelier wall for 2007 LeeQuen collection launch.
(Atelier LeeQuen, 4/1/2007)
Press release on new fashion & design atelier brand LeeQuen. Focus on the premiere of the Ouroboros exhibit. Also includes biographies on both artists (Colleen Quen Couture & Rick Lee Design).
(San Francisco Professional Food Society Newsletter, 6/1/2006)
Cover story of La Cocina, a successful non-profit that helps Bay Area women entrepreneurs with their start-up food businesses.
Founder of lifestyle blog - topics include beauty, food, fashion, travel, music and film. In partnership with Glam.com Media, the largest online women's network.
(BeautyNewsLA.com, 4/1/2006)
Profile and interview with master leather artisan Beatrice Amblard (of April in Paris). Story focused on her artist atelier, her work experience with Hermes and her passion for practicing traditional French artisan methods.
(BeautyNewsLA.com, 3/1/2006)
Food review on remodeled Cafe de la Presse restaurant in San Francisco.
(Lucire Magazine, 12/1/2004)
Spring 2005 Gen Art Fresh Faces fashion show coverage in San Francisco.