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Mediabistro Job Fair

Mediabistro Job FairLand your next big gig! Join us on Janaury 27  at the Altman Building in New York City for an incredible opportunity to meet with hiring managers from the top New York media companies, network with other professionals and industry leaders, and land your next job. Register now!

Race for the Interns

We all know the typical image in our minds when the word “intern” is mentioned. He’s the eager college student, hungry for experience and willing to get coffee or take lunch orders from the staff members. But interns are actually much more valuable to a company than you would think. Steve Pollock, Pres. of Wetfeet, says that companies are dedicating more time and investing more money for internship recruiting, especially on-campus efforts in order to create a pipeline for reliable full-time candidates in the future.
Sure, interns are valuable assistance that’s easier on the budget, but they can ultimately be the next senior level employer if a Company does a good job retaining their interns. According to Pollock, “…of the 61% of this year’s survey respondents that reported receiving a full-time offer (from their internship employer), only 40% said they planned to accept it.”
As a topic for mediabistro’s monthly Human Resources Breakfasts, recruiters from several media companies discussed some tips on retaining and hiring excellent interns. There were events mentioned, such as a boat cruises and luncheons, to programs that allows interns to interact with CEOs and other department Managers. A key point repeated in the breakfast was to always have Human Resource employers handle all issues related to hiring interns. This can range from tax forms, recommendation letters, to confidentiality agreements and security setups. It may seem like a load of work for such an entry level position, but these interns-to-be are creating a stepping stone for their career path. It’s definitely not because they simply have nothing better to do.

On the other hand . . .

When sizing up the job market, most of us focus on the unemployment rate, the lower the better right? Well mostly, but on the other hand . . . ah yes, that’s it, economics 101, and the laws of supply and demand!
So how is the media industry really stacking up in what otherwise seems to be a good market for job seekers? Well maybe not so well after all.
The Conference Board, which publishes a series of economic indicators such as its well known Consumer Confidence Index, also publishes two labor market indexes. The one we pay attention to here at is the Help-Wanted OnLine Data Series.
According to the May release, the supply and demand ratio for “Arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media” occupations was 2.55 which means there were two and a half unemployed people with a primary occupation in that category for every 1 online ad in the category during April, 2007. This is almost twice the national average of 1.5 for all occupations. Not so great. (The index is too new to provide much historical perspective.) But on the other hand . . .

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Behold the Power of Branding

image2.jpg Did you ever wonder how companies face one another when it comes to marketing their product to the loyal consumer? Although the competition is probably as fierce as you think, there’s a marketing technique that manufacturers use which allows them to charge more for its products. This ultimately produces a higher revenue than only focusing on its main rival. For example, you may assume that products like Ivory and Zest are in constant battle to win the spot for highest sales, but did you know they are both from one major corporation? Companies like this use principles of brand management in order to increase sales within a division, ultimately producing higher returns to shareholders. With such a challenging role it’s no wonder Product/Brand Managers are listed as one of the best jobs in America.
Brand managing doesn’t only apply to the retail marketplace, media leaders use to recruit experienced marketing pros to skillfully market and advertise products, while maintaining continual sales within each division and overall growth of the business. So the next time you pick up a Marie Claire over a Cosmopolitan, think about who will reap all the rewards.

Behold the beast. The beast of mediabistro’s job board. Other boards have plenty to fear as niche boards are proving to be the most effective means in bringing the most qualified candidates to employers. With our country’s unemployment rate at its lowest in many years, traditional job boards aren’t enough. Employers must find innovative ways to attract the passive job seeker — the one who’s not intentionally looking for a job, but rather, the engaged individual who happens to come across a job ad on mediabistro while reading the media news, checking out professional classes, and browsing the upcoming mediabistro events. Recently, Financial Times acknowledges “the increasing trend in the online recruitment market sector toward niche job boards, such as Mediabistro, and away from general boards such as Monster.”
Check out where the beast lies.

Media jobs galore!

While the headlines might lead you to think mainstream media is hemorrhaging jobs, May might just be one of the most robust months yet for job availability. released its May Employment Index yesterday and the media sector was an all around winner with one media centric categroy showing a whopping 22% increase from May of 2006. Here at mediabistro, we follow two key numbers from the Monster Index . . .

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Gen Y at Work

In the ever changing marketplace, investors and business execs are always on the lookout for the latest trends and products. Let’s face it, we’re no longer living the same lifestyle as our parents did growing up. We’re now in a tech-dependent society, paying bills, shopping, and even job hunting online. Niche job boards such as cater to job seekers in all levels of their career path. And like the researchers who are finding new ways to market the next big product, employers must study and appeal to the latest workforce, the twentysomething worker.

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Novel Ways to Find Hires

Google isn’t just in fierce competition with Microsoft and Yahoo to snap up computer engineers as reported in The Times. They are now one of the most active companies on the job board. That’s right, Google competes with your firm to attract and hire media industry talent like writers, account executives and ad sales reps, designers, marketers and content producers. How do they do it? . . .

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What Not To Do In The TV Writer’s Room

fired_thumb.jpgAn Emmy-nominated executive producer offers ten tips to follow if you want to keep that plum TV comedy-writing gig.
What Not To Do In The TV Writer’s Room
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Now You Have No Excuse Not to Have an Awesome Resume, Or At Least One That You Worked Very Hard On

Every once in while, like twice or three times, you get jobseeking advice that is actually helpful. The kind that actually makes you take notes and pay attention, as opposed to the same old stuff we always hear. This long article from the Rockport Institute on what the resume is for and what it should be might be one of those lessons–maybe even more for people with plenty of experience but who are feeling uninspired than people looking for their first job.