Fact-Checking For Journalists

A journalist's guide to accuracy, trust and credibility



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Welcome to Fact-Checking For Journalists

Journalists are responsible for seeking out, processing, interpreting data, details, and information and then spelling it out for readers in a story. So how do you make sure you get it right?  This course guides you on a step-by-step of fact-checking to ensure your content is of the highest accuracy and credibility.  

You'll learn how fact-checking excellence contributes to public trust in media, how to check opinions, analyses, and quotes, plus methods and stages of fact-checking, and more. Whether you're a full-blown journalist, starting out in your career or creating freelance content, this course will give you the fact-checking foundation you need to be an upstanding, credible content creator. 

Skills You Will Learn

Who is checking facts - the various roles responsible for checking facts

Difference between facts and non-facts

How to check analyses, opinion and quote

5 stages of fact-checking

3 methods of fact-checking

How to vet your sources

Dos and don'ts for human fact-checkers

What to do post publication - corrections checklist and how to make corrections

Session 1

Fact-Checking For Journalists

  • Big Picture
  • Fact-Checking Processes
  • After Publication
0h 35
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