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Welcome to Social Media Marketing

Every business, regardless of size, needs a social media strategy. But if you’re just starting out, using social media can be daunting. Which platforms are right for your brand? What do you post? How do you get followers?

This course demystifies social media marketing and guides you through the endless capabilities of platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You will learn to apply tactics and think strategically so you can begin to shape your brand’s perception, drive traffic to your site, sell products and eventually be seen as a leader within your corner of the industry. This course gives you a foundation from which to build a smart social media approach that over time, can direct your brand to social success

Skills You Will Learn

How to apply the 5 elements of successful social media marketing - Strategy, Frequency, Timing, Effective Content and Engagement

Identify your audience and discern which platforms they spend their time

Develop messaging for each platform to reach your intended audience

Experiment with the best times of day and frequency to post

Highlight positive comments, and use negative feedback as a tool to strengthen your brand

Capitalize on social trends, proper use of images, initiate and piggy back on hashtags

Understand performance/measurement basics from standard platform-native and third party measurement tools

Use your data to inform when, where, what and how you post moving forward

Session 1

Introduction and The Basics

  • Lesson 1: What is Social Media Marketing and why is it Important?
  • Lesson 2: Strategy - Identify Your Audience and Where to Find Them

Session 2

Creative, Calculated Conversation

  • Lesson 1: Execution, Frequency, Content and Posting
  • Lesson 2: Images vs. Texts vs. Links - Oh My!
  • Lesson 3: Reply and Adjust - Relationship Building and Analysis

Session 3

Measurement and Management

  • Lesson 1: Analytics Resources and Beyond
  • Lesson 2: Engagement - What Does it Really Mean?
1h 30m
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