Alec Higgins

Brooklyn, NY USA

Professional Experience

Your go-to writer for strategic sales and marketing material. Get copy with a laser-like focus on real-world results: calls, clicks, sales. Enjoy a stress-free working process that lets you focus on the million other important things in your inbox. Project the kind of professionalism that can only come from finely crafted, carefully edited language. Benefit from a stategic partner-in-communication with working experience in sales, marketing, fundraising and research.


5 Years
Sales Manager/Exec.
3 Years
5 Years


Marketing (in-house) - Small to mid-sized corp. cl
5 Years
1 Year

Total Media Industry Experience

7 Years

Other Work History

Communications Manager, Kesho Leo Children's Village | 2013 - 2014 Wrote all communications at this NGO: key quarterly fundraising newsletter, marketing revenue-raising products, developing effective branding and strategy to increase sales of two small businesses, weekly newsletters and updates for website. Marketing Manager, NY Water Taxi | 2006 - 2009 Starting out as Marketing Coordinator, my role quickly developed from website updates and customer emails to strategic planning, product development and branding, and management of a sales team. Market Researcher, SIS International | 2005 Leveraging my ability to adopt the language of a target audience, I conducted long-form phone interviews with top executives in international centers of capital. Freelance Web Copywriter | 2003 - 2005 Working with marketing and web design teams to create concise, search-optimized content for their websites and email marketing campaigns.

Technical Skills


Foreign Language Skills

Proficient in Spanish, French and German.

Computer Skills

MS Office


Macbook Pro

Work Permits & Visas

US and UK citizenship.



This B2B info sheet was support material for a sales team. It was aimed at corporate event planners and tour operators looking to provide something special for their clients.
The aim of this project was to introduce a new commuter ferry service to its potential customers. The focus is on quality of life for a target group who lived in an expensive area and had successful careers in downtown Manhattan, but still had a long difficult commute to connect the two.
This piece was written for the website of foodwatershelter, a non-profit operating in Tanzania. The aim was to provide interesting content for supporters who look at the site frequently, as well as to show off a recent successful aid project.