Amy Westervelt

Truckee, CA USA

Professional Experience

Award-winning writer and editor who contributes regularly to The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian UK, among other publications. I cover the environment, psychology & health, technology, and business and often report stories that touch on all four topics.


Copy Editor
12 Years
13 Years
15 Years


Environment & Nature
12 Years
12 Years
12 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
15 Years
Newspaper - Local/Regional
7 Years
Book Publishing Consumer
9 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

15 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Core77 (1-2), Countryman Press (1-2), Design Indaba (1-2), Details (1-2), California Sunday Magazine (1-2), Hungry? San Francisco (1-2), DK (1-2), Afar (1-2), Heeb (10+), AOL City Guide (10+), Soma Magazine (10+), SolveClimate (6-10), Metropolis (1-2), Wire (1-2), Zagat (1-2), Spa magazine (10+), Sunset (10+), Sustainable Industries (10+), Smarter Travel (10+), Zagat Surveys (10+), The Guardian UK (10+), The Wall Street Journal (10+), VenusZine (10+), Wallpaper* (10+), Travel + Leisure (6-10), Plum Magazine (6-10), Mobil Travel Guides (6-10), Ambassador (6-10), Angeleno (6-10), Executive Travel (6-10), California Realtor (6-10), Fempire (6-10), Heeb (6-10), City Search (3-5), BusinessWeek (3-5), Fast Company (3-5), Bridal Guide (3-5), Budget Travel (3-5), Conde Nast Traveler (3-5), Consumers' Digest (3-5), Palace Press (3-5), Karma Magazine (3-5), Plenty (3-5), Sensor Magazine (3-5), Slate (1-2), Playboy (1-2), Men's Journal (1-2), Fodor's (10+), Earth Island Journal (10+), The Global Journalist (1-2), Earth2Tech (10+), BBC Online (10+), Big Magazine (10+), Allure (10+), Clear (10+), Modern Bride (10+), JetSetter (10+), San Francisco Chronicle (10+), Planet Magazine (10+), The Faster Times (10+)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

3VR Security, Inc. (10+), Arup (10+), Social Bluprint (6-10), World Wildlife Foundation (6-10), Duke University (6-10), SolutionSet (3-5), Prairie Tree Project (3-5), Living Cities (1-2), New York Institute of Technology (1-2), Business for Social Responsibility (1-2), Global Reporting Initiative (1-2), ShipGreen (10+), TBWA/ChiatDay (10+)

Other Work History

Co-founder/Editor, Climate Confidential Managing Editor - Earth Island Journal Associate Editor - The Faster Times Senior Editor - Spa Magazine West Coast Reporter - Sustainable Industries Contributing Editor - Heeb Contributing Editor - VenusZine Editor - Big Magazine, Las Vegas Issue (and accompanying book) Senior Editor - Planet Magazine Managing Editor - Soma Magazine Associate Editor - Meredith Corporation

Technical Skills

Photo development, printing, editing (Adobe)

Foreign Language Skills

Italian (fluent), French (read, write, speak, but out of practice), minimal Spanish


National Writers Union

Computer Skills

Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, InCopy, Powerpoint, Excel, Access, Filemaker


PC Laptop, Mac Desktop, scanner, audio recorder, digital camera (5MP)

Work Permits & Visas



Brian Back (Sustainable Industries):; Ucef Hanjani (Soma, Big): Derek Peck (Planet Magazine): Tim Ross (3VR Security, Inc.):


2015 - Rachel Carson Women in Conservation Award for work on Climate Confidential 2007 - Folio Gold Medal Eddie Award, for "Algae Arms Race" in Sustainable Industries.


Society of Environmental Journalists Society of Professional Journalists



Report on the gentrification of a coastal Californian city.
The waters of Jordan, from its namesake river to the Dead Sea, are rich with history and natural cures.
Inn of the Month write-up of the Marcel Wanders-designed Lute Suites just outside Amsterdam
Travel feature on Jordan.
History of Vegas from early settlers to present-day attractions.
Travel news article about a handful of new spas located in or near national parks.
Online travel guide to Los Angeles, including restaurant reviews, hotel recommendations, suggested itineraries, shopping picks, spa reviews.
Article on honeymooning in Baja, from rough-and-tumble road trips to high-end luxury.
Newsy piece on Ethical Traveler's 2010 list of the world's most ethical travel destinations.
Travel story focused on the new luxury resort spas of Park City, Utah
Details for taking a quick and reasonable trip to Andalusia.
An insider's suggestions for an authentic experience in Cape Verde.
A round-up of tips from aromatherapy experts about the essential oils you need to fight everything from jet lag to digestion problems the next time you travel.
Short travel feature on the southern California town of Oxnard.
Subhed: Megaresorts not your style? These 11 small, intimate hotels make perfect, private getaways for just the two of you.
A comprehensive travel guide to San Francisco.
Feature for "green" issue of Executive Travel magazine focused on helping business travelers (and business travel planners) determine the environmental and social impact of their travel and how best to reduce it.
Review of farm-based B&B in Scotland.
Travel feature on how to plan a weekend in California Wine Country that doesn't revolve around wine.
Cover feature on new eco-resort in southern California.
A comprehensive guide to the Caribbean.
A look at the best examples of narrative travel writing for the week.
A comprehensive travel guide to the Hawaiian islands focused on getting the most bang for your buck.
Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh is investing $350 million in an ambitious redevelopment plan that includes a new model for getting around Sin City.
Big Island chapter of Fodor's 2006 Gold Guide to Hawai'i.
Review of the new St. Regis Princeville in Kauai
An overview of several great American honeymoon destinations.
Insider tips on hidden values on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Why some marijuana growers are getting into salad greens.
Profile of an online grocer that delivers local, organic goods to customer doorsteps across the West Coast.
Feature on new organic juice company co-founded by Odwalla founder Greg Steltenpohl.
Small feature about a fish hatchery in Kona, Hawaii sustainably producing sashimi grade fish in large open water ocean aquaculture farms.
A breakdown of the best brunch spots in the Bay Area for Modern Bride.
New rules for organic coffee certification may bring the industry to a grinding halt.
A comprehensive, multi-story investigation into the private-label food system in the United States, including multiple stories on how Trader Joe's sources its private-label foods. The stories were conducted in collaboration with readers as part of a new experiment in investigative journalism. Parts of the story were picked up by Slate, CNN, Utne Reader, and several others, and the model was praised by The New York Times and the Columbia Journalism Review.
An overview of the raw food diet, along with recipes and suggested cookbooks.
A feature on the challenges and potential profits involved in the local food movement.
A look at the efforts to bring food outlets to West Oakland as a microcosm of the larger food desert debate in the United States.
Men are cooking slightly more than they have in recent American history, and for many men, that means grilling. Which is great, except that the way most people do it spells trouble for both their health and the environment. What do experts suggest to combat these issues? More veggies, of course.
Review of newly opened San Francisco tea parlor.
Review and photo of newly-opened SF soul food restaurant
As dieticians increasingly focus on the environment, they're finding that what's better for the earth is usually also better for the body.
Review of San Francisco neighborhood restaurant and adjacent bar.
Consumers pay a premium for specialty products, in theory supporting higher wages for farmers. But it will take more to make these markets truly sustainable.


Profile of the L.A. starchitects behind Standard architecture firm.
Profile of fashion label CoUP.
A look at what's happening to L.A.'s high-end design market during the recession.
Feature about Chinese real estate developers hiring L.A. architects to recreate SoCal in China's suburbs.
Review of Philip Treacy's new hotel in Galway, Ireland.
A comprehensive look at restaurant design in San Francisco.
A look at the future of airport and hotel design with an emphasis on designs specifically geared toward business travelers.
Short piece on the renovation of a high-end mall in Seoul Korea.
The Coopa-Roca collective is knitting its way from Rio’s slums to New York’s catwalks.


Technology feature covering deep sea water technologies and how they may be used to reduce energy loads and costs, as well as to facilitate sustainable agriculture, improve human diets, and even reduce signs of aging.
An in-depth look at the ins and outs of buyouts in the world of mission-driven business.
Is desalination an answer to looming water shortages, or just a pipe dream?
Investigation of the accusations flying between EnOcean and Zigbee over who "owns" energy harvesting.
Short piece on the Safe Cosmetics Act and Annie Leonard's Story of Cosmetics.
A look at potential nanotechnology solutions related to geologic carbon sequestration.
Feature covering the Beyond Grey Pinstripes report on "sustainable" MBAs and the organization's number 1 pick: Stanford.
A look at the emissions reductions that could be made possible by energy-efficient retrofits and how such retrofits can be funded.
Tesla's announcement in April that it would be moving into commercial and residential energy storage was met with almost unanimous applause. The reality is not so clear-cut.
Q&A with well-known sustainability consultant and author Hunter Lovins, co-author of Natural Capitalism and founder of consulting firm Natural Capitalism, Inc.
An in-depth look at "green" business-focused economic development initiatives in the Bay Area.
Short feature on Cisco's potential role in the build-out of a smart grid in the United States and beyond.
A look at the relationship between energy and water, and why we need to conserve both.
Quick breakdown of the best cities in the U.S. to start and run a cleantech compay.
An in-depth look at "small wind" energy (residential wind energy), breaking down the real potential for tower turbines and the limited potential of rooftop wind.
An investigative look at what billionaire David de Rothschild's Plastiki expedition is going to accomplish.
A Q&A with founder and environmentalist legend Bill McKibben.
Advertorial piece focused on green business initiatives.
Comprehensive look at sustainability initiatives in U.S. cities, with an eye to suggesting policies that have the best chance of both curbing climate change and offering pathways out of poverty. Report was written and researched for Living Cities, a collaborative of 21 of the world's largest financial institutions
Coverage of the ongoing battle public health advocates are waging against the rollout of smart meters necessary to build a smart grid in California. Some public health groups are concerned that the wireless signals transmitted by the meters, similar to cellular phone signals, may cause as-yet-undetermined health problems.
Feature covering recent public nuisance lawsuits against lead paint manufacturers and how similar laws might be used against environmental polluters.
A breakdown of the technologies and companies leading the biofuels industry into the next decade.
A look at the potential of energy harvesting devices to meet the needs of various smart grid applications.
A look at the impact of the BP Spill on the Gulf food web.
Analysis of the possible implications of a recent World Trade Organization ruling against U.S. subsidies and subsequent potential changes to the farm bill.
An interview with Robert Kennedy, Jr. that covers his stances on a variety of environmental issues.
Feature covering the launch of, Google, Inc.'s for-profit non-profit.
News article about statistics released on solar thermal heating and what it means for the industry. Also posted on Reuters.
Trend piece on shift in "green" marketing away from "going green" and towards environmental and social benefits that are more directly relevant to the average consumer.
Short feature on trends in green technology and the sorts of cleantech products consumers can expect to see in the marketplace in the next two to five years.
A look at how advanced air traffic control systems and capacity limits at US airports could reduce both travel delays and airline emissions.
Breaking news on a crucial decision by California Public Utilities commission to allow a large transmission line to be built from a large-scale solar farm to towns and cities in San Diego county.
News story on geothermal company Raser bringing its plant online to provide geothermal energy to California.
A look at what will happen if the smart grid connects to dumb buildings.
We're losing soil at a far faster rate than we're replacing it, which is reducing the amount of arable land in the world every year. The fix—shifting away from monoculture, planting cover crops, steering clear of fertilizers and pesticides, and leaving crop residue on the field—is relatively straightforward, and there is evidence to show that responsible farming could sequester far more carbon than anything else that has been proposed. So why aren't we doing it?
A look at how the U.S. Department of Energy's funding of hydropower improvements affects both energy generation and rivers.
The U.S. is leading a global natural gas boom; what it does with that responsibility could have major geopolitical and environmental implications for decades to come.
Round-up of three eco-friendly remodels in Los Angeles.
An insider’s look at what to watch for in the maturing solar industry.
Feature on the profit potential of green homes for both home-owners and realtors.
Feature from B Lab's annual report about legislation currently being drafted in California that could pave the way for socially and environmentally responsible businesses.
Overview of 3M's battery breakthroughs and what they mean for power tools, laptops, and eventually cars.
Scientists fear that climate change could lead to more wildfires - and to lingering, expensive, public health crises as smoke spreads thousands of miles away from the actual fire sites.
Giant 30+page feature about travel, beauty, and home-related companies, resorts, and services that are doing good things for people and the planet.
A look at the proposed U.N. Global Compact Center in San Francisco.
Augmented and virtual reality games focused on the environment are increasingly making their way into schools.

Arts & Culture

Interview with indie film actress Maya Lawson.
A profile of Yelp founder Jeremy Stoppelman.
A feature on Jean-Luc Godard and his influence on film.
Celebrity gossip column for BBC World site.
Book Review of "The Place Will Comfort You", a collection of short stories by Naama Goldstein
Review of El Perro Del Mar concert with Lykke Li and Anna Ternheim opening.
Feature book review of 72-Hour Hold, by Bebe Moore Campbell
Preview report on the Libeskind-designed Contemporary Jewish Museum opening June 2008 in San Francisco.
How to invest even if you've only got $100 - personal finance column.
Feature focused on diminishing column space for arts journalism, and how the arts sections of U.S. papers compare with those in other countries.
Cultural commentary on foreign films geared towards American audiences.
Profile of New York-based artist Aurel Schmidt.
Writer/director Noah Baumbach, Nicole Kidman, and Jennifer Jason Leigh exorcise their demons in Margot at the Wedding.
Art professors and students lit fires under the civil rights and antiwar movements. Can they do the same for environmentalism?
Cover feature on Nelly Furtado.
Feature covering the financial mess of young American women and the dangers of excessive consumption.
Feature for debut "Creativity" issue - focuses on creative industries and whether being creative professionally inspires or drains creativity.
An interview with former L7 frontwoman Donita Sparks conducted while shopping for records in L.A.


A look at the various types of peels, why to get them, and what to watch out for.
A look at the new professional-grade skincare gadgets available to consumers.
A feature on vinotherapy, how it evolved, and the benefits of grapeseed-based products for the skin.
Two articles about products and spa deals that donate to breast cancer awareness foundations.
Science is discovering what religion has always known: forgiveness is good for us. But that doesn't make it any easier.
A round-up of five fitness trends that deliver results.
A round-up of interesting spa treatments worth checking out.
A four-part series examining the latest research on whether women are more at risk from chemicals of concern than men.
A breakdown of the difference between Windsor, Stott and "regular" Pilates.
Reviews of body treatments at Detroit and San Francisco spas.
There are myriad reasons people fall into addiction, so it makes sense that there might be more than one way out of excessive drinking.

Business + Tech

A profile of farm-to-consumer flower start-up Flower Muse.
Simulations show people the long-term effects of current behavior, like drinking soda. It's a powerful message.
Companies from Google to Bank of America are investing in ways to measure how happy their employees are-and how to make them happier. But does that mean work is getting better, or are we just being tricked into working more?
Devices and data can improve our health and enhance the environment.