Angela Gaimari

Boston, MA USA
Website: http://

Professional Experience

Conversational messaging. Speaking the way people think. Humanizing big ideas. I speak the language of innovation in the words of the people – making connections with tailored marketing, communication and creative strategies that make customers feel both intrigued and involved. My ten years’ experience spans from digital media editorial and luxury retail marketing copywriting for companies including the New York Times, J.Crew and Bloomingdale’s; to building up an award-winning farm-to-table meal delivery business in the Boston area. I’ve developed targeted brand and voice strategy for Kendall Square tech startups, writing email, web and social copy for Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX) winners Gemvara and True Fit, as well consulting for location-based apps Mapkin and CO Everywhere. Gaps are everywhere, waiting for great solutions to fill them. As a wordsmith, I live for fresh ideas to illustrate, and new stories to tell.


5 Years
5 Years
8 Years


8 Years
8 Years
8 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
8 Years
Advertising, client side
5 Years
Online/new media
5 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

8 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs) (10+), Zagat Survey (10+), (10+), T: The New York Times Style Magazine (10+), Time Out (10+), (10+), Purple magazine (10+), New York Magazine (10+), (10+), Boston Globe (10+), Boston Phoenix (10+), JC Report (6-10), Paper Magazine (3-5), (3-5), WWD (3-5), Quest (1-2), Cool Hunting (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Barnes & Noble / (10+), Bloomingdale's (10+), Gilt Groupe (10+), (10+), (10+), J.Crew (10+), Cartier (10+), New Balance (10+), Reebok (10+), Williamsburg Gallery Association (10+)

Technical Skills

blogging, photo editing, audio transcription

Foreign Language Skills

un petit peu French

Computer Skills

PC & Mac, Microsoft Office, HTML, InDesign, Photoshop, CMS, blog publishing, Lotus notes, Social media, SEO, Joomla, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter


Digital camera, laptop, iPhone, audio recorder


on request


Bloomingdale's Seasonal Recognition: The Who Made It Happen award. Special Recognition for work on the Bway Cosmetics launch campaign.



part of the new Bway cosmetics floor launch campaign
part of the new Bway cosmetics floor launch campaign
A fashion-forward cosmetics catalog with an editorial sensibility
part of the new Bway cosmetics floor launch campaign
part of the new Bway cosmetics floor launch campaign
part of the new Bway cosmetics floor launch campaign
A new concept in color cosmetics advertising


A 4-page insert announcing a stylish new furniture collection


weekly event listing in the Sunday Times
A new concept in fashion advertising featuring young up-and-coming actresses as the models and muses.
An all-day branding session with startup Mapkin that resulted in a designated brand voice, tagline, web copy and in-app languaging. Not bad for a day's work!
Here I helped a fashion photographer promote her instructional DVD by creating all content to describe her product in an insidery, editorial voice.
The opening spread of the Summer 2009 Y.E.S. fashion catalog.


A fun approach to promotional advertising


A colorful piece of collateral to describe our weekly meal delivery service
Teaching brides-to-be how to mix drinks with the best of 'em.
I named the burgers, conceptualized the layout and wrote menu copy for FLIP, Bloomingdale's burger joint
My contribution to my CSA's annual cookbook.


Paper Magazine's Beautiful People party
Children of Men premiere
Grey Matters premiere
Dreamgirls premiere
Buck Howard premiere