James Humphrey

Cambridge, MA USA

Professional Experience

I am a freelance writer with published articles on trucking, travel, mountain-biking, and family life, who likes to bring a humorous perspective to his work. I have also created business communications for a large financial services firm.


Technical Writer
Entry Level
2 Years


Entry Level
1 Year
Entry Level


Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
Entry Level
Entry Level
2 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

eHow.com (6-10)

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, Windows, Dreamweaver, Sharepoint/FrontPage, Visio, Paint, HTML


Laptop, digital camera (Olympus), audio recorder, GPS

Work Permits & Visas

US Visa





For truck drivers, describes methods for loading a trailer with freight. Tips and warnings for trailers that must be loaded on decking or unloaded through side door(s) .
For tractor-trailer drivers, this article goes step by step through the process for hooking together the 1st and 2nd trailers in a two-trailer combination, using a shuttle (or "converter") dolly. Also includes tips and warnings.
Describes how to determine what kind of hazardous materials might be in a trailer of a particular style (as you might want to do, from a distance, in an accident or emergency situation).
Describes basic methods truck drivers use to get from point A to point B.
Describes how to speed shift a truck or tractor-trailer by eliminating "double-clutching."
Describes three methods for getting free (or at least reduced-cost) training for a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), geared towards those seeking to become class A or B truck drivers.
This article profiles Perrine (Perry) Colmore, who was an award-winning editor of the Andover (Mass.) Townsman newspaper. After surviving two bouts with breast cancer, she now writes and speaks about the disease, and volunteers her time to help those afflicted with it.
Describes basic information about Longer Combination Vehicles, i.e. trucks pulling 2 or more trailers, including how they are connected and on which highways they can be used.
Describes the types of training available for training truck drivers in job safety (both on the road and in the workplace).


A story based (mostly) on a dispute between Dame Helen Mirren and a band of drummers in London
This piece is an advertising blurb for an absurd product.
This short piece imagines the dialogue between a drunk and a mop-boy at an all-night donut shop following a Red Sox loss.
This faux book review imitates a particular "voice" (the "voice" used was Anthony Lane, a movie reviewer at the New Yorker).
This exercise in exaggeration chronicles the rise of a new service, mulch-cleaning, and was inspired by an actual service (Doodycalls) which cleans dog poops out of your yard.

Travel/Mountain Biking

Writing Portfolios

A portfolio of my articles written for the website eHow.com, related to the trucking industry.