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Career Advice to Help You Make the Most of Spring Hiring Season

Ditch the to-do list, welcome change and up your social skills

As spring continues to warm up, so do companies’ plans to hire. Check out new listings on our job board, and read these new career-advice articles to help you turn up the heat on your job search.

1. Reframe the way you think about failure.

Next time you fail at something, remember it’s a stepping stone to success. Everyone fails sometimes, even the most successful people. “I think our resilience is dramatically improved when we trust that often out of the biggest heartbreaks come the best things in our lives,” Arianna Huffington shared with Business Insider.

2. Job seekers can look forward to more perks and benefits, and maybe returning to former employers.

What’s in the cards for hiring in 2016? More perks and benefits, recruiting via social media and workplace flexibility, according to this forecast from Fortune.

3. Here’s how to power your job search with social media.

We’re sure you know that social is where it’s at for job searching, but you might not be taking advantage of all the tools out there to learn about companies, career arcs and trends. Get yourself up to speed with the latest tips and tricks, courtesy of this super-helpful list from Time.

4. Hey interviewees: If your question for the interviewer isn’t about the job or your performance of the job, don’t ask it.

In the interview, asking “How many sick days do I get?” will more than likely turn off the hiring manager—and that’s not all that can ruin your chances of that sweet potential gig. For a complete list of what to avoid asking come interview day, check out this Fast Company cheat sheet.

5. Toss the to-do list, carry a notebook and make it home for dinner.

Ultra-successful people are different from you and me: They’ve got their daily routines and behaviors mastered. Learn from their secrets, and use them to power your job search, with this LinkedIn article.

6. Job search stalled? Get back in gear with this career advice.

The process of applying for jobs is, unfortunately, much more involved than just turning in applications. Learn fool-proof ways to maximize your chances of getting a job offer with this tip sheet from U.S. News and World Report.

7. Leave work for an interview without being super-obvious.

It’s never easy getting off work for an interview, but Business Insider’s Ask The Insider columnist Ashley Lutz tells you how to do it without getting canned.

8. Here are the companies where millennials want to work.

Do you dream of getting an offer from Google, Netflix or Apple? You’re not alone: These are among the 10 companies at which workers ages 18 to 34 would love to land, according to YouGov.

9. Use keywords, keep your profile up to date and get ready for your video interview closeup.

Including keywords in your applications, keeping your socials current, being camera-ready for video interviews and looking for an inside connection: They’re all part of the latest techniques outlined in this New York Times article about job searching in the digital age.

10. Hey, employers: Guess who’s to blame for that interview crashing and burning?

Interviewers who go through the motions and stick to a script instead of having a human conversation can scuttle what should be a key point of contact with a candidate. Forbes career contributor Liz Ryan outlines another way to interview potential hires.

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