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How to Pitch: The Cut

Background: The Cut is New York Magazine’s fashion and lifestyle site and the destination for women with sharp, stylish minds, covering culture, politics, fashion, and wellness, says Erika Allen, culture editor. Its mission is to provide a creative space for new and exciting voices and opinions—to be informative, open-minded, and provide a space for conversation, she says. The audience is about 66% female, and about 34% of site visitors are 18-34 years of age.

The stories are organized around four categories: Style, Self, Culture, and Power — “words that give us a framework for what it means to be a woman moving forward in the world today,” says Allen.

What to pitch: The Culture and Self sections are the most pitch friendly.

Culture pitches can be a mix of reported and personal essays that cover celebrities, TV and books, as well as trend stories that are not focused on celebrities or entertainment. Self pitches can cover wellness, health, food, science, and psychology.

The “I Think About This A lot” Culture column is also up for freelance pitches. It’s dedicated to “private memes: images, videos, and other random trivia we are doomed to play forever on loop in our minds.” Past topics have included Britney Spears’s 2001 MVA Performance and Brad Pitt’s Prison Toilet. So if you’ve got a fresh pop culture angle swirling around in your head, feel free to pitch it.

And if you’re looking to share stories about your relationships with your parents, life partner, or yourself, feel free to pitch the “It’s Complicated” relationship column in the Self section. Word count: 800-1500.

The Power section is also open to freelancers. Editors are looking for opinion pieces that focus on politics or feminism. Word count: 800-1500.

What not to pitch:The Style section and most celebrity profiles are handled in-house.

What publicists should pitch — and when: Send along info on newly launched businesses as well as excerpts from non-fiction books. Lead time: 1-2 months.

Percentage of freelance-written content: 20%

Percentage of freelance pitches accepted: less than 10%

Recent freelance stories pitched and published: Between the Covers, Sex, Lies, and Andrea Dworkin, and Broad City Is Queerer Than Ever in Season 5 were pitched by freelance writers.

Etiquette: Send pitches in the body of an email with no attachments. Pitches should be about 1-2 paragraphs in length—enough to “entice and show expertise” about the story, says Allen.

Lead time: 1-2 months; shorter if the pitch is timely

Pay rate: Competitive

Rights purchased: All rights

Contact info:

Twitter handle: @TheCut | Facebook

Direct all pitches to:


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How to Pitch