Blogging: How to Create, Master and Monetize Content

Monetize and leverage your blogging content to take your business to a new level

Level: Beginner
Instructor: Dana Johnson

Blogging: How to Create, Master and Monetize Content

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Who Should Take This Course

Writers, Copywriters, Editors, Journalists, Marketers

Skills You Will Learn

Select a platform, posting strategy and promotional extensions that make sense for your brand and business

Utilize strategic and creative approaches to building quality content

Secure sponsors and partners to grow revenue without compromising content

Incorporate third-party ads and affiliate marketing strategies

Successfully sell products and services on your blog

Leverage reader feedback to grow your audience

Make sense of analytics and free research tools to understand who’s reading your content

Manage potential security threats, and the importance of keeping back-ups

Create a short and long-term business strategy, including an exit plan

Why Take This Course

Whether you’re an author building your marketing platform, a freelance writer creating an online portfolio, or a business owner growing your customer base, starting a blog can help you stand out. Your blog can be essential for your content marketing strategy and can be used to grow your audience across social platforms.

This 101-level course is intended for beginning bloggers who want to learn the best practices for creating a blog strategy from scratch. From monetizing your content, utilizing metrics and SEO, to creating a short and long-term business strategy, this course will help you build your authority as a writer, connect with audiences and drive sales for your business.

Session 1

The Basics of Blogging

  • Lesson 1: What is Blogging?
  • Lesson 2: The Setup
  • Lesson 3: Content is Key
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Session 2

How to Monetize Content

  • Lesson 1: Sponsorships and Strategic Partnerships
  • Lesson 2: Third-Party Ads and Affiliate Marketing Strategies
  • Lesson 3: E-Commerce
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Session 3

Metrics and SEO

  • Lesson 1: Analytics
  • Lesson 2: Engagement
  • Lesson 3: Know Your Competition
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Session 4

The Next Level of Blogging

  • Lesson 1: Security Threats
  • Lesson 2: Planning
  • Lesson 3: Buying Other Blogs
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About the Instructor

Dana Johnson

3 Courses

Dana Johnson is a Louisiana native with over 10 years experience as a marketing professional in New York City. She has created top tier integrated marketing campaigns at some of the industry’s biggest media outlets and Fortune 500 television and publishing brands. Dana has been able to leverage her diverse background in cross platform marketing to bring to life compelling B2B and B2C events within the United States and abroad. As an entrepreneur herself, her background and unique understanding of small business needs offer an alternative approach to event marketing. Dana graduated Cum Laude with her MBA from Adelphi University and presently resides in Los Angeles.