Become an effective copy editor

Level: Beginner
Instructor: Carena Tachtchouk


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  • Self-paced instruction
  • 7 video lessons
  • 0h 41m of lesson content
  • Exercises to reinforce copyediting skills
  • Led by an industry expert
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Who Should Take This Course

Copy Editors, Copywriters, Writers, Editors, Journalists, PR and Social Media Specialists, Marketers

Skills You Will Learn

Understand the importance of utilizing industry-standard style manuals, such as The Chicago Manual of Style, in conjunction with house guides

Reword writing, while respecting the author’s style

Choose the proper tense: past, present and future

Identify parts of speech, such as pronouns, adverbs and antecedents

Select and use the correct homophone to maintain your message

Utilize often misused grammar symbols, like en dash and em dash

Why Take This Course

Copy editors and those who utilize copyediting skills are critical content partners because they ensure all published material is readable, on brand, accurate and consistent. This course will give you an introduction to copyediting rules, strategies and tips to apply to your and others’ writing.

Session 1

Intro to Copyediting

  • Lesson 1: A Guide to Style Guides
  • Lesson 2: What You Need to Know to Get Started
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Session 2

Grammar: The MVP of Copyediting

  • Lesson 1: Common Grammar Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
  • Lesson 2: Hear or Here? Why Word Usage Matters
  • Lesson 3: El, Em, En-Dash: Your Go-To Copyediting Symbols Guide
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About the Instructor

Carena Tachtchouk

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Carena Tachtchouk is a copyeditor/indexer at Audible and a freelance editor for Spiralized and Tasty Bytes magazine. She has also volunteered for Incarcerated Voices, a nonprofit organization that works with the Freeform Radio Initiative to explore the circumstances and conditions of incarceration. Carena graduated with a MA in English from St. Johns University with a focus in fiction.