Produce Social Media Videos

Master the art of producing engaging video content for your social channels

Level: Beginner
Instructor: Molly Stark Dean

Produce Social Media Videos

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  • Self-paced instruction
  • 16 video lessons
  • 1h 56m of lesson content
  • Video production exercises and planning worksheets
  • Led by an industry expert
  • Lifetime access
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Who Should Take This Course

Marketers, Social Media Specialists, Content Strategists, Students

Skills You Will Learn

Set reachable goals to increase brand awareness, engagement and conversions

Perform a social media audit to determine what platforms support your brand’s bottom line

Pros and cons of posting videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and emerging platforms

Requirements for a shoot: video equipment, camera, lights, audio and location

Put together your video dream team and determine roles / responsibilities

Set up 3-point lighting using a back, key and fill light

When to choose a smartphone versus a DSLR camera, Apple versus Android

Use color temperature, focus, framing and audio to set up your shot

Plan your shoot and set up guides for your equipment, shot setups and interview questions

Create social posts to promote your video

Use live social, theatrical and news package content, depending on your brand needs

How to capture behind-the-scenes content and when to repurpose a video for multiple networks

Why Take This Course

What happens in one day on social media? Facebook users watch 100 million hours of video content. YouTube users watch 500 million hours. Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos. Your audience is ready to engage with your video content—are you ready to create it?

This course is the beginner's guide to creating videos crucial to any successful content strategy. Whether you’re on a team or on your own, shooting with a smartphone or DSLR camera, using beginner lighting or a professional set up, learn how to produce video content for your social platforms that will get your brand noticed.

Session 1

Setting Video Goals

  • What is Awareness and Get Noticed With Video
  • What is Engagement and Use Video to Get Your Followers Talking
  • Utilize Conversions to Strengthen Your Brand
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Session 2

Resources Audit

  • Lesson 1: Identify the Social Media Platforms Your Brand Should Publish on and Why
  • Lesson 2: The Video Equipment You’ll Need and Determine Your Costs
  • Lesson 3: Put Together Your Team: Determine If You’ll Need Additional Staff
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Session 3

Video Production

  • Lesson 1: What is 3-point Lighting and Purchasing Additional Lighting
  • Lesson 2: Smartphones versus DSLR Camera: What Works?
  • Lesson 3: Get Ready to Shoot and Prep for Last-Minute Logistics
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Session 4


  • Lesson 1: Create Social Posts Promoting Your Video
  • Lesson 2: Capture Behind the Scenes Action for Promotional Purposes
  • Lesson 3: Repurpose Your Video for Multiple Social Networks
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About the Instructor

Molly Stark Dean

7 Courses

Molly Stark Dean started her professional career at Fox News Channel on the assignment desk where she created systematized applications for fellow desk editors to monitor wire services, phone beat calls and social networking sites for breaking news. She went on to work for's TVNewser blog, CBS Radio News as the New Media Liaison and at Reuters TV. Molly graduated from New York University with a Master of Arts Journalism Degree in their new Reporting the Nation program. At NYU, she interned for ABC News Nightline, USA Today and ABC News' Brian Ross Investigative Unit. Molly is currently a social media marketing instructor at the University of Missouri School of Journalism China Program. She teaches social media strategy and content management systems to Chinese broadcast professionals across China.