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How to Know When It's Time to Quit Your Job to Be a Full-Time Blogger How to Know When It's Time to Quit Your Job to Be a Full-Time Blogger
Former staffers reveal the steps it takes to go from blogging for fun to blogging for a living.
By Vicky Sullivan, September 2, 2015


7 Things to Know About Working With Creative Staffing Agencies
Find out if these contract and temporary positions are right for you.
By Kristen Fischer, August 19, 2015
What It Takes to Ace a Video Interview
Heeding these tips will help ensure your screen time gets you closer to a coveted job offer.
By Brittany Taylor, August 6, 2015
The Keys to a Winning Cover Letter
Hiring managers reveal the basic elements every media pro's cover letter should have.
By Dana Robinson, July 29, 2015
Tips on Negotiating Your Salary
Top negotiators show you how to ask for what you're worth -- and get it.
By Brittany Taylor, June 22, 2015
Questions to Ask Your Interviewer
Have these questions in your back pocket for when the tables turn during a job interview.
By Brittany Taylor, June 8, 2015
How to Answer the Top 5 Interview Questions
Hiring experts share what they're looking for in job candidate responses.
By Brittany Taylor, June 1, 2015
How to Use LinkedIn to Launch Your Career
Kick your job search into high gear with help from the networking platform's leading experts.
By Brittany Taylor, April 20, 2015
Freelancers: Should You Hire a CPA?
Find out why hiring a certified public accountant could help save your sanity.
By Amanda Layman Low, April 13, 2015
7 Red Flags on Your Resume -- and How to Fix 'Em Fast
Make sure your resume is free of these transgressions.
By Brittany Taylor, March 23, 2015
Doing Better Business: Bookkeeping 101
Take the stress out of the business side of freelance with these tips.
By Amanda Layman Low, March 2, 2015
What You Need to Know About Online Job Marketplaces
For a newcomer to the freelance writing scene, online job marketplaces hold serious appeal.
By Amanda Layman Low, January 12, 2015
How to Use Social Media to Get a Job
Job hunters can get an edge over the competition with these social media tips.
By Elizabeth Grey, June 2, 2014
5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Job Prospects
The job search doesn't have to be time-consuming and painful -- follow these steps to get the most out of your time and effort.
By Sean Revell, December 5, 2013
Google Yourself: 4 Ways to Fix Your Online Reputation
What do people see when they Google your name? Make sure it's what you want with these tips from SEO pros.
By Andrea Williams, August 12, 2013
How to Get a Job in Book Publishing
Land work in the publishing world with these tips from industry insiders.
By Andrea Williams, June 10, 2013
Networking 102: How to Turn a Chance Meeting Into a Career Opportunity
Career experts detail how job seekers can leverage a brief conversation or meeting with a VIP for something more worthwhile.
By Joel Schwartzberg, May 6, 2013
How to Get a Job in Advertising
Veterans of the ad industry give tips on how you can leverage your journalism skills to break into the field.
By Joel Schwartzberg, April 8, 2013
How to Read Between the Lines of a Job Posting
Learn to decipher the hidden clues in a job posting to tell whether that dream gig is really right for you.
By Joel Schwartzberg, March 19, 2013
What Job Seekers Should (and Shouldn't) Include on Their Social Media Profiles
Career experts and seasoned freelancers tell how you can use social media to land a job or an assignment.
By Kristen Fischer, November 19, 2012
How to Find a Job Before It's Posted
Get an "in" on the hidden job market with these tips from creative pros and career counselors.
By Kristen Fischer, October 15, 2012
5 Reasons to Ask Your Boss for a Review
HR experts explain how to use the all important performance review to make that promotion or raise a reality.
By Joel Schwartzberg, July 9, 2012
5 Signs You're Ready to Be an Editor
Got your eye on the editor's chair? Magazine veterans reveal how to know if you're truly cut out for the job.
By Janelle Harris, July 3, 2012
What Journalists Should Know Before Switching to PR
Take a look behind the dark curtain of public relations with reporters who have made the transition, survived and thrived.
By Jessica Howell, June 26, 2012
Great Side Gigs for Journalists and Writers
Take advantage of your skills as a wordsmith to rake in some extra cash with these alternate fields and side jobs.
By Amanda Ernst, June 25, 2012
Back to the Cube: What to Do Before Ditching the Freelance Life
Returning to the office after years on your own? Refer to this checklist to save yourself a few headaches down the road.
By Allena Tapia, June 5, 2012
How To Become An Editor-In-Chief
Editors outline seven realistic tips to help you snag the top spot at your dream publication.
By Janelle Harris, May 21, 2012
9 Things You Should Never Do on a Job Interview
Hiring managers say committing these nine cardinal sins will end your dream job interview before it even starts.
By Joel Schwartzberg, May 14, 2012
6 Ways To Love The Job You Have
Escape your career rut and fall back in love with your gig with these six revitalizing steps.
By Joel Schwartzberg, May 7, 2012
How To Network in Any Situation
Even shy wallflowers can follow these tips to get the most out of mixers and conferences.
By Janelle Harris, May 1, 2012
7 Tricky Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them
Avoid the anxiety of interview day by preparing your answers to these delicate questions well in advance.
By Joel Schwartzberg, April 26, 2012
7 Things That Are Ruining Your Company's Internship Program
Here are just a few signs that your company isn't getting the most out of its interns, or giving the most back.
By Joel Schwartzberg, April 23, 2012
How to Be a Great Panelist at SXSW (or Any Other Conference)
Public speaking experts offer advice for holding your own at the mother of all conferences.
By Joel Schwartzberg, March 12, 2012
How to Bounce Back After Multiple Layoffs
Get back into the game after a downsizing with this no-fail advice from our career experts.
By Dana Robinson, February 14, 2012
7 Definitive Traits You Need for Startup Success
Turn your innovative startup into a thriving and lasting company with tips from these media entrepreneurs.
By Amanda Ernst, February 13, 2012
4 Common Interview Questions -- And How to Answer Them
Stay one good answer ahead of your competition with these tips from our career experts.
By Joel Schwartzberg, February 6, 2012
After the Interview: 8 Key Steps to Land the Job
Adhere to these tactical follow-ups to the interview so you can stop worrying and get that job.
By Joel Schwartzberg, January 5, 2012
The 5 Situations Where It Pays to Work for Free
It may not fatten up the wallet, but working for free can pay off in dividends later on -- in potential jobs, clients and a plump portfolio.
By Joel Schwartzberg, December 5, 2011
Making Corporate Job Boards Work for You
From keywords to cover letters, HR experts tell what really works on major job boards and reveal the most common mistake job seekers make when applying.
By Joel Schwartzberg, September 27, 2011
The Best Thing I Did For My Resume
Taking a leap of faith with these 10 innovative resume tricks will pay off in the long run.
By Joel Schwartzberg, August 30, 2011
How to Bridge the Gap Between Jobs on Your Resume
Find out how to cope with those spaces between jobs on your resume so you can nab that crucial interview.
By Kristen Fischer, July 28, 2011
5 Reasons Job Seekers Should Use A Recruiter
If you're a worthy applicant but can't get a call back, utilizing a headhunter could push you past competing candidates.
By Kristen Fischer, May 23, 2011
How to Convince an Employer to Let You Work From Home
Use these strategies to persuade employers to open up to flexible working arrangements.
By Kristen Fischer, April 12, 2011
5 Things Every Cover Letter Should Have
Make your intro to employers count with these five crucial cover letter tips.
By Alisha Tillery, March 29, 2011
4 Things Every Resume Should Have
Employers not calling you back? Keep your resume out of the 'no' pile with these simple tactics.
By Alisha Tillery, March 22, 2011
How To Get a Job in Social Media
Whether fresh out of college or knee-deep in a career, you can score a 'tweet' social media gig by creating an engaging online presence and immersing yourself in the field.
By Kristen Fischer, February 28, 2011
How To Research a Potential Employer
From leveraging the library to setting strategic Google alerts, here's how to get the real deal on a prospective employer and ready yourself for that perfect position.
By Kristen Fischer, December 21, 2010
How To Become Invaluable To Your Employer
Ensuring your job security is about more than just doing your work. Here are seven tips to help you become more visible and valuable to your boss.
By Joel Schwartzberg, November 9, 2010
Why You Didn't Get Promoted
Simply doing your job well isn't always enough to get ahead. If review time comes around and you're passed over -- again -- here are eight ways you may be your own success saboteur.
By Kristen Fischer, October 25, 2010
8 Ways To Land A Job Using LinkedIn
Tactfully pass around your resume, showcase your work, and expand your network with these methods for getting noticed and getting hired.
By Kristen Fischer, October 19, 2010
So You Wanna Work in Fashion PR?
Designer taste isn't all it takes to make it in fashion PR. Pros who've paid their dues reveal the real skills you need to break in.
By Kristen Fischer, September 13, 2010
Relocating For Your Career
Three media vets share their own relocation stories and reveal when it's the right time to pack up for a paycheck.
By Kristen Fischer, August 23, 2010
9 Reasons You're Still Unemployed
If you've been laid off for a year or longer, the reason you're not getting offers could be you. Career experts share nine common behaviors that can hamper any well-meaning job hunt.
By Kristen Fischer, August 3, 2010
Writing Farewell Emails: How To End on a High Note
Whether you've taken another position or are saying goodbye to a job involuntarily, we lay out the seven do's and don'ts of bidding adieu in an email.
By Kristen Fischer, July 19, 2010
Switch Careers Without Starting at the Bottom
If you're ready to reinvent yourself in another media field, these career experts' tactics will help you break in without paying your dues all over again.
By Jennifer Pullinger, July 13, 2010
Getting Your Resume Into Human Hands
Can't afford to keep sending your job app into a virtual slush pile? Get your resume into a hiring manager's hands using tools already at your fingertips.
By Joel Schwartzberg, June 15, 2010
Conference Survival Guide: Stress-Free Ways to Score Key Connections
With conference season upon us, media pros offer tested tips for networking in a nanosecond and maximizing a tight budget.
By Rachel Kaufman, March 15, 2010
Negotiate a Higher Pay Rate: 8 Ways to Get Your Words' Worth
Nail your approach for negotiating freelance fees, from tone and timing to calculating the right raise.
By Samantha Melamed, March 1, 2010
New Media, New Jobs: Hybrid Roles in the Digital Newsroom
Be it distributed reporting, Web content strategy or developing software apps for news sites, talented and driven media pros can break into these emerging careers.
By Elizabeth S. Bennett, February 9, 2010
Sound Off, Superfans: Get a Gig as a Sports P.A. Announcer
Broadcast background or not, avid sports fans with a strong voice and even stronger drive can secure a sports announcing job.
By Samantha Melamed, January 26, 2010
Rep the Stars: How To Become a Talent Agent
Entertainment-obsessed media pros can parlay writing, pitching and people skills into a creative career repping A-list talent.
By Audrey Tempelsman, January 21, 2010
4 Gigs to Launch a Career in Food Media
Food lovers hungry to start a related media career can dig into this expert advice on breaking in, from food styling to product copywriting jobs and more.
By Jennifer Pullinger, January 4, 2010
Turn Food Blogging into a Full-Fledged Career
Take your food blogging career from a simmer to a rolling boil with these writers' tips for adding oomph to your site and shoring up related gigs that pay.
By Diana Kuan, December 7, 2009
Optimize Your Media Job or Hiring Search With SEO
Recruiters explain how search engine optimization is changing the hiring game in today's evolving media job market.
By Daniel Lindley, October 19, 2009
Build Your Social Media Resume
Gain a competitive edge in the media job market with these methods for curating a professional social media presence.
By Jessica Assimon, September 28, 2009
From Hack To Flack: Are You Fit For PR?
Want to translate your journalism know-how into a full-swing PR career? This industry guru gives his humorous take on who's cut out for the job.
By Richard Laermer, September 21, 2009
Media Hiring in a Recovering Economy
Recruiters and consultants offer advice to media companies on how to hire in an improving economy, attracting high-caliber candidates while staying on budget.
By Kristen Fischer, July 28, 2009
Alternative Gigs For Media Pros
Augment your income by translating your current media repertoire into an innovative related project or career.
By Lin Grensing-Pophal, June 22, 2009
10 Tips for Using Twitter to Fuel Your Job Search
Enhance your media job search by using Twitter to develop key relationships in your professional network.
By Lindsay Olson, June 8, 2009
No-Cringe Networking: Job-Hunting The Right Way
For job-seeking media pros afraid of looking pesky or superficial, follow these networking tips for establishing genuine connections.
By Ellen Gordon Reeves, May 11, 2009
The Skinny On Social Networks And Media Jobs
Job seekers and recruiters describe how to advance your media career by putting your best profile forward in the proliferating social network sphere.
By Daniel Lindley, April 13, 2009
Match Your Media Job To Your Mindset
Gain insight into your ideal media career with these intuitive tips for tapping in to your professional personality.
By Michelle Paquette, March 23, 2009
Break Out Of A Professional Holding Pattern
Media experts offer advice on moving up in the industry, even during a downturn.
By Lin Grensing-Pophal, March 16, 2009
Get Started In Sports Writing
Get your sports writing career off the bench with these pros' tips for getting in the game as the journalism playbook evolves.
By Matt Krumrie, March 2, 2009