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So What Do You Do, Mark Aldam, President of Hearst Newspapers? So What Do You Do, Mark Aldam, President of Hearst Newspapers?
The newspaper veteran tells us why he thinks print journalism still has legs.
By Janday Wilson, August 6, 2014


So What Do You, Do Belva Davis, Pioneering Broadcast Journalist, TV Host and Author?
One of the first African-American female TV reporters on interviewing historic figures in a time of civil unrest.
By Janelle Harris, July 30, 2014
So What Do You Do, Paul McKenna, Best-Selling Author, Hypnotist and Host of Hulu's McKenna?
McKenna discusses his writing process and shares his advice to aspiring media pros.
By Aneya Fernando, July 23, 2014
So What Do You Do, Edward Lewis, Founder of Essence Magazine?
Lewis describes creating the pioneering women's magazine that has reflected the lives of black women for over 40 years.
By Janelle Harris, July 16, 2014
So What Do You Do, Marcy Bloom, Senior Vice President and Group Publisher of Modern Luxury?
The publishing vet talks about becoming the youngest publisher at Conde Nast and her new role at Modern Luxury.
By Valerie Berrios, July 9, 2014
So What Do You Do, Jonathan Geller, President and Editor-in-Chief of Boy Genius Report?
The man behind Boy Genius Report talks tech and the benefits of anonymity.
By Aneya Fernando, July 2, 2014
So What Do You Do, Sarah Evans, Owner and Partner at J Public Relations?
The PR pro discusses the recipe for happy employees, clients and brand followers.
By Andrea Williams, June 25, 2014
So What Do You Do, Jeff O'Connell, Award-Winning Writer and Editor-in-Chief of
O'Connell shares how he got his start, and offers advice on interviewing celebrities and finding your niche as a journalist.
By Amanda Layman Low, June 18, 2014
So What Do You Do, Mollie Chen, Editorial Director at Birchbox?
The editorial voice of the popular subscription service reveals how her content team keeps its customers coming back.
By Janday Wilson, June 11, 2014
So What Do You Do, Bevy Smith, Host of Bravo's Fashion Queens?
The TV host shares how she went from advertising and writing to being a full-blown media maven.
By Janelle Harris, June 4, 2014
So What Do You Do, Nicole Williams, Author, Entrepreneur and Career Expert at LinkedIn?
The career enthusiast reveals how she achieved success and advises on the right way for professionals to use social media.
By Valerie Berrios, May 28, 2014
So What Do You Do, Murray Olderman, Iconic Sports Journalist and Cartoonist?
The Medill School Hall of Achievement inductee discusses his storied journalism career.
By Richard Horgan, May 21, 2014
So What Do You Do, Jesse Ventura, Political Pundit and Host of Ora TV's Off the Grid?
The former governor talks politics, the problem with mainstream media and what he'd do if he ran for president.
By Valerie Berrios, May 14, 2014
So What Do You Do, Demetria Lucas, Writer and Reality Show Star?
The star of Bravo's Blood, Sweat and Heels on her successful writing career and being labeled the 'black Carrie Bradshaw.'
By Janelle Harris, May 7, 2014
So What Do You Do, Andrea Werbel, Founder and Managing Director of PR Firm Parasol?
The communications pro tells how she started her own luxury hospitality brand marketing and PR firm.
By Patrick Coffee, April 30, 2014
So What Do You Do, Terrie Williams, Author, Activist and Public Relations Strategist?
The multihyphenate PR pro explains how to be fulfilled at work and in your personal life.
By Janelle Harris, April 23, 2014
So What Do You Do, Darley Newman, Travel Host and Producer?
The Emmy-winning creator of PBS travel series Equitrekking and two new Web series describes her road to success.
By Amanda Layman Low, April 16, 2014
So What Do You Do, Eric Noe, Managing Editor at ABC News Digital?
Noe gives us the scoop on running, breaking news in the digital space and more.
By Valerie Berrios, April 9, 2014
So What Do You Do, John Newlin, VP of Content for Livingly Media?
The head of content for a network of sites lets us in on his keys to driving Web traffic.
By Richard Horgan, March 26, 2014
So What Do You Do, Mike McAvoy, President of The Onion?
The Onion's business lead discusses the company's move from print to digital and its latest ad/marketing layer.
By Valerie Berrios, March 19, 2014
So What Do You Do, Cheryl Brown, Editor-in-Chief of Allrecipes Magazine?
How an accidental food editor became the EIC of one of the first magazines cooked up from an online brand.
By Amanda Layman Low, March 12, 2014
So What Do You Do Brendan Deneen, Executive Editor of Macmillan Entertainment?
One man who options books for Hollywood tells up-and-coming authors how it's done.
By Andrea Williams, March 3, 2014
So What Do You Do, Janet Mock, Writer, Transgender Advocate and Author?
The writer discusses her new memoir, social media and the media's (mis)perception of the trans community.
By Janday Wilson, February 26, 2014
So What Do You Do, Toby Daniels, CEO of Crowdcentric and Founder of Social Media Week?
The social media guru talks trends, strategy and 'The Future of Now,' this year's Social Media Week theme.
By Christie Barakat, February 19, 2014
So What Do You Do, Carole Radziwill, Journalist, Author and Reality TV Star?
The Real Housewives of New York City star opens up about her first novel and so-called reality television.
By Heather Salerno, February 11, 2014
Olympic Figure Skater Ashley Wagner on a Possible Future in Journalism
The athlete discusses her interest in sports journalism and the double-edged sword that is social media.
By Valerie Berrios, February 6, 2014
So What Do You Do, Toan Lam, 'Chief Inspirator' for Social Activism Site
A TV reporter-turned-activist uses social media to inspire a chain of goodwill.
By Valerie Berrios, February 5, 2014
So What Do You Do, Mike Tollin, Acclaimed TV/Film Director and Producer?
The director/producer talks about sports docs, social TV and what it takes to be successful in the biz.
By Amanda Layman Low, January 27, 2014
So What Do You Do, Kierna Mayo, Editorial Director for
The digital editor talks about being a voice for African-American women, Internet trolls and her legacy.
By Janelle Harris, January 16, 2014
So What Do You Do, Bonnie Fuller, Editor-in-Chief of
The women's magazine veteran reveals why she moved from print to digital and offers advice for celebrity journos.
By Heather Salerno, January 13, 2014
So What Do You Do, Keija Minor, Brides Editor-in-Chief?
The editor-in-chief of Brides shares why she quit corporate law for publishing and offers pitching tips to freelancers.
By Valerie Berrios, December 18, 2013
So What Do You Do, Hamish Hamilton, Director of Some of the World's Biggest Televised Events?
The director and producer on what he's learned from directing everything from the Olympic ceremonies to Victoria's Secret fashion shows.
By Amanda Layman Low, December 10, 2013
So What Do You Do, Tiffany Shlain, Filmmaker and Founder of the Webby Awards?
The director gives advice to aspiring filmmakers and tells why her family takes a "Technology Shabbat."
By Amanda Layman Low, December 4, 2013
So What Do You Do, Shirley Halperin, Music Editor for The Hollywood Reporter?
The music scribe talks career, concerts and the magic of Janice Min.
By Richard Horgan, November 20, 2013
So What Do You Do, Joe Raiola, MAD Senior Editor and John Lennon Tribute Executive Producer?
The comedian and writer tells what it's like to work at MAD magazine and what the Beatles have to do with the pub.
By Richard Horgan, November 13, 2013
So What Do You Do, Jozen Cummings, Blogger and Dating Columnist for the New York Post?
The Post's dating reporter on what it's like to write a dating column, and gives advice to up-and-coming bloggers.
By Janelle Harris, November 6, 2013
So What Do You Do, Soledad O'Brien, CEO of Starfish Media Group?
The journalist gives some sage advice and tells what she's been up to since she's left CNN.
By Janelle Harris, October 23, 2013
So What Do You Do, Henry Bushkin, Attorney and Author of Johnny Carson?
"Bombastic Bushkin," as Johnny Carson called him, talks about his book's controversies and what he thinks of The Tonight Show's most recent changes.
By Richard Horgan, October 16, 2013
So What Do You Do, Mitch Lowe, Co-founder of Netflix and CEO of Quarterly.Co?
The exec shares his advice for entrepreneurs and discusses how his company provides new revenue for influential bloggers.
By Mona Zhang, October 9, 2013
So What Do You Do, Michelle Singletary, WaPo Columnist and Finance Guru?
The WaPo columnist on what she really thinks of Jeff Bezos and how she managed to succeed on multiple platforms.
By Janelle Harris, October 2, 2013
So What Do You Do, Jamie McCarthy, Celebrity Photographer?
A celebrity photographer reveals how he's earned the trust of his high-profile clientele.
By Richard Horgan, September 25, 2013
So What Do You Do, Terry McMillan, New York Times Bestselling Author?
The novelist shares how she writes authentic characters and gives tips to aspiring authors.
By Andrea Williams, September 17, 2013
So What Do You Do, Phil Hendrie, Syndicated Radio Show Host?
How one radio show host is adapting the medium for the digital age.
By Richard Horgan, September 12, 2013
So What Do You Do, Gale Anne Hurd, Executive Producer of The Walking Dead?
The producer of the hit AMC series gives tips on the fine art of negotiation and tells how she got to where she is now.
By Janelle Harris, August 14, 2013
So What Do You Do, Jim Bankoff, CEO of Vox Media?
The man who turned SB Nation into one of the most successful digital media companies talks business models for the future.
By Noah Davis, July 24, 2013
So What Do You Do, Marvet Britto, President and CEO of The Britto Agency?
The PR maven reveals how she built her firm with zero experience in the field and explains what it really takes to land a high-profile client.
By Andrea Williams, July 10, 2013
So What Do You Do, Pat O'Brien, Co-Host of Fox Sports Primetime?
The radio host gives tips on handling public scandals and making it in sports journalism.
By Richard Horgan, July 3, 2013
So What Do You Do, Stephen Hill, BET President of Programming and Specials?
The longtime BET exec responds to the network's critics and tells how aspiring TV pros can get a foot in the door.
By Janelle Harris, June 27, 2013
So What Do You Do, Michael Musto, Entertainment and Gossip Columnist?
The purveyor of New York City's most delicious gossip talks about life after the Village Voice and reveals his one regret.
By Janelle Harris, June 19, 2013
So What Do You Do, Lauren Dolgen, EVP of Series Development for MTV?
The creator of Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant answers to critics and gives advice to aspiring TV pros.
By Andrea Williams, June 12, 2013
So What Do You Do, Jess Cagle, Managing Editor of Entertainment Weekly?
The EW vet explains how his brand is innovating despite changes at Time Inc. and reveals the secret to a perfect pitch.
By Richard Horgan, May 29, 2013
So What Do You Do, Sara Shepard, Author of Pretty Little Liars?
The author who published 20 books in eight years gives tips on how writers can overcome the blank page and write more.
By Andrea Williams, May 22, 2013
So What Do You Do, Ed Gordon, Host of Conversations with Ed Gordon?
The man who's reported for everyone from BET and NBC to NPR and CBS tells what it's like to finally step out on his own.
By Andrea Williams, May 15, 2013
So What Do You Do, Jay Mohr, Comedian and Fox Sports Radio Host?
The veteran actor and comedian gives social media tips and explains why working in radio is his best gig yet.
By Richard Horgan, May 8, 2013
So What Do You Do, Tracey Edmonds, Award-Winning TV and Film Producer?
The media mogul tells how she first broke into Hollywood and discusses her latest venture into Web TV.
By Janelle Harris, May 1, 2013
So What Do You Do, Kara Swisher, Co-Executive Editor of
The 'most influential reporter' in Silicon Valley gives tips on how to bypass PR talking points during interviews and weighs in on the lack of women in tech.
By Andrea Williams, April 24, 2013
So What Do You Do, James Heidenry, Editor-in-Chief of Star?
The newly installed EIC discusses paying sources, good old-fashion reporting and the hypocrisy of celebrity weeklies.
By Richard Horgan, April 17, 2013
So What Do You Do, Andy Cohn, President and Publisher of The Fader?
The print vet explains how the independent music pub is succeeding in the digital age and gives tips to aspiring publishers.
By Andrea Williams, April 10, 2013
So What Do You Do, Kelly Day, CEO of Blip?
This e-commerce vet is determined to make the little-known but widely watched Blip the next big player in entertainment.
By Richard Horgan, April 3, 2013
So What Do You Do, Jane Pratt, Editor-in-Chief of
The Jane and Sassy founder talks media myths, putting a writer in rehab and what the print industry could learn from blogs.
By Janelle Harris, March 27, 2013
So What Do You Do, Jermaine Hall, Editor-in-Chief of Vibe?
The print vet tells how he turned around the ailing music pub and gives advice to aspiring editors-in-chief.
By Andrea Williams, March 20, 2013
So What Do You Do, Denene Millner, Co-Author of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man?
The woman behind Steve Harvey's bestseller gives tips on collaborative writing and tells how she started her popular parenting blog.
By Janelle Harris, March 6, 2013
So What Do You Do, Michael Hirst, Creator of The Tudors and Vikings?
Hollywood's go-to guy for historical fiction discusses his writing process and why, sometimes, the best thing a leading man can do is "not act."
By Richard Horgan, February 27, 2013
So What Do You Do, Adam Glassman, Creative Director at O Magazine?
The longtime stylist reveals the biggest mistake rookie fashionistas make and tells what it's really like to dress Oprah.
By Andrea Williams, February 20, 2013
So What Do You Do, Ryan Schreiber, Founder and CEO of Pitchfork?
The founder of music's most authoritative site gives tips to bloggers and entrepreneurs looking to start the next big thing.
By Andrea Williams, February 13, 2013
So What Do You Do, Paul Carrick Brunson, Matchmaker and Co-host of OWN's Lovetown USA?
Just in time for V-Day, the relationship expert gives tips on advice-writing and tells how YouTube videos helped him nab a gig at OWN.
By Andrea Williams, February 6, 2013
So What Do You Do, Tamron Hall, Anchor of MSNBC's NewsNation?
The award-winning journalist and morning show staple discusses how to balance news and opinion and tells what she learned while working in a local market.
By Janelle Harris, January 23, 2013
So What Do You Do, Dave Karger, Chief Correspondent for Fandango?
The veteran entertainment reporter tells how to jump from print to TV and reveals what was really behind the Academy's Ben Affleck snub.
By Richard Horgan, January 16, 2013
So What Do You Do, Sara Horowitz, Founder and Executive Director of the Freelancer's Union?
The one-time independent contractor gives advice to freelancers about networking, budgeting and getting ahead.
By Janelle Harris, December 12, 2012
So What Do You Do, Elvis Mitchell, Film Critic and Host of KCRW's "The Treatment"?
Elvis Mitchell discusses the future of film criticism and tells how the media missed the biggest scoop in his Joaquin Phoenix interview.
By Richard Horgan, November 20, 2012
So What Do You Do, Mo Rocca, CBS Correspondent and Cooking Channel Host?
The journalist and humorist tells how he came up with his latest show and explains why the electoral college is useless.
By Richard Horgan, November 7, 2012
So What Do You Do, Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC Host and Tulane University Professor?
The New Orleans native tells why she jumped into TV news and explains why style has no business in politics.
By Janelle Harris, October 17, 2012
So What Do You Do, David Ho, Mobile and Tablets Editor at The Wall Street Journal?
The man who brought WSJ to the iPad reveals how to get a gig like his and explains the key to creating a killer news app.
By Janelle Harris, October 10, 2012
So What Do You Do, Tanika Ray, Red Carpet Reporter and Host of The CW's Oh, Sit!?
The former dancer and actress tells how she scored TV hosting gigs at Extra, HGTV, Nickelodeon and more.
By Janelle Harris, September 26, 2012
So What Do You Do, Lisa Ling, Host and Executive Producer of Our America?
The TV vet gives tips on how to interview subjects and tells why OWN is the best place she's ever worked.
By Richard Horgan, September 12, 2012
So What Do You Do, Jessica Bennett, Executive Editor of Tumblr's Storyboard?
The former Newsweek writer explains her new "journalism-from-the-future" job, and what you can do to land one.
By Janelle Harris, September 5, 2012
So What Do You Do, Richard Prince, Columnist for the Maynard Institute?
The longtime champion of diversity recalls taking on The Washington Post as part of the "Metro Seven" and talks growing his popular "Journal-isms" column.
By Richard Horgan, August 22, 2012
So What Do You Do, Nina Parker, Producer and Correspondent for The Insider?
The star Hollywood reporter weighs in on the "boys club" of TMZ and gives some honest advice to gossip bloggers.
By Marcus Vanderberg, August 15, 2012
So What Do You Do, Marc Lamont Hill, Author, Professor and TV Commentator?
The academic shares how journalists can safely tackle issues of race and reveals why he entered the belly of the conservative beast: Fox News.
By Janelle Harris, July 25, 2012
So What Do You Do, Dylan Howard, Editor-in-Chief of Celebuzz?
The man behind Hollywood's biggest scoops shares tips for entertainment reporters and explains why he doesn't consider TMZ a competitor.
By Richard Horgan, July 18, 2012
So What Do You Do, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Film Producer and Bestselling Author?
The author, filmmaker and preacher shares advice for aspiring screenwriters and talks working with Whitney Houston on her final film.
By Jeff Rivera, July 12, 2012
So What Do You Do, Matt Atchity, Editor-in-Chief of Rotten Tomatoes?
The veteran entertainment journalist discusses the state of film criticism and explains why, when it comes to online content, he's pro-slideshow.
By Richard Horgan, June 27, 2012
So What Do You Do, Sarah Fenske, Editor-in-Chief of L.A. Weekly?
The new EIC reveals whether L.A.'s alternative paper will ever go Web-only and shares why all editors should own, not erase, their mistakes.
By Richard Horgan, June 20, 2012
So What Do You Do, Dominic Chu, Markets Reporter for Bloomberg TV?
The former Wall Street whiz recalls getting his gig straight off the trading floor and tells how Bloomberg TV plans to beat the competition.
By Janelle Harris, June 13, 2012
So What Do You Do, Roland Martin, CNN Contributor and Host of TV One's Washington Watch?
The man of 1,000 hats dishes on secrets to developing your personal brand, the lack of diversity on news shows and why he just can't stay away from Twitter.
By Marcus Vanderberg, June 6, 2012
So What Do You Do, Richard Lawson, Senior Writer for The Atlantic Wire?
The noted scribe explains how his TV recaps garnered 2.4 million page views a month and reveals how writers can stand out in the blogosphere.
By Janelle Harris, May 30, 2012
So What Do You Do, Lola Ogunnaike, Freelance Journalist and TV Personality?
The writer behind more than two dozen cover stories recalls her rise to the top and explains why breaking the rules brought TV success.
By Marcus Vanderberg, May 23, 2012
So What Do You Do, Jonathan Murray, Father of Reality TV?
The executive producer talks breaking MTV out of music, the key to great reality programming, and how much of that Kardashian marriage was real.
By Amanda Ernst, May 16, 2012
So What Do You Do, Jim Lampley, Host of HBO World Championship Boxing?
The undisputed voice of boxing and host of HBO's Fight Game recalls the biggest triumphs and stumbles of his 38-year career.
By Marcus Vanderberg, May 2, 2012
So What Do You Do, Dan Savage, Nationally Syndicated Sex Columnist?
The media triple threat and star of MTV's Savage U talks 21 years of advocating for good sex.
By Marcus Vanderberg, April 25, 2012
So What Do You Do, Marian Salzman, CEO of Euro RSCG Worldwide PR North America?
The world renowned tastemaker and advertising vet talks making the transition to PR and reveals the one trend she wishes she saw coming.
By Amanda Ernst, April 18, 2012
So What Do You Do, Cecily von Ziegesar, Creator of Gossip Girl?
What kind of book lands TV deals? According to the prolific author behind this booming franchise, one that you think no one's going to read.
By Jeff Rivera, April 11, 2012
So What Do You Do, James Lipton, Creator and Host of Inside the Actor's Studio?
Ahead of the hit show's 18th season, the master interviewer discusses his own influences and reveals the one person he could never get as a guest.
By Amanda Ernst, April 4, 2012
So What Do You Do, Amanda Hocking, Author and Self-Publishing Powerhouse?
The poster child for eBook success reveals how she scored movie deals and a $2 million contract with St. Martin's Press -- all by the age of 26.
By Jeff Rivera, March 28, 2012
So What Do You Do, Joel Hyatt, CEO and Co-Founder of Current TV?
Current's chief explains how his growing network is taking on the big three cable news nets in the midst of an election year.
By Amanda Ernst, March 21, 2012
So What Do You Do, Natasha Eubanks, Founder of The YBF?
The founder of the popular entertainment site shares how she took covering the "Young, Black and Fabulous" into her own hands.
By Janelle Harris, March 14, 2012
So What Do You Do, Jackie Collins, Bestselling Author?
The international bestseller reveals her self-publishing plans and explains why she took control of the business side of her career.
By Jeff Rivera, March 7, 2012
So What Do You Do, Mike Catherwood, Host of Loveline?
The radio and budding TV personality tells how he battled addiction, chatted Live! with Kelly Ripa, and ended up Dancing With the Stars.
By Marcus Vanderberg, February 29, 2012
So What Do You Do, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Bestselling Author and Speaker?
The thought leader details the key to his success and reveals the one thing that could solve the nation's unemployment issues.
By Jeff Rivera, February 22, 2012
So What Do You Do, Janice Min, Editorial Director of The Hollywood Reporter?
With five successful mag stints under her belt, THR's head honcho reveals why she headed West and how you can climb the masthead.
By Aria Hughes, February 15, 2012
So What Do You Do, Zane, New York Times Bestselling Erotica Author?
The erotica author talks empowering women, why publishers are under appreciated, and the one thing you need to pen a juicy romance novel.
By Jeff Rivera, February 8, 2012
So What Do You Do, Jamie Raab, Publisher of Grand Central Publishing?
Hachette's head honcho makes the case for publishers in a world of eBooks and recounts how she discovered Nicholas Sparks.
By Jeff Rivera, February 1, 2012
So What Do You Do, Amy DuBois Barnett, Editor-in-Chief of Ebony?
The 65-year-old glossy's new EIC talks rekindling Ebony's fire, publishing outside of the media capital of New York, and what it takes to have a long journalism career.
By Janelle Harris, December 14, 2011
So What Do You Do, Joshua Tallent, eBook Formatting Expert?
Publishing App Expo panelist and ebook genius Joshua Tallent tells us why there's still no single ebook format to rule them all.
By Dianna Dilworth, November 23, 2011
So What Do You Do, Tom Lutz, Editor of Los Angeles Review of Books?
The author and literary professor is pushing back against the widespread shuttering of book review sections with a single online publication.
By Cameron Martin, October 26, 2011
So What Do You Do, Megan Berry, Marketing Manager for Klout?
Klout employee No. 2 dishes on the key secrets behind influencer marketing.
By Janelle Harris, October 12, 2011
So What Do You Do, Jay Mariotti, Sports Writer and TV Personality?
The sports columnist and former Around the Horn contributor is ready to resume his career following a pair of personal setbacks.
By Marcus Vanderberg, September 28, 2011
So What Do You Do, Josh Elliott, Good Morning America Newsreader?
The newest face of GMA talks morning show wars, tweeting through national disasters, and the true value of a journalism degree.
By Marcus Vanderberg, August 17, 2011
So What Do You Do, Laurie Ruettimann, HR and Social Media Expert?
Forget what you've heard. This HR pro says you don't have to be passionate about your work to have a successful career.
By Amanda Ernst, July 20, 2011
So What Do You Do, Pilar Guzman, Editor-in-Chief of Martha Stewart Living?
After her beloved Cookie folded, this lifestyle vet found a new home at Martha Stewart Living -- alongside some very familiar faces.
By Amanda Ernst, July 6, 2011
So What Do You Do, Clara Shih, Founder and CEO of Hearsay Social?
This Facebook marketing pioneer explains what brands should and shouldn't do for social media success.
By Amanda Ernst, June 22, 2011
So What Do You Do, Maura Jacobson, Legendary New York Crossword Maker?
After 31 years, New York's longtime crossword creator is stepping down and offering advice to promising puzzle makers.
By Amanda Ernst, May 25, 2011
So What Do You Do Jawn Murray, Entertainment Reporter?
This entertainment journo talks feuds with the celebs he covers, his biggest career regret, and why he hates the word gossip.
By Janelle Harris, May 11, 2011
So What Do You Do, Deborah Needleman, Editor-in-Chief of WSJ.?
Domino's former editor explains how she's bringing new women readers to an old boys' paper.
By Amanda Ernst, April 27, 2011
So What Do You Do, Rick Blair, CEO of
Examiner's top exec explains why his site is more than just a content farm and has a message for HuffPo's unpaid bloggers.
By Jeff Rivera, April 6, 2011
So What Do You Do, Matt LeMay, Platform Manager?
This social media guru shares how publishers can finally monetize content.
By Jeff Rivera, March 23, 2011
So What Do You Do, Brandon Holley, Editor-in-Chief of Lucky?
This print vet dishes on how she's shaking things up at the 11-year-old title.
By Amanda Ernst, March 9, 2011
So What Do You Do, Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul?
With 167 million copies sold worldwide, this king of self-help details his rise to success and and reveals why it's okay to judge a book by its title.
By Jeff Rivera, February 23, 2011
So What Do You Do, Cathy Hughes, Founder of TV One and Radio One?
This radio and TV exec has spent over 30 years setting the foundation for Black-owned media companies, and she still continues to break new ground.
By Janelle Harris, February 9, 2011
So What Do You Do, Nicholas Sparks, Bestselling Romance Novelist?
Hollywood's go-to guy for love stories details the inspiration behind his books, dealing with rejection, and how he penned 16 bestselling novels.
By Jeff Rivera, January 26, 2011
So What Do You Do, Debra Lee, Chairwoman and CEO of BET?
After spending 25 years climbing the ranks at the biggest Black media company in existence, this CEO is still working hard to evolve the brand and challenge its biggest critics.
By Janelle Harris, January 5, 2011
So What Do You Do, Emil Wilbekin, Managing Editor of
A print veteran in fashion and entertainment, Emil Wilbekin now has his sights set on transforming a new domain --
By Janelle Harris, December 15, 2010
So What Do You Do, Nina Lassam, eBook Marketing Evangelist?
The digital marketing guru outlines best practices for authors going the DIY route and reveals why the eBook market is not just a publishing ghetto.
By Jeff Rivera, December 1, 2010
So What Do You Do, James Patterson, Bestselling Novelist?
The year's top selling author talks catering to the masses, getting boys to read and, oh yeah, his critics.
By Jeff Rivera, November 24, 2010
So What Do You Do, Gail Simmons, Host of Top Chef: Just Desserts?
The TV host and brand ambassador shares her path to the top of the media food chain and dishes on what's next.
By Blake Gernstetter, November 17, 2010
So What Do You Do, Brian Farnham, Editor-In-Chief, Patch?
Don't call it a content farm: The top editor of Aol's Patch takes on the critics and reveals what it's really like to work there.
By Ryan Derousseau, November 10, 2010
So What Do You Do, Janet Evanovich, Bestselling Novelist?
The bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum series talks about her rise to fame, her new co-author program, and why 'we haven't even seen the beginning of eBooks.'
By Jeff Rivera, November 3, 2010
So What Do You Do, Donna Brazile, Political Commentator and Strategist?
Political strategist Donna Brazile reveals her one rule when appearing on TV and why she'd get rid of hyper-partisan pundits if she could.
By Janelle Harris, October 27, 2010
So What Do You Do, Ryan Holmes, Founder and CEO of HootSuite?
The founder of the social media dashboard startup talks about launching HootSuite and why their freemium business model pays off.
By Amanda Ernst, October 20, 2010
So What Do You Do, Stacy London, Author, TV Correspondent, and Fashion Maven?
Author, TV correspondent, and fashion stylist Stacy London talks about her style, her biggest failure, and why it's cool to be a regular girl in the world of high fashion.
By Janelle Harris, October 13, 2010
So What Do You Do, Justin Osofsky, Head of Media Partnerships for Facebook?
Facebook's main media man discusses how the company is adding a crucial social dimension to online content and why he doesn't think Twitter and Google are his competition.
By E.B. Boyd, October 6, 2010
So What Do You Do, David Plotz, Editor of Slate?
Plotz discusses Slate's notoriously transparent political approach, why writers need ambitious projects, and the behind-the-scenes details of hiring Dave Weigel.
By Betsy Rothstein, September 29, 2010
So What Do You Do, Adam Brotman, VP of Starbucks Digital Ventures?
Brotman discusses the breakthrough idea behind the Starbucks Digital Network and how they're proposing a profitable cure for 'micro-boredom.'
By E.B. Boyd, September 22, 2010
So What Do You Do, Eric Daman, Costume Designer for Gossip Girl?
The creative force behind Gossip Girl's wardrobe details how he broke into the business without formal training and what it takes to prevail in the cutthroat fashion industry.
By Amanda Ernst, September 15, 2010
So What Do You Do, Justin Halpern, Author of Shit My Dad Says?
From a lighthearted Twitter feed to a book and TV show deal, the social media-spurred phenomenon talks about pursuing his passion for screenwriting and comedy.
By E.B. Boyd, September 8, 2010
So What Do You Do, Bob Cohn, Editorial Director of Atlantic Digital?
Charged with leading the esteemed mag into a digital realm, this print vet details his latest projects and app philosophy.
By E.B. Boyd, September 1, 2010
So What Do You Do, Seth Godin, Author and Marketing Guru?
The bestselling author and marketing revolutionary reveals why he's through with traditional publishing and how to leverage free content.
By Jeff Rivera, August 25, 2010
So What Do You Do, Nelson George, Writer, Producer and Filmmaker?
The prolific author discusses his 20-plus years of multimedia multitasking, his latest Michael Jackson project, and what it takes to make a strong idea come to life.
By Janelle Harris, August 18, 2010
So What Do You Do, Hugh Hefner, Founder of Playboy Enterprises?
The legendary playboy talks about creating an iconic public image, the brand's possible sale, and what he'd do differently if he was starting in media today.
By Jeff Rivera, August 11, 2010
So What Do You Do, Tucker Carlson, Editor-in-Chief, The Daily Caller?
The Daily Caller EIC opens up about the site launch process, the infamous Journolist saga, and his feud with Keith Olbermann.
By Betsy Rothstein, August 4, 2010
So What Do You Do, Pamela Mitchell, Founder and CEO of The Reinvention Institute?
With two tectonic job changes behind her, this career expert explains how she survived and thrived when she founded her own company, and reveals how media pros can get a fresh start.
By Amanda Ernst, July 28, 2010
So What Do You Do, Tavis Smiley, Author and Talk Show Host?
With almost 20 years in media, Smiley is determined to use his pen and microphone to fight for the little people -- even if they don't always love him for it.
By Janelle Harris, July 21, 2010
So What Do You Do, Jennifer Weiner, Bestselling Novelist?
With her eighth novel now on shelves, the Good In Bed author discusses her new four-book deal, ebook pricing, and why tweeting about The Bachelorette is good for business.
By E.B. Boyd, July 14, 2010
So What Do You Do, Dennis Crowley, Co-Founder and CEO of Foursquare?
Foursquare's CEO talks about innovating in the location-based space, competing with Twitter and Facebook, and the key to entrepreneurial success.
By Blake Gernstetter, July 7, 2010
So What Do You Do, Krishna Bharat, Lead Engineer of Google News?
The founder of Google News talks about creating paywalls, speeding up search, and the future of the link.
By E.B. Boyd, June 30, 2010
So What Do You Do, Rick Bayless, Celebrity Chef and Cookbook Author?
Bayless dishes on building a local fan base, the difference between filming a scripted vs. reality show, and his take on food bloggers snapping photos in restaurants.
By Blake Gernstetter, June 23, 2010
So What Do You Do, Alan Levy, Founder and CEO of BlogTalkRadio?
The leading podcasting platform's founder talks about raising capital in a down economy and what's next in the self-publishing revolution.
By Kristen Fischer, June 16, 2010
So What Do You Do, Jeff Leeds, Editor-in-Chief, BuzzMedia Music?
BuzzMedia's main music man discusses social media's impact on breaking entertainment news and how artists and writers alike can keep audiences coming back for more.
By Amanda Ernst, June 9, 2010
So What Do You Do, Kim Martin, President of WE tv?
Reaching millions of female viewers, WE tv's president talks about transforming the brand and expanding with a spinoff and media partnerships.
By Amanda Ernst, June 2, 2010
So What Do You Do, Samir Husni, Mr. Magazine?
As his Guide to New Magazines celebrates its 25th edition, Mr. Magazine discusses what it takes to succeed in print today -- and what publications must do to make it to tomorrow.
By Blake Gernstetter, May 26, 2010
So What Do You Do, Wendy Williams, Host of The Wendy Williams Show?
The talk show host opens up on her transition from radio to TV, imbuing her interviews with personality, and why you should always have a plan B.
By Aliya S. King, May 19, 2010
So What Do You Do, Susan Lyne, CEO of Gilt Groupe?
Ahead of her Mediabistro Circus talk on eCommerce, the former TV exec reveals how women can reach the C-suite and how she blends business with creativity at luxury retail site Gilt Groupe.
By Gail Shister, May 12, 2010
So What Do You Do, Jamie Foster Brown, Publisher, Sister 2 Sister?
Brown details the rise of her magazine from a newsletter to a glossy, extols the value of in-depth interviews, and reveals what's wrong with celebrity blogging.
By Aliya S. King, May 5, 2010
So What Do You Do, Alan Richman, Food Writer?
Ahead of the 2010 James Beard Foundation Journalism Awards, the 14-time winner discusses his unique approach to reviewing restaurants and gives advice for writing with humor.
By Blake Gernstetter, April 28, 2010
So What Do You Do, Josh Jackson, Editor-in-Chief of Paste?
The Ellie-nominated indie mag's EIC talks about getting Paste off the ground, keeping it afloat, and what makes the Atlanta-based pub a contender in the music category.
By Amanda Ernst, April 21, 2010
So What Do You Do, Kevin McKean, Editorial Director, Consumer Reports?
With 3.2 million-plus paid online subscribers, Consumer Reports' editorial director explains why print pubs need to adopt a 'media neutral' stance and extols the non-ad-based model.
By David Hirschman, April 14, 2010
So What Do You Do, Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia Journalism School Dean?
The in-demand speaker and new media guru talks about how to amass Twitter followers, the rise of 'tra-digital' media, and the surprising reason J-school applications are growing.
By Aliya S. King, April 7, 2010
So What Do You Do, John Yemma, Editor of The Christian Science Monitor?
One year after moving from a daily print edition to a weekly magazine, Yemma discusses the Monitor's Web-first state of mind and how the digital shift impacts revenue streams.
By David Hirschman, March 31, 2010
So What Do You Do, Lisa Sugar, Editor-in-Chief of Sugar Inc.?
In less than five years, this trailblazing blogger grew her business into a network of sites and continues to build the company with e-commerce, video, and more.
By Amanda Ernst, March 24, 2010
So What Do You Do, Jimmy Wales, Co-Founder of Wikipedia and Wikia?
The co-founder of the wildly popular open-content site talks about his for-profit project, Wikia, and what the media industry can glean from Wikipedia's approach to citizen journalism.
By E.B. Boyd, March 17, 2010
So What Do You Do, Ariel Foxman, Managing Editor of InStyle?
Tastemaker Ariel Foxman reveals what he learned from launching Cargo, why InStyle Weddings folded, and why it's crucial to be part editor, part businessman.
By Amanda Ernst, March 10, 2010
So What Do You Do, Jimmy Pitaro, Vice President of Yahoo! Media?
Charged with programming and packaging Yahoo!'s content, this digital VP discusses innovative sponsorship ideas, the key to Web video success, and how Carol Bartz has changed the company in her first year.
By E.B. Boyd, March 3, 2010
So What Do You Do, Sharon Waxman, Founder of The Wrap?
The entertainment media fixture talks about establishing The Wrap as a credible source, the downfall of trade mags, and why quality content shouldn't be completely free.
By David Hirschman, February 24, 2010
So What Do You Do, Datwon Thomas, Editor and COO of Global Grind, Inc.?
Best known for breaking ground with King, Datwon Thomas discusses his new dual role at GlobalGrind and reveals what hip-hop and media have in common.
By Terry Wynn II, February 17, 2010
So What Do You Do, Jim Moret, Chief Correspondent for Inside Edition?
After struggling with unemployment and a career transition, the broadcast vet opens up about channeling his experience into an inspirational memoir.
By Amanda Ernst, February 10, 2010
So What Do You Do, Robert Verdi, Logo TV Host?
The ubiquitous fashion media personality discusses his latest TV project, his plan to get his own cable network, and how Twitter's helping him turn a profit.
By Diane Clehane, February 3, 2010
So What Do You Do, Lesley Visser, CBS Sports Reporter and Hall of Fame Sportscaster?
Covering nearly every sport imaginable, groundbreaking sportscaster Lesley Visser talks about her path to the Hall of Fame and how women can blitz into the male-dominated field.
By Brian T. Horowitz, January 27, 2010
So What Do You Do, Nina Garcia, Marie Claire Fashion Director & Project Runway Judge?
Tastemaker and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia dishes on becoming a household name, juggling her TV persona with her magazine job, and what it takes to make it to the top.
By Diane Clehane, January 20, 2010
So What Do You Do, Mark Johnson, Senior Program Manager at Bing?
The program lead at 'decision engine' Bing shares dispatches from the cutting edge of search development and extols the advantages of semantic Web.
By Jennifer Pullinger, January 18, 2010
So What Do You Do, Peter Greenberg, Travel Editor, CBS News?
Ubiquitous travel guru and bestselling author Peter Greenberg dishes on meeting the king of Jordan, reporting for 20 straight hours on Sept. 11, and exposing truths in tourism.
By Melanie Nayer, January 13, 2010
So What Do You Do, Sunny Anderson, Food Network Host?
Food Network star Sunny Anderson reveals what it's like to jump from radio to TV, and the one thing she'd never change about herself.
By Blake Gernstetter, January 6, 2010
So What Do You Do, Ann Curry, News Anchor, The Today Show?
The anchor talks about interviewing major newsmakers, witnessing global hardships, and bringing her personal life into the public eye on Today.
By Diane Clehane, December 30, 2009
So What Do You Do, Joe Randazzo, Editor of The Onion?
The satirical paper's editor talks about staying relevant in a digital marketplace, The Onion's upcoming TV project, and why his team could use more funny women.
By Amanda Ernst, December 23, 2009
So What Do You Do, Brandon Badger, Product Manager for Google Books?
eBook Summit keynote speaker and Google Books guru Brandon Badger addresses the controversial settlement and the evolution of digital publishing.
By Noah Davis, December 9, 2009
So What Do You Do, Bill Wilson, President of AOL Media?
As AOL prepares to spin off from Time Warner, MediaGlow content czar Bill Wilson shares his plans for rebranding the Internet company's image.
By Noah Davis, December 2, 2009
So What Do You Do, Gayle King, O Editor-at-Large and Sirius XM Host?
Oprah's confidante and all-around media maven Gayle King talks about her potential return to daytime TV and her role at Winfrey's nascent cable network.
By David Hirschman, November 25, 2009
So What Do You Do, James Othmer, Ad Creative Turned Author?
A former reporter and ad creative, this author details how each job informed the next and what surprised him while researching for his ad industry tell-all.
By Mathew Van Hoven, November 18, 2009
So What Do You Do, Caroline Little, CEO of Guardian News & Media North America?
Digital media leader Caroline Little discusses creative revenue streams, the viability of pay walls, and why she left The Washington Post.
By Amanda Ernst, November 11, 2009
So What Do You Do, Leonard Burnett, Co-CEO and Group Publisher of Uptown Media Group?
Resurrecting and revamping Vibe for the digital age, Uptown's CEO talks about creating vibrant online content and monetizing it.
By David Hirschman, November 4, 2009
So What Do You Do, María Elena Salinas, Univision Network News Anchor?
'The voice of Hispanic America' speaks out about advocacy journalism, breaking ground for women in broadcast, and the burgeoning Spanish-language news sector.
By Kevin Allocca, October 28, 2009
So What Do You Do, Josh Lieb, Executive Producer, The Daily Show?
Funnyman and fake news producer Josh Lieb talks about working with Jon Stewart, penning a young adult novel, and hiding his Emmys in the pantry.
By Amanda Ernst, October 21, 2009
So What Do You Do, Alan Mutter, 'Reflections of a Newsosaur' Blogger?
Newspaper vet and Web entrepreneur Alan Mutter analyzes the nexus of journalism and technology and presents a revenue-driving solution for the broken media business model.
By David Hirschman, October 7, 2009
So What Do You Do, Joe Posnanski, Sports Illustrated Senior Writer?
Recently installed at SI full-time, this prolific sports writer, columnist and author talks about his new position and the future of the newspaper industry.
By Noah Davis, September 30, 2009
So What Do You Do, Michela O'Connor Abrams, President and Publisher of Dwell?
Surging ahead in the ailing shelter category, Dwell's publisher churns out innovative products and is mystified by Conde's decision to shutter Domino.
By Amanda Ernst, September 23, 2009
So What Do You Do, Mark Pincus, CEO of Zynga?
Social media visionary Mark Pincus speaks out on making money online, fostering user engagement, and the value of failure in entrepreneurship.
By David Hirschman, September 16, 2009
So What Do You Do, Robbie Myers, Editor-In-Chief, Elle?
At the helm of the world's largest fashion mag, Myers sizes up the future of print and explains how Elle's early embrace of reality TV boosted the brand.
By Diane Clehane, September 9, 2009
So What Do You Do, Amy Astley, Editor-In-Chief, Teen Vogue?
On the eve of New York Fashion Week, tastemaker Amy Astley dishes on establishing a clear identity and style in the struggling teen mag category.
By Stephanie Murg, September 2, 2009
So What Do You Do, Merri Lee Kingsly, Publisher of Saveur?
Helming one of the best-performing magazines in the U.S., Saveur's publisher abhors traditional sales methods and fervently believes in the future of print.
By Amanda Ernst, August 26, 2009
So What Do You Do, Pete Cashmore, Mashable Founder and CEO?
The 23-year-old CEO of self-monikered "social media guide" Mashable speaks out on pay walls, online content curation, and audience engagement.
By Joe Ciarallo, August 19, 2009
So What Do You Do, Harry Smith, Co-Anchor, The Early Show?
Harry Smith discusses the 'pressure to make the needle move' on network TV and contends that reporting 'will always pay' in the evolving broadcast sector.
By Diane Clehane, August 12, 2009
So What Do You Do, Peggy Northrop, VP/Global Editor-In-Chief, Reader's Digest?
Expanding Reader's Digest's content across multiple channels, Peggy Northrop opens up about sustainable pay models, revenue strategies, and industry contraction.
By Rebecca L. Fox, August 5, 2009
So What Do You Do, Maile Carpenter, Editor-In-Chief, Food Network Magazine?
The growing foodie title's EIC dishes on launching a print iteration of an established brand and working with a cadre of celeb chefs.
By Blake Gernstetter, July 29, 2009
So What Do You Do, Hoda Kotb, Co-Anchor, The Today Show?
Enduring 27 rejections before landing an on-air job, Hoda Kotb talks about breaking into broadcast news and taking on Today's fourth hour.
By Diane Clehane, July 22, 2009
So What Do You Do, Alberto Ibargüen, Knight Foundation President/CEO?
The head of the Knight Foundation opens up about funding, monetization, and sustaining the journalism community as content delivery goes digital.
By David Hirschman, July 15, 2009
So What Do You Do, Harvey Levin, Executive Producer and Host, TMZ?
TMZ ringmaster Harvey Levin spills on breaking the news of Michael Jackson's death, from delivering continuous scoop to earning street cred from traditional media.
By Diane Clehane, July 8, 2009
So What Do You Do, Rob Curley, President/Executive Editor, Greenspun Interactive?
A seasoned hyper-local journalist, Rob Curley spearheads a TV show that's reverse-engineered from the Web and creates rich content databases.
By David Hirschman, July 1, 2009
So What Do You Do, Linda Fairstein, Bestselling Crime Novelist?
From sex crimes prosecutor to prolific author, Linda Fairstein plots a page-turner a year, markets herself online, and doles out PR wisdom for new writers.
By Diane Clehane, June 24, 2009
So What Do You Do, Vice Editor-in-Chief Jesse Pearson?
This candid EIC pumps content into the mag's Internet TV network, lauds ad/edit transparency, and reveals why Vice is growing despite the downturn.
By Noah Davis, June 17, 2009
So What Do You Do, Ning CEO Gina Bianchini?
Culling rich data from the million-plus social networks on, this CEO is honing a scalable, profitable digital business model.
By James Erik Abels, June 10, 2009
So What Do You Do, Laura Brown, Features & Special Projects Director, Harper's Bazaar?
Recently recognizable from Bravo's The Fashion Show, Bazaar's Laura Brown protects a 141-year-old brand and champions publicity efforts.
By Diane Clehane, June 3, 2009
So What Do You Do, Bill Falk, Editor-in-Chief of The Week?
Prospering while most magazines are struggling, Bill Falk explains what The Week is doing differently, and the hand new Web hire Maer Roshan has in that strategy.
By David Hirschman, May 27, 2009
So What Do You Do, Polaris Ventures Senior Adviser Larry Kramer?
Exploring new media monetization models, industry veteran Larry Kramer believes the future of profitable content delivery is "total integration."
By David Hirschman, May 20, 2009
So What Do You Do, 'Page Six' Editor Richard Johnson?
New York's gossip king Richard Johnson says Internet competition sharpens his news judgment, predicts a media monetization model and considers penning a book.
By Diane Clehane, May 13, 2009
So What Do You Do, MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow?
Already a household name, Rachel Maddow won't let ratings pressure interfere with editorial direction and reaches out to fans with online efforts.
By Steve Krakauer, May 6, 2009
So What Do You Do, Sewell Chan, New York Times City Room Bureau Chief?
The City Room bureau chief reveals the key to driving Web traffic, describes how Twitter helps him disseminate news and gain readers, and discusses the Times' foray into citizen journalism.
By Noah Davis, April 29, 2009
So What Do You Do, Brides Publisher Alison Adler-Matz?
With two decades of experience under her belt, this publisher describes shepherding her sales team through current ad sales challenges.
By Rebecca L. Fox, April 22, 2009
So What Do You Do, Ken Roman, Ogilvy Biographer?
After 26 years working with ad industry game-changer David Ogilvy, this ex-CEO proffers his insight to aspiring creatives and struggling agencies.
By Matt Van Hoven, April 15, 2009
So What Do You Do, Vivian Schiller, NPR CEO?
This newly minted NPR leader speaks candidly about sustaining revenue in tough times and how radio stations can thrive on the airwaves and online.
By Glynnis MacNicol, April 8, 2009
So What Do You Do, Roy Johnson, Editor-In-Chief, Men's Fitness?
This EIC discusses 'resilient' parent company American Media Inc., penning an editor's letter to President Barack Obama, and meeting the digital world head-on.
By David Hirschman, April 1, 2009
So What Do You Do, Michael Oreskes, AP Senior Managing Editor?
After decades in the news business, this recently promoted AP editor details his bullish take on the organization's digital media future.
By David Hirschman, March 25, 2009
So What Do You Do, Isaac Mizrahi, The Fashion Show Host/Liz Claiborne Creative Director?
The prolific designer dishes on the 'irresistible drama' of hosting a reality show, and getting personal on his video blog.
By Diane Clehane, March 18, 2009
So What Do You Do, Robert Quigley, Austin American-Statesman Internet Editor?
This newspaper editor-turned social media expert describes how he's using Twitter to drive daily news coverage while expanding the paper's audience.
By Rebecca L. Fox, March 11, 2009
So What Do You Do, Alexis Glick, Fox Business Network Anchor/VP?
A financial analyst-turned anchor, this network exec discusses the economic crisis, the business of TV, and why Web content is 'crucial' to the Fox brand.
By Steve Krakauer, March 4, 2009
So What Do You Do, Paul Slavin, ABC News Digital Senior VP?
Three decades into his ABC career, this digital exec details how TV pros can monetize the news, take advantage of mobile, and implement social media.
By David Hirschman, February 25, 2009
So What Do You Do, Sally Singer, Fashion News/Features Director, Vogue?
Amid the buzz of New York Fashion Week, this magazine veteran addresses the economy's impact on fashion and discusses the finer points of selecting cover subjects.
By Diane Clehane, February 18, 2009
So What Do You Do, Jeff Jarvis, Author Of What Would Google Do?
Inspired by Google's approach to business, this new media luminary describes how journalists can take advantage of the innovation offered by the Internet.
By Jason Boog, February 11, 2009
So What Do You Do, Ilene Chaiken, Creator/Exec. Producer Of The L Word?
The Showtime scribe dishes on being out in Hollywood, breaking new ground in TV, and learning the ropes from Aaron Spelling.
By Diane Clehane, February 4, 2009
So What Do You Do, Kai Ryssdal, Marketplace Host/Senior Editor?
This 'news freak' makes business reports worth listening to by distinguishing his radio broadcasts from all the other economic coverage.
By E.B. Boyd, January 28, 2009
So What Do You Do, Howard Bragman, Fifteen Minutes Public Relations CEO?
This PR entrepreneur dishes on working with celebs, handling reporters, and managing public image in a nonstop news cycle.
By Julie Haire, January 21, 2009
So What Do You Do, Jake Tapper, Sr. White House Correspondent, ABC News?
This 'politically agnostic' reporter dishes on his 'intimidating' new job in D.C. and how Tuesday's inauguration will change how he covers the Obama beat.
By Steve Krakauer, January 14, 2009
So What Do You Do, Guy Kawasaki, Founder,
The tech biz whiz discusses the fate of media companies and his 'extreme' approach to harnessing user-generated content.
By David Hirschman, January 7, 2009
So What Do You Do, Heather Hartle, Co-Founder/Creative Director, 7x7?
This self-starter dishes on revamping her mag for the Web and how community focus keeps her business competitive.
By Noah Davis, December 24, 2008
So What Do You Do, Joni Evans, CEO,
The publishing powerhouse talks about launching a women's Web site and how the Internet can save the 'broken' book industry.
By Diane Clehane, December 17, 2008
So What Do You Do, Bill Geddie, Executive Producer, The View?
Barbara Walters' main man on 20 years of wrangling TV divas and getting in touch with his maternal instincts.
By Diane Clehane, December 10, 2008
So What Do You Do, Jay Woodruff, EIC, Maxim Digital?
The lad mag editor weighs in on working with Kent Brownridge, the advantages of playing off a print brand, and why he wants to be more like Jon Stewart.
By Noah Davis, December 3, 2008
So What Do You Do, Steve Proctor, S.F. Chronicle Deputy Managing Editor?
The longtime print reporter discusses the difficult industry climate, how the Web influences his front page, and what it takes to keep readers coming back.
By Noah Davis, November 19, 2008
So What Do You Do, Lisa Belkin, New York Times Blogger/Writer?
This parenting writer and radio host shares her insights on blogging, journalism in the new media world, and the quest for work/life balance.
By Noah Davis, November 5, 2008
So What Do You Do, Luke Russert, Correspondent, NBC News?
Ahead of the Nov. 4 election, the 23-year-old reporter discusses the youth vote, bias on the news networks, and the legacy of his last name.
By Steve Krakauer, October 29, 2008
So What Do You Do, Candy Pratts Price, Executive Fashion Director,
This style maven shares how she stays ahead of the 24-hour news cycle and why brevity makes for better blogging.
By Stephanie Murg, October 22, 2008
So What Do You Do, Chris Keyes, Editor, Outside?
This magazine editor discusses the launch of Outside TV, his strategy for building a robust brand, and skiing with staffers before work.
By Noah Davis, October 15, 2008
So What Do You Do, Jeff Howe, Author and Wired Contributing Editor?
The magazine writer explains how crowdsourcing is reinventing investigative journalism and why "passion is the currency of the 21st century."
By David Hirschman, October 8, 2008
So What Do You Do, David Willey, ASME President/EIC, Runner's World?
Ahead of this weekend's American Magazine Conference, the Rodale exec and ASME leader reveals how he's enticing a new generation of editors without 'boiling everything down to the brand.'
By Noah Davis, October 1, 2008
So What Do You Do, Charlie Collier, AMC Vice President and General Manager?
Fresh from his network's historic Emmy win, the AMC exec weighs in on the Mad Men phenomenon and the importance of 'enduring cool.'
By Diane Clehane, September 24, 2008
So What Do You Do, Gary Smith, Sports Illustrated Senior Writer?
The SI storyteller discusses his new 'best of' book and the luxuries and challenges of a four-stories-per-year contract.
By Noah Davis, September 17, 2008
So What Do You Do, Tina Gaudoin, Editor-in-Chief, WSJ.?
The leading lady of the Wall Street Journal's luxe mag launch talks advertorials, Anglicisms, and adventures in publishing.
By Greg Lindsay, September 12, 2008
So What Do You Do, Andre Leon Talley, Editor-at-Large, Vogue?
The fashion bible's main man discusses his telepathic connection with Anna Wintour, the blight of reality television, and Jennifer Hudson's infamous Oscar outfit.
By Diane Clehane, September 10, 2008
So What Do You Do, David Zinczenko, Editor-in-Chief, Men's Health?
The EIC discusses balancing his media diet, launching mags, and whether fit is still the new rich.
By Noah Davis, September 3, 2008
So What Do You Do, David Karp, Founder of Tumblr?
The 22-year-old discusses what motivates him, the future of Tumblr, and the narcissism of a generation.
By Sammy Davis, August 27, 2008
So What Do You Do, Bob Schieffer, Chief Washington Correspondent, CBS News?
The veteran newsman gears up to moderate a Presidential debate during the "most exciting" election he's ever covered.
By Alissa Krinsky, August 25, 2008
So What Do You Do, John Byrne, Editor-in-Chief,
The online EIC talks about his bold business moves, reinventing Web 2.0, and journalistic success in a digital world.
By David Hirschman, August 20, 2008
So What Do You Do, Undercover Deadspin Olympics Reporters?
These recent grads score "street-level coverage" of the Olympics for snarky sports blog Deadspin.
By Greg Lindsay, August 13, 2008
So What Do You Do, Keith O'Brien, Editor-in-Chief, PRWeek?
An EIC by 30 offers insights on Julia Allison and DIY PR, the NYT's recent Fox PR expose, and where new media's taking the public relations industry.
By Joe Ciarallo, August 6, 2008
So What Do You Do, Kate Sekules, Editor-in-Chief, Culture+Travel?
This jetsetter gives us a five-star look at tourism, photography, and the survival of publishing's fittest.
By Stephanie Murg, July 30, 2008
So What Do You Do, Joe Zee, Creative Director, Elle?
Elle's main man serves haute dish on his new reality show gig and Nina Garcia's departure.
By Diane Clehane, July 23, 2008
So What Do You Do, Noah Callahan-Bever, EIC, Complex?
This editor-in-chief talks sneakers, hip-hop, lying about his age, and hot cover girls.
By David S. Hirschman, July 16, 2008
So What Do You Do, Richard Behar, Investigative Journalist, Fast Company?
This reporter scours the globe for the grittiest exposes, trying to keep the "public service" of journalism alive.
By Greg Lindsay, July 9, 2008
So What Do You Do, Frank Warren, Founder, PostSecret Project?
The founder of Webby-winning site PostSecret spills the beans on how he's gotten thousands to bare all online and beyond.
By Rebecca L. Fox, July 2, 2008
So What Do You Do, Kelly Cutrone, Owner, People's Revolution?
The fashion PR powerhouse describes her rise to the top, her take on the industry and what it's like in The Hills.
By Joe Ciarallo, June 25, 2008
So What Do You Do, Sarah Lacy, Author, Once You're Lucky, Twice You're Good?
This writer talks about her new book, her life as a Silicon Valley tech reporter, and the culture of the Valley.
By Greg Lindsay, June 18, 2008
So What Do You Do, Matt Blank, Chairman and CEO of Showtime Networks?
Ahead of Weeds' season four premiere, Showtime's chief exec weighs in on A-listers and why dysfunctional TV families rule
By Diane Clehane, June 11, 2008
So What Do You Do, Russ Stanton, Editor, LA Times?
LAT's newest EIC is determined to put out a "hell of a newspaper."
By David S. Hirschman, June 4, 2008
So What Do You Do, Arianna Huffington?
Huff Po's founder discusses bringing the site local, not speaking to the choir, and the $200 million valuation.
By Noah Davis, May 28, 2008
So What Do You Do, Kathie Lee Gifford?
Gifford and her perky persona wake up to a comeback on Today.
By Diane Clehane, May 21, 2008
So What Do You Do, Anil Dash, Chief Evangelist, Six Apart
One of the blogosphere's top execs gives his take on the medium ahead of his Mediabistro Circus appearance next week.
By David S. Hirschman, May 16, 2008
So What Do You Do, Seth Meyers, Saturday Night Live Head Writer?
Ahead of this weekend's season finale, the fake news guy gets real about post-strike SNL, Hillary vs. Barack and himself vs. Anderson Cooper.
By Steve Krakauer, May 14, 2008
So What Do You Do, Greg Gutfeld, Host, Red Eye?
As a host explains, nothing is off-limits at 3 a.m. on Fox News Channel.
By Steve Krakauer, May 7, 2008
Ellies 2008: So What Do You Do, Chris Johns, Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic?
This photographer-turned-EIC explains how his publication's harnessed user-generated content and the Web.
By Stephanie Murg, April 30, 2008
So What Do You Do, Ann Compton, President of the WHCA?
This Emmy Award-winner tells us what it's like to preside over the White House press.
By Patrick W. Gavin, April 23, 2008
So What Do You Do, Jonathan Alter, Senior Editor and Columnist, Newsweek
A columnist, author, and contributing NBC correspondent talks about journalistic standards, YouTube, and what it's like to break news.
By Kathryn Carlson, April 16, 2008
So What Do You Do, Tad Friend, Staff Writer, The New Yorker?
This New Yorker's creative process includes chewing on pens, listening to "Afternoon Delight," and penning 'un-publishable' drafts.
By Julie Haire, April 9, 2008
So What Do You Do, George Stephanopoulos, Anchor, This Week
Bill Clinton's former advisor discusses covering Hillary, the current campaign, and being portrayed by Michael J. Fox.
By Steve Krakauer, April 2, 2008
So What Do You Do, Dominick Dunne, Author, Vanity Fair Special Correspondent?
The courtroom chronicler on trainwreck celebrity justice and the diagnosis that has him rushing to finish his next book.
By Diane Clehane, March 26, 2008
So What Do You Do James Bennet, Editor of The Atlantic?
Talking Britney covers, free content, and 10,000-word articles with the editor of this storied pub.
By David S. Hirschman, March 19, 2008
So What Do You Do, Matt Taibbi, Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone?
A political correspondent discusses the state of the nation and explains the problem with today's reporters.
By Greg Lindsay, March 12, 2008
So What Do You Do, Charla Lawhon, Managing Editor, InStyle?
InStyle's top editor on going Hollywood, talking to Katie (but not Tom), and why George Clooney isn't cover-worthy.
By Diane Clehane, March 5, 2008
So What Do You Do, Maggie Rodriguez, Co-Anchor, The Early Show?
The Miami-born, New York-based television personality discusses her show and going to sleep before her two-year-old.
By Alissa Krinsky, February 27, 2008
So What Do You Do, Ethan Riegelhaupt, Chief Speechwriter for The New York Times?
Joining Facebook, leaving the office, and other tips from this NYT speechwriting vet.
By Jason Chupick, February 20, 2008
So What Do You Do, Paul Steiger, Editor-in-Chief, ProPublica?
The former WSJ ME discusses the reign of Rupert and his new band of investigative reporters.
By David S. Hirschman, February 13, 2008
So What Do You Do, Fern Mallis, Senior Vice President IMG Fashion?
The originator of New York Fashion Week on the event's impact, her legacy, and why well-rounded people make the best fashion execs.
By Diane Clehane, February 6, 2008
So What Do You Do, Michael Calderone, Politico Media Reporter?
After cutting his teeth in NYC, this former NYO star expounds upon his move to our nation's capital.
By Neal Ungerleider, January 30, 2008
So What Do You Do, Andrew Morse, Executive Producer, Good Morning America Weekend?
GMA Weekend's EP on his fly-by-night show, taking risks, and wooing his wife with a conversation about prostitution.
By Alissa Krinsky, January 23, 2008
So What Do You Do, Matt Bai, New York Times Magazine Political Reporter?
NYTM's political reporter on the election, the union, and why 'blogging is killing [him]."
By Greg Lindsay, January 16, 2008
So What Do You Do, Mara Schiavocampo, NBC Digital Journalist?
NBC Nightly News' digital reporter talks shop and the show's newly redesigned Web site.
By Steve Krakauer, January 9, 2008
So What Do You Do, Tiki Barber, The Today Show, Correspondent?
Tiki talks his new job, Project Runway, and empathizing with Michael Vick.
By Diane Clehane, January 2, 2008
So What Do You Do, Tyler Brûlé, EIC Monocle?
Monocle's creator discusses the jet-set life, his future goals, and founding the mag he's "always wanted to do."
By Greg Lindsay, December 19, 2007
So What Do You Do, Stephen Drucker, House Beautiful EIC?
House Beautiful's editor discusses saving HB and filling the House & Garden void.
By Greg Lindsay, December 12, 2007
So What Do You Do, Deborah Norville, Inside Edition Anchor, Bestselling Author?
The television vet and author on the power of positive thinking and the dangers of keeping your mouth shut.
By Diane Clehane, December 5, 2007
So What Do You Do, Ashleigh Banfield, Court TV Anchor?
After speaking her mind got her banished to NBC's "warehouse," this TV woman found an unlikely home at Court TV.
By Diane Clehane, November 28, 2007
So What Do You Do, Richard Engel, Middle East Correspondent, NBC News?
Filing from the front lines of history, NBC News' Richard Engel delivers the story of the Middle East.
By Julie Haire, November 21, 2007
So What Do You Do, Henry Schleiff, President & CEO, Crown Media
Talking Michael's, markets, and movie making with Hallmark's president and CEO.
By Diane Clehane, November 14, 2007
So What Do You Do, John Micklethwait, EIC, The Economist?
The flourishing newsweekly's editor reveals the secrets of his mag's success.
By David Hirschman, November 7, 2007
So What Do You Do, Will Connors, International Correspondent?
Only a year post-college, this journo settled in Africa, hit the local scene, and scored multiple Times bylines.
By Greg Lindsay, October 31, 2007
So What Do You Do, Howard Polskin, Sr. VP, Magazine Publishers of America
Ahead of MPA's annual conference, the man with its plan discusses 'magabrands' and explains why blogging's 'like having a hungry farm animal.'
By Rebecca L. Fox, October 24, 2007
So What Do You Do, Joy Behar, Co-host of The View?
The View's most enduring co-host discusses working with Barbara, Whoopi, and Rosie, and reveals why she'll never quit standup.
By Diane Clehane, October 17, 2007
So What Do You Do, Jeffrey Toobin, Author?
The author, who moonlights as a CNN legal analyst and a New Yorker writer, describes getting Supreme Court justices to divulge the high court's inner workings for his book.
By Diane Clehane, October 10, 2007
10 Years: So What Do You Do, Jude Tallichet?
The creator of our 10th anniversary awards details the state of affairs in the art world today.
By Noah Davis, October 3, 2007
So What Do You Do, Margaret Russell, Editor-in-Chief, Elle Decor?
Why she's happy to be left behind on summer Fridays and other tidbits from this shelter mag editrix.
By Diane Clehane, September 26, 2007
So What Do You Do, Brian Williams, anchor NBC Nightly News?
The former volunteer firefighter discusses his headline-making career in TV news and his late-night kitchen-cleaning habit
By Diane Clehane, September 19, 2007
So What Do You Do, Glenda Bailey, Editor-In-Chief, Harper's Bazaar?
From scheduling cover stars to sync with their legal woes to casting Chloe Sevigny in a recent rehab-inspired layout, one of fashion's top EICs tells why her work matters.
By Diane Clehane, September 12, 2007
So What Do You Do, Faran Krentcil, Editor,
Entering another New York Fashion Week, the irreverent fashion blog editor divulges her fashion crush, what the big fashion mags are missing, and the Medusa/Carine Roitfeld connection.
By Rebecca L. Fox, September 5, 2007
So What Do You Do, Phil Bronstein?
We talk staff buyouts, 'goofy' reps, and invading the blogosphere with Sharon Stone's ex-hubby.
By Julie Haire, August 29, 2007
So What Do You Do, Paul Hoffman, Author, ASME-Winning Writer
Discover's former EIC discusses his new book, his toughest job, and the world's most dangerous game.
By Noah Davis, August 22, 2007
So What Do You Do, Kerry Madden, YA Author?
YA books are blowing up and this author describes how she's made them work for her.
By Kate Coe, August 15, 2007
So What Do You Do, Jim Bell, Executive Producer, Today?
One man dishes on how a summer job pushing a wheelchair turned him away from law school and into a career in television.
By Diane Clehane, August 8, 2007
So What Do You Do, Tom Curley, President and CEO of The Associated Press?
The classic newspaper man explains the AP's sunny outlook and the future of news in the digital age.
By Kate Dailey, August 1, 2007
So What Do You Do, William Langewiesche, International Correspondent, Vanity Fair?
Graydon Carter's Ellie-winning secret weapon on why these are the 'golden years' for magazines.
By E.B. Boyd, July 25, 2007
So What Do You Do, Tony Ortega
The bright future of alt-weeklies, his favorite story, and other meditations from the mouth of Voice's new EIC.
By Neal Ungerleider, July 18, 2007
So What Do You Do, Tina Brown?
The prolific editor and first-time author talks about her #1 debut, The Diana Chronicles.
By Diane Clehane, July 11, 2007
So What Do You Do, Allison Arieff?
The former editor talks about life after Dwell.
By Alissa Walker, June 27, 2007
So What Do You Do, Faith Salie, Host, Fair Game?
From Star Trek and Sex In The City to public radio, comedian Faith Salie details her unlikely career.
By Dylan Stableford, June 20, 2007
So What Do You Do, David Rensin?
Hollywood author on working with "show biz folk" and becoming a "writer by accident."
By Kate Coe, June 15, 2007
So What Do You Do, Phil Donahue?
In his new anti-war documentary, the daytime television pioneer takes on the War in Iraq.
By Chandra Niles Folsom, June 6, 2007
So What Do You Do, Kate White, Editor-In-Chief, Cosmopolitan?
Cosmo's editor-in-chief turned novelist-in-demand on conquering the magazine industry and working in the shower.
By Diane Clehane, May 31, 2007
So What Do You Do, Gael Greene, New York Food Critic/Author?
Eating out "eight nights a week," the racy food writer details her recent hunger for blogging and books over articles.
By Rachel Kramer Bussel, May 23, 2007
So What Do You Do, Nancy Grace, CNN Headline News?
Leaving Court TV, thoughts on Alec Baldwin, Paris Hilton, Star Jones and the network's new direction.
By Diane Clehane, May 18, 2007
So What Do You Do, Merrill Brown, News21 Editorial Director?
Why the Web is 'the best delivery platform for news,' how to smoothly switch jobs, and other answers from 'Mr. Media.'
By Kate Dailey, May 16, 2007
So What Do You Do, Glenn Beck, CNN Headline News?
Headline News' controversial anchor on being "a conservative, not a journalist," and hanging with D. Sawyer.
By Diane Clehane, May 9, 2007
Ellies 2007: So What Do You Do, Adam Moss, Editor, New York?
The Big Apple city mag's editor on his pub's seven nominations, whupping The New Yorker in softball, and getting the Web right.
By Dylan Stableford, May 1, 2007
Ellies 2007: So What Do You Do, Cindi Leive, Editor, Glamour?
The newly re-elected ASME prez on why the magazine industry's so enviable, even through this 'time of intense change' brought on by the Web.
By Rebecca L. Fox and Emily Million, May 1, 2007
Ellies 2007: So What Do You Do, Joyce Rutter Kaye, Editor, Print?
How to compete with the magazine down the hall and other words of wisdom from Print's editor.
By Alissa Walker, April 30, 2007
Ellies 2007: So What Do You Do, David Granger, Editor, Esquire?
Esquire's editor on 5:00 a.m. days, competing with DVDs and the impossible choice between ScarJo and Sienna.
By Dylan Stableford, April 27, 2007
Ellies 2007: So What Do You Do, Moisés Naím, Editor, Foreign Policy?
The "unquestionable fact that Americans are more focused on foreign policy" now drives this three-time Ellie nominee.
By Noah Davis, April 26, 2007
Ellies 2007: So What Do You Do, Jay Stowe, Editor, Cincinnati?
An Ellie contender on his penchant for vinyl, the path to Cincinnati, and how print and the Web can coexist.
By Noah Davis, April 25, 2007
Ellies 2007: So What Do You Do, Ted Genoways, Editor, Virginia Quarterly Review?
The editor of VQR, a surprise winner in '06, discusses working at 3AM and his magazine's "slim" chances this year.
By Dylan Stableford, April 24, 2007
Ellies 2007: So What Do You Do, Mark Strauss, Editor, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists?
This dark horse Ellie nominee edits 'the best magazine with the worst title' and has a Rolodex full of Nobel Prize winners
By Dylan Stableford, April 23, 2007
So What Do You Do, Dan Peres?
The editor stabilizing Details on breaking away online, breakfast meetings over business lunches, and why Radar's Roshan belongs in PR.
By Dylan Stableford, April 18, 2007
So What Do You Do, Al Roker?
The Today show's weatherman weighs in on why he'll never quit his day job, Star Jones' rapidly shrinking frame, and flying coach with the family.
By Diane Clehane, April 11, 2007
So What Do You Do, Arick Wierson?
NYC TV's general manager gets down and dirty, discussing viewing habits, favorite shows, and the future of his station
By E. A. Puck, April 4, 2007
So What Do You Do, Rafat Ali?
Editor and publisher of, the man who cracked the code to making blogs pay details the secrets to his success.
By Greg Lindsay, March 28, 2007
So What Do You Do, David Koepp?
The blockbuster-penning scribe behind the new Indiana Jones movie has the best of both worlds, and shares Hollywood insights from his NYC home base.
By E. A. Puck, March 21, 2007
So What Do You Do, Ray Richmond?
The Hollywood Reporter TV critic dishes on watching the tube for a living, where he gets ideas, and how God tells him he's paid too much.
By Kate Coe, March 14, 2007
So What Do You Do, Mary Berner?
Mary Berner discusses her new job, how American Idol is a "spectator sport," and her endeavors since Fairchild.
By Maya Avrasin, March 7, 2007
So What Do You Do, Campbell Brown
Weekend Today co-host explains her passion for hard news, how the Hilary campaign should use Bill, and the true story behind her name.
By Diane Clehane, February 26, 2007
So What Do You Do, Stephen Shepard?
As the dean of a new journalism school, Stephen Shepard combines three of his passions: "journalism, public education and New York City."
By Noah Davis and Dorian Benkoil, February 20, 2007
So What Do You Do, Cathie Black?
Hearst's glass ceiling-shattering president describes why "there will continue to be stars made and opportunities presented" in the magazine business.
By Greg Lindsay, February 12, 2007
So What Do You Do, Candy Crowley?
CNN's senior political correspondent wanted to be a writer. She got sidetracked and became a successful TV journalist instead. Here's how she did it...
By Brian Stelter, February 5, 2007
So What Do You Do, Steven Heller?
A New York Times art director is also the most prolific design writer anywhere. Here's how he does it.
By Alissa Walker, January 29, 2007
So What Do You Do, Matt Welch?
An opinionated iconoclast takes on the LA Times opinion page — as one of its editors
January 22, 2007
So What Do You Do, Ken Auletta?
The New Yorker's media writer spills the beans on exactly how he does his job
By Dorian Benkoil, January 16, 2007
So What Do You Do, Michael Musto?
As his greatest hits collection hits bookshelves, the Village Voice's gossip king explains ethical dishing, and why in the gossip sphere, blogs are the new black.
By Rachel Kramer Bussel, January 8, 2007
So What Do You Do, Karen Grigsby Bates?
How this NPR correspondent got a job just by sending in a commentary.
By Kate Coe, January 2, 2007
So What Do You Do, Jodi Applegate?
Fox 5's morning anchor is a star in New York with national appeal — and a YouTube following
By Dylan Stableford, December 27, 2006
So What Do You Do, Soledad O'Brien?
The CNN anchor talks about motherhood, race, Hurricane Katrina and technology
By Diane Clehane, December 19, 2006
Editing Through Loss -- Part II
MacArthur Award winner Adrian Nicole LeBlanc on reliving loss by editing and a producer's key role.
Related: A Journalist Grapples With Grief -- Part I
By Rebecca L. Fox, November 15, 2006
A Journalist Grapples With Grief -- Part I
MacArthur Award winner Adrian Nicole LeBlanc on the emotions of capturing her father's dying days.
Related: Producing "The Ground We Lived On"
By Rebecca L. Fox, November 14, 2006
So What Do You Do, Christie Hefner?
The CEO of Playboy on magazines, Penthouse and what it's like to hang out at the Mansion with Dad and all of his robes
By Dylan Stableford, November 2, 2006
So What Do You Do, Danyel Smith?
Vibe's new editor on managing morale after a popular editor is ousted
By Dylan Stableford, October 27, 2006
So What Do You Do, Dean Lemann?
A Chat with the 'Pope of MSM' | Transcript: Lemann's Speech to Columbia Journalism School's Class of 2006
By Dorian Benkoil and Dylan Stableford, October 2, 2006
So What Do You Do, Michael Ian Black?
Cracked's new editor-at-large says cable has pushed comedy 'into the territory of rock-n-roll.'
By Dylan Stableford, August 29, 2006
MB Q&A: Toby Young, The Sound of No Hands Clapping
Professional persona non grata Toby Young dishes on the relative bridge-burning quotient across the media industry, locates himself on the "fake writer" spectrum, and tells us why his diaries are destined to make haters of us all.
Excerpt: The Sound of No Hands Clapping
By Rebecca L. Fox, July 10, 2006
MB Q&A: Sebastian Junger, A Death in Belmont
Sebastian Junger, whose Perfect Storm was a media sensation, discusses how he probed the Boston Strangler mystery in his latest book
Excerpt: A Death in Belmont
By Heather Marie Graham, June 26, 2006
MB Q&A: Michael Connelly
Michael Connelly, whose new book Crime Beat compiles the hard-hitting newspaper stories that launched his career, on making the jump from crime reporter to novelist

Related: Crime Beat excerpt
By Nicole Haddad, June 19, 2006

Lawsuits From Everywhere
Q&A: How to Deal With Libel in an Age of Global Media
April 10, 2006
MB Q&A: Gil Schwartz/Stanley Bing
Humor writer Stanley Bing comes clean on life as a pen name
By Dorian Benkoil, March 22, 2006
MB Q&A: Janet Ozzard of New York
A team effort makes New York's "Strategist" section so slick
By Aileen Gallagher, March 20, 2006
MB Q&A: Michael Ausiello
TV Guide's favorite spoiler is an admitted "TV-fan-slash-journalist"
By Joel Keller, March 6, 2006
MBToolbox Q&A: Jeffrey Trachtenberg
Industry insights from The Wall Street Journal's book publishing beat reporter
By Claire Zulkey, February 15, 2006
FishbowlNY Interview: Frank Rich
The New York Times' Frank Rich speaks with departing FishbowlNY editor Rachel Sklar
By Rachel Sklar, January 30, 2006
Q&A: Maira Kalman, The Elements of Style Illustrated
For author and illustrator Maira Kalman, it all comes down to a walk in the park
By Caroline Callahan, December 19, 2005
Q&A: Scott Turow
The legal thriller himself talks about his process and the past
By Jackie Larson, December 14, 2005
Q&A: Marc Weingarten, The Gang That Wouldn't Write Straight
Tracing the history of New Journalism, Marc Weingarten finds the roots of a writing revolution
By Aileen Gallagher, December 7, 2005
Q&A: Arthur Plotnik, author, Spunk & Bite
The editor and writing coach shoves past Strunk & White
By Aileen Gallagher, November 16, 2005
Pitching a Former Literary Agent: John Hodgman
The author of The Areas of My Expertise considers small type, hobos, and little gray books
By Rachel Kramer Bussel, October 31, 2005
Q&A: Michael Gross
Veteran journalist Michael Gross talks about the making of his latest book, 740 Park.
By Elizabeth Spiers, October 24, 2005
Q&A: Brigid Hughes, Editor, A Public Space
The former Paris Review editor discusses her new quarterly literary magazine
By David S. Hirschman, October 16, 2005
Q&A: David Margolick on Beyond Glory
mb's Elizabeth Spiers talks to David Margolick about his new book, the importance of long-form journalism and media in the 1930s
By Elizabeth Spiers, October 5, 2005
Quick Questions: TimesSelect
The New York Times' subscription-only content package launches today. But will it work?
By David S. Hirschman, September 19, 2005
Spotlight: C.J. Chivers
Steven Ward talks to the Times correspondent about life in the Marines, working for the paper of record and why journalistic fundamentals are important
By Steven Ward, July 13, 2005
Floater Revisited: A Conversation with Calvin Trillin
On the 25th anniversary of Trillin's novel, the author talks about newsweekly culture and his long and varied career
By David S. Hirschman, April 4, 2005
Spotlight: Sharon Waxman
The New York Times' Hollywood reporter on her new book, her career history, and navigating her new audience
By Jill Singer, March 9, 2005
Design Spotlight: Michael Grossman
Absolute consultant Michael Grossman talks about why he's not a designer, what designers can learn from editors, and holistic thinking
By Greg Lindsay, March 4, 2005
Design Spotlight: Valerie Thai
Adbusters' associate art director talks about the message behind the magazine, Adbusters' Blackspot sneaker project and why she didn't pack up and move to New York after art school
By Greg Lindsay, March 3, 2005
Design Spotlight: John Korpics
InStyle's brand new creative director talks about why he bolted from Esquire, what InStyle's real problems are (information architecture?) and why winning an Ellie isn't quite like winning an Oscar.
By Greg Lindsay, March 2, 2005
Design Spotlight: Luke Hayman, Jody Quon and Chris Dixon
New York magazine's design team on the mag's retro feel, service-oriented design and working with Adam Moss
By Greg Lindsay, March 1, 2005
Design Spotlight: Andrea Fella
The art director of Nylon talks about her hands-on style, her famous father and shooting her own spreads
By Greg Lindsay, February 28, 2005
Spotlight: Sarah Bailey
mb's William Georgiades talks to Harper's Bazaar's deputy editor about English magazine culture and living in New York
By William Georgiades, February 7, 2005
Design Spotlight: Fabrice Frere
CITY's creative director talks about digital photoshoots, outsourcing your design staff, and how to win the most awards on the cheapest budget.
By Greg Lindsay, February 4, 2005
Design Spotlight: Bob Newman
Fortune's design director talks about sublimating his ego, hop-scotching the print landscape, and the interchangability of art directors and editors.
By Greg Lindsay, February 3, 2005
Design Spotlight: Roger Black
The legendary Roger Black talks about the impetus for redesigns, retaining design equity, the Bonnie Fuller-ization of celebrity tabloids, and video games
By Greg Lindsay, February 2, 2005
Design Spotlight: Emily Crawford
Travel + Leisure's design director talks about the advantages of working in a start-up, New York magazine culture and meritocracy in the industry
By Greg Lindsay, February 1, 2005
Design Spotlight: Edward Leida
mediabistro's Greg Lindsay talks to Fairchild's group design director about redesigning W, developing Cookie, and the difference between a type guy and a type geek
By Greg Lindsay, January 31, 2005
Spotlight: Sara Nelson
The new editor-in-chief of Publishers Weekly talks about her new job, the Internet, and the future of publishing.
By David S. Hirschman, January 12, 2005
Q&A: Julian Rubinstein
The author of the Ballad of the Whiskey Robber, a tale so crazy it must be true, talks about navigating treacherous terrain, from the banks of the Danube to the glossies of New York City.
By Jill Singer, November 9, 2004
Q&A: Timothy Crouse
Just in time for Election Day, the author of the 1972 campaign journalism classic The Boys on the Bus talks to us about politics then and now.
By Greg Bloom, November 2, 2004
So What Do You Do, John Sayles?
The indie filmmaker releases his first book of short stories in 25 years and talks about his craft.
By David S. Hirschman, October 26, 2004
So What Do You Do, Kendall Hamilton?
Ski magazine's editor-in-chief talks to mb about how a writer with New York in his DNA ends up in Boulder, Colorado.
By Jill Singer, October 19, 2004
So What Do You Do, Gerry Marzorati?
The New York Times Magazine editor on his (non)rivalry with ex-boss Adam Moss, the future of Sunday supplements, and why the Times needs a monthly luxury lifestyle mag.
By Greg Lindsay, October 12, 2004
So What Do You Do, Bob Edwards?
The erstwhile voice of public radio launches a new morning show and talks about his old gig, his new one, the birth of broadcast journalism, and the future of the medium.
By Jill Singer, October 5, 2004
Q&A: Jen Bergstrom
The associate publisher of Simon Spotlight Entertainment—Simon & Schuster's hip, new imprint for teens and twentysomethings—talks about the launch, its runaway success, and taking on the ultimate competition.
By Jill Singer, September 28, 2004
Q&A: Graydon Carter
Vanity Fair's editor-in-chief talks about his new book, his fizzled scandal, and his real feelings about Mayor Bloomberg.
By David S. Hirschman, September 21, 2004
Q&A: Lawrence Grobel
A master celebrity interviewer writes a book on his art—and talks to us about his career.
By Angelina Sciolla, September 14, 2004
So What Do You Do, Stefano Tonchi?
The New York Times' style editor on the creation of T, how to make the paper's style and culture writers play nice together, and why Fashion Week isn't what it used to be.
By Greg Lindsay, September 7, 2004
So What Do You Do, Roger Goodman?
The directing guru of ABC News—and the man behind all the pomp and pageantry of ABC's live specials—talks about his career and the ways in which he's remade television news.
By Jesse Oxfeld, August 31, 2004
So What Do You Do, Jim Nelson?
GQ's new(ish) editor on his career, his mag, and his first year at its helm.
By David S. Hirschman, August 24, 2004
So What Do You Do, Neil Strauss?
The former New York Times music critic on breaking with the Gray Lady, ghostwriting memoirs, and interviewing porn stars.
By Jill Singer, August 17, 2004
So What Do You Do, Brian Cazeneuve?
Sports Illustrated's Olympics guru on the Games, the threats, and why he hated Atlanta.
By Greg Lindsay, August 10, 2004
So What Do You Do, Sam Tanenhaus?
The new editor of The New York Times Book Review on the kinds of books he likes, the kinds of reviews he likes, and how the section reflects all of that.
By David S. Hirschman, August 3, 2004
So What Do You Do, John Byrne?
The Fast Company editor-in-chief on running his still-living New Economy title—and why an occasional autopsy can help.
By Emily Fromm, July 27, 2004
So What Do You Do, Bill Press?
The columnist and former Crossfire host on media failures, the need for polemicists, and why his new Bush-bashing book is the best in the genre.
By Greg Lindsay, July 20, 2004
Q&A: John Searles
Writing novels by night, editing Cosmo's book excerpts by day, and navigating between the two.
By David S. Hirschman, July 16, 2004
Q&A: Jim DeRogatis
The Chicago Sun-Times pop music critic talks about his new collection, Kill Your Idols, 34 essays that dare to ask, "What if the greatest albums of our time aren't actually that great?"
By Jill Singer, July 13, 2004
Q&A: David Wallis
The editor of Killed: Great Journalism Too Hot to Print talks about his new book and the culture of censorship that gave rise to it.
By Chantal Gordon, July 6, 2004
So What Do You Do, Leelila Strogov?
A onetime Internet exec is building a new literary magazine for unknown writers.
By David S. Hirschman, June 29, 2004
So What Do You Do, David Brooks?
The New York Times op-ed columnist on his new book, his old one, and how badly liberals are treating their allegedly favorite conservative.
By Greg Lindsay, June 22, 2004
So What Do You Do, Helen Gurley Brown?
The legendary editrix on her storied career, the state of women's magazines, and the reissue of her best-selling book, Sex and the Office.
By Jill Singer, June 15, 2004
So What Do You Do, Danny Gregory?
A former ad man turned freelance illustrator on changing careers, drawing the news, and the age-old task of turning tragedy into art.
By Chris Gage, June 8, 2004
So What Do You Do, Mark Whitaker?
The Newsweek editor on why newsweeklies are needed now more than ever, what's really going on in Iraq, and how his magazine plans to exploit the cracks in the Bush Administration's media strategy.
By Greg Lindsay, May 25, 2004
So What Do You Do, Lloyd Grove?
New York's newest gossip on his career, his paper, and competing with "Page Six."
By Jesse Oxfeld, May 18, 2004
So What Do You Do, Anderson Cooper?
The suddenly ubiquitous CNN personality on Burma, anchoring, and the perils of celebrity Jeopardy!
By David S. Hirschman, May 11, 2004
So What Do You Do, Dave Mays?
The white guy behind the hip-hop bible The Source explains why there's more to his mag than just feuding with Eminem.
By Sarah Horne, May 4, 2004
So What Do You Do, Gay Talese?
A legendary and innovative journalist talks about his craft, his career, and why we're not calling him the father of the New Journalism.
By David S. Hirschman, April 27, 2004
So What Do You Do, Josh Neuman?
The erstwhile philosopher now running Heeb magazine, the pub designed for snarky, hipster, young Jews, is trying to turn the thing into a viable business.
By Jesse Oxfeld, April 20, 2004
So What Do You Do, Ken Alexander?
The Walrus is Canada's homegrown, much-hyped new alternative to The New Yorker, and its publisher is the man behind its creation.
By David S. Hirschman, April 13, 2004
So What Do You Do, Charles Melcher?
An innovative book packager prepares to turn his company into a full-fledged publishing house.
By Chris Gage, April 6, 2004
So What Do You Do, Ana Marie Cox?
The cheeky gal behind a cheeky site: The editor of casts her gawking eye on the ridiculousness that is Washington, D.C.
By Melissa P. McNamara, March 30, 2004
So What Do You Do, John Barr?
When the nation's leading poetry nonprofit suddenly got stinking rich, who did it enlist to run things? A Wall Street poet, of course.
By Jill Singer, March 23, 2004
So What Do You Do, Astrotwins?
Tali and Ophira Edut have parlayed media skills and an interest in astrology into a multimedia career as the Astrotwins.
By Kelly Nicole Lee, March 16, 2004
Q&A: Jayson Blair
As part of the media blitz surrounding his new book, Burning Down My Masters' House, disgraced New York Timesman Jayson Blair answers mb's questions about his downfall, its coverage, and what's next.
By David S. Hirschman, March 9, 2004
So What Do You Do, Mimi Valdes?
Vibe's new editor-in-chief talks to mb about her career, her magazine, and her music.
By Jill Singer, March 2, 2004
Q&A: Danny Wallace
The new book Join Me explains how a mild-mannered TV producer and freelance journalist accidentally became a cult leader.
By Jesse Oxfeld, February 27, 2004
So What Do You Do, Stephen Bromberg?
A former newspaper editor runs the Fox News Channel's fair and balanced website.
By Jesse Oxfeld, February 24, 2004
So What Do You Do, Platon?
The photographer behind Esquire's famous Clinton "crotch shot" on shooting celebrities, the powerful, and fashion spreads filled with real people.
By Chris Gage, February 10, 2004
So What Do You Do, Josh Quittner?
The Business 2.0 editor on his career, his magazine, and life in San Francisco.
By Jesse Oxfeld, February 3, 2004
Q&A: Jeffrey Frank
The New Yorker senior editor talks about his new book, Bad Publicity, and gets down and dirty about D.C. politics.
By David S. Hirschman, January 30, 2004
So What Do You Do, Geoff Lewis?
Folio:'s newest editor is pulling the magazine about magazines back to its core mission.
By Jesse Oxfeld, January 27, 2004
So What Do You Do, Ed Skyler?
The youngest press secretary in New York City's history spends his days defending a private mayor from a very aggressive press corps.
By Melissa P. McNamara, January 20, 2004
So What Do You Do, Cullen Murphy?
The Atlantic Monthly's editor on his job, his predecessor, and his side career in the funny pages.
By Jesse Oxfeld, January 13, 2004
Meet the (Meta)Press: Ken Auletta
The New Yorker's media writer comes out with a new book and talks to mb about the business, his articles, and learning to talk to the bosses.
By Jesse Oxfeld, January 6, 2004
Q&A: Mike Powers
The executive producer of MTV's New Year's Eve: 2004 special takes us behind the scenes of the network's biggest party of the year.
By Jill Singer, December 30, 2003
So What Do You Do, Andy Pemberton?
The Blender editor-in-chief on how the music business is changing and how his mag is changing music coverage.
By David S. Hirschman, December 16, 2003
Q&A: Will Leitch
The web writer releases a compilation of his best "Life As a Loser" columns and talks about the future of Internet journalism.
By Jill Singer, December 12, 2003
Meet the (Meta)Press: Paul Colford
The New York Daily News's "Hot Copy" columnist on all the big media-world issues.
By David S. Hirschman, December 9, 2003
Q&A: Jason Fulford
The co-founder of indie photo book publisher J&L Books releases two new offbeat selections and talks about his own photography career.
By Chris Gage, December 5, 2003
So What Do You Do, Victor Navasky?
The venerable Nation publisher and editorial director on liberal bias in the press, the role of opinion journals in politics, and whether what's bad for the country is good for The Nation.
By Rebecca Ruiz, December 2, 2003
So What Do You Do, Evan Smith?
The New York-born Texas Monthly editor on his career, his mag, and balancing the parochial with the national.
By Jesse Oxfeld, November 25, 2003
Q&A: Marion Ettlinger
The nation's leading photographer of authors releases her first collection, Author Photo and talks to mb about why she likes shooting writers.
By Jesse Oxfeld, November 21, 2003
So What Do You Do, Romesh Ratnesar?
A Time writer does his second tour in the mag's Baghdad bureau and talks to mb about his job there, his job in New York, and the intersection of the two.
By Jesse Oxfeld, November 18, 2003
Meet the (Meta)Press: Jon Fine
The Ad Age media reporter on the Rosie trial, the big stories, and whether the Manhattan media scene is problematically incestuous.
By Jesse Oxfeld, November 11, 2003
So What Do You Do, Nick Gillespie?
On Reason's 35th anniversary, the libertarian mag's editor talks about its politics, its far-flung operations, and the glamorous world of Sew Business
By David S. Hirschman, November 4, 2003
Meet the (Meta)Press: Cynthia Cotts
The Village Voice 'Press Clips' columnist on her paper, her column, and her alter ego.
By Jesse Oxfeld, October 28, 2003
So What Do You Do, Jim Kelly?
The top editor of Time magazine on running a newsmag and the burdens of the red border.
By Jesse Oxfeld, October 21, 2003
So What Do You Do, Lance Gould?
Drill debuts today, and editor Lance Gould talks about producing his lad mag for military men.
By David S. Hirschman, October 14, 2003
Q&A: Gail Collins
The first woman editorial-page editor at The New York Times writes a book about American women—and talks about Jayson Blair.
By Lizzie Skurnick, October 10, 2003
So What Do You Do, Peter Carlson?
The Washington Post's 'Magazine Reader' on his gig, his career, and his favorite obscure mags.
By Dan Dupont, October 7, 2003
Q&A: John Capouya
An accomplished magazine editor finds yoga—and his inner author.
By Eric Messinger, October 3, 2003
So What Do You Do, Scott Moore?
The president of on his site, internet news, and why blogs are good for online news sources.
By David S. Hirschman, September 30, 2003
Meet the (Meta)Press: Greg Mitchell
Editor & Publisher, the newspaper-biz trade rag, is among the oldest weeklies in the country—except that it'll now be a monthly. E&P's editor talks to mb about journalism, his career, and the changes at his shop.
By David S. Hirschman, September 23, 2003
So What Do You Do, Kate Betts?
As New York's Fashion Week gets rolling, star editor Kate Betts talks about her new project, Time Style & Design.
By Emily Fromm, September 16, 2003
Q&A: Chuck Klosterman
For this Spin writer, life's all about sex, drugs, and breakfast cereal.
By Chris Gage, September 12, 2003
Q&A: Jim Clifton
The man behind the Gallup pollsters on his company, its history, and the importance of public-opinion polling.
By Jesse Oxfeld, September 9, 2003
Q&A: Jon Hein
The man who invented "jumping the shark" takes mb shark-hunting through the upcoming TV season—and through current events.
By Jesse Oxfeld, September 5, 2003
Q&A: Bob Kohn
The author of Journalistic Fraud on what's really gone wrong at The New York Times.
By Jesse Oxfeld, August 29, 2003
So What Do You Do, Neal Pollack?
The Greatest Living American Writer on his books, his magazine work, and writing as a "big old stupid party."
By Chris Gage, August 26, 2003
So What Do You Do, Martha Nelson?
As Barbra might say, the person who edits People is the luckiest person in the world.
By Jennifer Baker, August 19, 2003
My Kind of Manual
For the first time in a decade, there's a totally revised, brand-new Chicago.
By Chris Gage, August 15, 2003
Meet the (Meta)Press: Mark Jurkowitz
Boston's top media-about-media guy about his career, his favorite mags, and how the Yankees—the Yankees!—led him to Bostonian prominence.
By David S. Hirschman, August 12, 2003
Q&A: Tom Masland
Newsweek's Africa correspondent on shrapnel in his arm and the life of a foreign correspondent.
By David S. Hirschman, August 5, 2003
Q&A: Diane Ravitch
In her recent book, The Language Police, one of America's foremost experts on education shows how concerns about bias are destroying students' understandings of history and literature.
By Leslie Synn, August 1, 2003
So What Do You Do, Allison Arieff?
Dwell's editor-in-chief on running an accessible, left-coast shelter mag—where the staffers finish each other's lunches.
By Adam Bluestein, July 29, 2003
Meet the (Meta)Press: Matthew Rose
The Wall Street Journal's media reporter on how blogs change media coverage, whether he had the goods on Howell, and why he doesn't work for a financial publication.
By Jesse Oxfeld, July 22, 2003
Q&A: Jake Halpern
The Braving Home author braves an mb interview, discussing "extreme locales," writing his book, and hanging with Bernie Goetz.
By Jacqueline Schneider, July 18, 2003
So What Do You Do, Eric Umansky?
David S. Hirschman talks to Slate's "Today's Papers" columnist on the column, his puns, and working all night.
By David S. Hirschman, July 15, 2003
Q&A: Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey
mb gets the "Em & Lo Down" from the authors of Nerve's new sex guide.
By Emily Fromm, July 11, 2003
Meet the (Meta)Press: Keith Kelly
The New York Post's scooperific media reporter talks to Jesse Oxfeld about his paper, his scoops, and how to coin a lasting nickname.
By Jesse Oxfeld, July 8, 2003
So What Do You Do, John Hodgman?
The former literary agent on his writing, his lectures, and the art of blowhard-ism.
By Lizzie Skurnick, July 1, 2003
Q&A: Joe Bob Briggs
The man behind America's favorite redneck movie critic talks about his alter ego, his background, and his new book, Profoundly Disturbing: Shocking Movies that Changed History.
By Leslie Synn, June 27, 2003
Meet the (Meta)Press: Howard Kurtz
Jesse Oxfeld talks to the prolific Washington Post media writer about his job, his critics, and what happens when Rick Bragg is suspended while you're off getting married.
By Jesse Oxfeld, June 24, 2003
So What Do You Do, Ben Brantley?
The chief theater critic at The New York Times wields tremendous power over the Great White Way—and he's not afraid to use it.
By Jennifer Baker, June 17, 2003
Q&A: Andy Borowitz
Lynn Harris talks to the humorist about his new book, Who Moved My Soap? The CEO's Guide to Surviving in Prison, and writing for both a rap star and The New Yorker.
By Lynn Harris, June 13, 2003
Meet the (Meta)Press: Jack Shafer
Jesse Oxfeld talks to Slate's "Press Box" columnist about his job, the Times, and not moving with the pack.
By Jesse Oxfeld, June 10, 2003
Q&A: Kate White
Cosmo's editor just published her second novel, a murder-mystery set in a spa. Lizzie Skurnick talks to her about writing, editing, and the art of the title.
By Lizzie Skurnick, June 6, 2003
So What Do You Do, Alex Star?
The Boston Globe's "Ideas" editor on the death of Lingua Franca, not going to grad school, and the calm of crushing deadlines.
By Lizzie Skurnick, June 3, 2003
Q&A: Meghan Daum
The prolific freelancer on her new novel, her old essays, and comparisons to Joan Didion.
By Mike Scalise, May 30, 2003
So What Do You Do, Sia Michel?
After a successful first year on the job, Spin's EIC talks to mb and gets ready to raise her rate base.
By Rossiter Drake, May 20, 2003
Q&A: Steve Fishman
The Karaoke Nation author on his book, his career in journalism, and not making a million dollars.
By Eric Messinger, May 16, 2003
Meet the (Meta)Press: Sridhar Pappu
The New York Observer's 27-year-old "Off the Record" columnist covers and critiques some of the city's most powerful media barons.
By David S. Hirschman, May 13, 2003
So What Do You Do, Stephen Colbert?
The Daily Show correspondent on making fun of the news.
By Jacqueline Schneider, May 6, 2003
Meet the (Meta)Press: David Shaw
The L.A. Times's Pultizer-winning media critic leaves his big series behind him and moves on to food and wine.
By Jesse Oxfeld, April 29, 2003
So What Do You Do, Keith Olbermann?
America's most peripatetic anchorman returns to MSNBC, this time—believe it or not—helming the cable network's marquee nightly newscast.
By Jesse Oxfeld, April 15, 2003
Meet the (Meta)Press: Michael Wolff
In the debut of a new mb feature examining people who cover the media, New York magazine's Michael Wolff talks about his column, his background, and how not to conduct an interview.
By Jesse Oxfeld, April 8, 2003
Q&A: Gideon Yago
MTV's bespectacled news correspondent on his trip to Kuwait, reporting on the American men and women serving there, and why they opened up to him.
By Jesse Oxfeld, April 3, 2003
So What Do You Do, Virginia Heffernan?
The newly ubiqitous cultural critic on her career, Tina and Harvey, and believing in synergy.
By Lizzie Skurnick, April 1, 2003
Q&A with Sheryl WuDunn
The new New York Times cable channel debuts tonight, and Pulitzer-winning reporter Sheryl WuDunn will anchor its signature show, a nightly look at the next day's front page. She talked to about the network, her show, and whether her colleagues are making fun of her.
By Jesse Oxfeld, March 25, 2003
Q&A with Jeffrey Sharlet
The writer who infilitrated a secret, power-brokering fundamentalist Christian group on his Harper's piece and the 'Brothers.'
By Leslie Synn, March 21, 2003
Q&A with Alex Berenson
In his new book, The Number, New York Times financial reporter Alex Berenson explains why the stock market fell apart.
By Jesse Oxfeld, March 14, 2003
Q&A with Keith Blanchard
Maxim's editor on his debut novel, the GQ job, and the future of frivolity.
March 5, 2003
Q&A with James Ledbetter
The former Village Voice press columnist on the short, absurd life of The Industry Standard.
February 28, 2003
So What Do You Do, Maria Schneider?
An Onion contributor on her paper, its competitors, and the curse of pervasive irony.
February 24, 2003
Q&A with Rick Marin
The author of Cad: Confessions of a Toxic Bachelor on editors, starlets and the freelancers who love them. Read an exclusive except from Cad.
February 17, 2003
Q&A: Clay MacLeod Chapman
Author of Miss Corpus and Rest Area on his newfound fame and its ironies.
February 14, 2003
Q&A with Eric Alterman
Alterman talks with Jesse Oxfeld about his new book and the fiction of a liberal media.
By BY JESSE OXFELD, February 12, 2003
So What Do You Do, Cindy Adams?
The gossip columnist dishes the dirt on her new book, the life of glamour and the pitfalls of stardom.
By BY LESLIE SYNN, February 11, 2003
Q&A: Paul Muldoon
"The most important English-language poet post WW2" on the writing process and his lecture series at Oxford.
By David S. Hirschman, January 31, 2003
Q&A: Laura Rich
Author of The Accidental Zillionaire on Paul Allen and the Microsoft mythology.
By David S. Hirschman, January 22, 2003
So What Do You Do: Karim Rashid
Industrial design's biggest name on the coming brave new world.
By David S. Hirschman, January 21, 2003
So What Do You Do: Bill Hemmer
CNN American Morning anchor or his career, terrorism, and the need for non-biased journalism.
By David S. Hirschman, January 14, 2003
Q&A: Adrian Nicole LeBlanc
Immersion journalist and author of Random Family on her methods and the 10-year journey to publication.
By David S. Hirschman, January 10, 2003
So What Do You Do: Serge J-F. Levy
A freelance photographer on going out into the world to where the action is and worrying about selling the work later.
By Caroline Callahan, January 7, 2003
Q&A: Toby Young
The author of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People on living in London.
By Caroline Callahan, January 3, 2003
So What Do You Do, Sam Schechner?
The editor of Shout magazine on the hippest new mag for young people.
By Darby Saxbe, December 31, 2002
So What Do You Do, Michael Gross?
The Daily News gossip columnist on his new book about Ralph Lauren.
November 26, 2002
So What Do You Do, Art Cooper?
On January 29, 2003, longtime GQ editor-in-chief Art Cooper will receive the most prestigious honor the American Society of Magazine Editors grants—he'll be inducted into the Magazine Editors' Hall of Fame.
By Nicole Beland, November 19, 2002
So What Do You Do, Jonathan Mandell?
The editor of on city politics and the city post-9/11.
By Caroline Callahan, October 22, 2002
So What Do You Do, Nancy Jo Sales?
Whether it's Chelsea Clinton "kissing up a storm," the Hilton hotel heiresses dancing on tabletops, or Hugh Hefner in bed with seven women one-third his age, the subjects of Sales' Vanity Fair profiles are sure to be colorful.
By Albert Lee, October 15, 2002
So What Do You Do, Ruth Reichl?
As restaurant critic, Reichl liberated The New York Times from the Gallic grip of her predecessor, Bryan Miller, who fairly choked when she granted coveted three-star ratings to places like Japanese noodle shrine Honmura An.
By Albert Lee, October 8, 2002
So What Do You Do, John Strausbaugh?
With Elvis and Jesus kitsch lining the walls—and let's not get into the bookshelves of odd canned and dried foods—it's hard to tell if Strausbaugh is the coolest dude ever or the world's biggest geek.
By Taffy Akner, October 1, 2002
So What Do You Do, Libby Callaway?
Call her the anti–Anna Wintour—fashion's "Queen of Nice." Callaway just completed covering New York's Fashion Week, which ended yesterday, for the New York Post.
By Albert Lee, September 24, 2002
So What Do You Do, Vanessa Grigoriadis?
Grigoriadis has profiled Monica Lewinsky, Mariah Carey, Lizzie Grubman, and other members of the troubled-yet-stylish sisterhood for a variety of glossy magazines, including Spin, Talk, and Rolling Stone.
By Albert Lee, September 17, 2002
Roz Chast, cartoonist
The New Yorker cartoonist talks about her insecurities, why she won't do comic strips, and post-9/11 humor.
By Adam Wasserman, June 24, 2002
Bay Garnett, Cheap Date co-editor
An interview with the editor of the "anti-fashion" magazine that fashionistas love.
By Albert Lee, June 17, 2002
Michelangelo Signorile, New York Press columnist
The controversial columnist on activism, outing, and (sigh) Andrew Sullivan.
By Albert Lee, June 10, 2002
Rob Weisbach, Simon & Schuster editor-at-large
The Boy Wonder is back.
By Albert Lee, June 3, 2002
Seth Mnookin, Newsweek reporter
After just one month, The New York Sun's media/politics reporter jumps to Newsweek.
By Albert Lee, May 20, 2002
Jason Gay, New York Observer senior editor
His career launched when the Vineyard Gazette editors took a risk on a young ad salesman.
By Albert Lee, May 13, 2002
Jeannette Walls, MSNBC gossip columnist
The veteran gossipeuse dishes on her feud with Matt Drudge and who's the most fun to report on.
By Albert Lee, May 6, 2002
Randy Cohen, The New York Times Magazine's "Ethicist"
Career highlights: "News Quiz" columnist for Slate; staff writer for Late Night with David Letterman; "stupid rock band" drummer.
By Taffy Akner, April 29, 2002
Jeff Greenwald, freelance travel writer
Prolific writer Jeff Greenwald reveals why he ditched Lonely Planet and went DIY with his latest book.
By Jeff Greenwald, April 22, 2002
Jill Davis, novelist
The ex-Letterman writer dishes on her new novel, Zsa Zsa's sense of humor, and her very popular cat.
By Ron Hogan, March 15, 2002
Carl Hiaasen, Miami Herald columnist
The Miami Herald columnist discusses his new novel and reveals the weirdest New York Times obituary headlines.
By Ron Hogan, February 11, 2002