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Hey, How'd You Tackle Writing About the Human Spirit for Your Latest Book, Sarah Lewis? Hey, How'd You Tackle Writing About the Human Spirit for Your Latest Book, Sarah Lewis?
The art historian describes the process of writing a book that explores the science of creativity and failure.
By Janday Wilson, May 22, 2014


Hey, How'd You Become Hip-Hop's Social Media Authority, Elliott Wilson?
The former XXL editor talks social media strategy and why he chose Myspace to host his CRWN series.
By Janday Wilson, May 15, 2014
Hey, How'd You Build a Successful Sports TV Talk Show, Graham Bensinger?
The ambitious reporter reveals how he landed interviews with some of the top sports figures -- while still in high school.
By Richard Horgan, March 31, 2014
Hey, How'd You Launch an Inspirational Photography Campaign, Eunique Jones Gibson?
The advertising-pro-turned-photographer discusses her work devoted to young people of color.
By Janelle Harris, March 17, 2014
Hey, How'd You Start Your Own Lifestyle Brand, Melissa Musen Gerstein and Denise Albert?
TV producing partners reveal how they built The Moms into a multimedia juggernaut
By Valerie Berrios, January 30, 2014
Hey How'd You Become Your Own Publisher, Personal Finance Expert Dave Ramsey?
The New York Times best-selling author offers insight on whether or not to self-publish, and how to do it.
By Andrea Williams, January 20, 2014
Hey, How'd You Go From Child Actor to Successful Reality TV Producer, Josh Ackerman?
A former Mickey Mouse Club star, who quit acting to work behind the scenes, offers advice to aspiring reality TV creators.
By Richard Horgan, December 30, 2013
Hey How'd You Launch a Specialized Documentary Film Company, Jamarlin Martin?
The CEO discusses the creation of Moguldom Films and how he's making commercially viable documentaries.
By Janelle Harris, December 23, 2013
Hey, How'd You Build Profitable Websites for Brands Like AOL and AT&T, Gabriel Shaoolian?
From a cash-strapped freelancer to founder of a thriving business, the CEO of Blue Fountain Media gives tips to freelancers and entrepreneurs.
By Amanda Layman Low, December 9, 2013
Hey, How'd You Start a Fiction-Writing Revolution, Chris Baty, Founder of NaNoWriMo?
The creator of National Novel Writing Month gives his advice on how to write a book in 30 days.
By Andrea Williams, November 4, 2013
Hey, How'd You "Score" That Job With Deepak and Oprah, filmmaker Scott E. Moore?
The founder of a boutique production company talks about working with Deepak and Oprah and tells what's next for him in his career.
By Amanda Layman Low, October 21, 2013
Hey, How'd You Become a Published Author and TV Writer at 23, Kara Taylor?
'Just be unique and be yourself, and write as much as you can.'
By Andrea Williams, September 23, 2013
Hey, How'd You Get a Travel Channel Show Reviewing Fast Food, Daymon "Daym" Patterson?
From working at Walmart to getting his own TV show, this YouTuber gives advice for succeeding on the video platform.
By Janelle Harris, July 29, 2013
Hey, How'd You Travel the World via Twitter, Paul Smith?
How one writer's crazy idea turned into a global trip, book deal and new career.
By Andrea Williams, July 8, 2013
Hey, How'd You Write a New York Times Nonfiction Bestseller, Isabel Wilkerson?
The Pulitzer-winning journalist tells how she wrote her first book and gives tips to fellow journos looking to do the same.
By Janelle Harris, February 25, 2013
Hey, How'd You Build a Successful Ghostwriting Career, David Ritz?
The biographer for music's biggest stars discusses the art of interviewing and gives tips to aspiring ghostwriters.
By Andrea Williams, December 3, 2012
Hey, How'd You Build Paperless Post Into a Powerhouse, Alexa Hirschfeld?
One of the most powerful women in tech recalls her start and gives tips to aspiring entrepreneurs.
By Richard Horgan, October 1, 2012
Hey, How'd You Go from ABC's Nightline to Intelligence Squared Debates, Dana Wolfe?
The broadcasting vet talks about what makes a successful debate (on and off camera), and gives tips on how journos can craft a compelling argument.
By Maria Carter, August 27, 2012
Hey, How'd You Become Twitter's Manager of Journalism and News, Mark Luckie?
The noted digital journalist tells how to get a job in social media and gives advice for bloggers looking to get bought out.
By Jennifer Pullinger, July 24, 2012
Hey, How'd You Get Everyone Buzzing About #codeyear, Zach Sims?
The brains behind the viral #codeyear and Codecademy tells how startups can get funding and why coding should be on everyone's to-learn list.
By Amanda Ernst, June 1, 2012
Hey, How'd You Land a TV Series Based on Your Atlantic Article, Kate Bolick?
The Atlantic contributing editor talks taking her story to TV, being on the magazine's cover, and making room for freelance projects you love.
By Maria Carter, February 21, 2012
Hey, How'd You Hammer Your Way onto the DIY Network, Kayleen McCabe?
The host of Rescue Renovation reveals how she built a career in home improvement TV and why it's sometimes better to be on a low-profile network.
By Danielle Burrows, February 7, 2012
Hey, How'd You Land a Show on Food Network, Troy Johnson?
TV's newest star talks working for free, evoking David Sedaris, and working sans spit bucket.
By Marcus Vanderberg, November 15, 2011
Hey, How'd You Create International Freelancers Day, Ed Gandia?
The former copywriter explains how his global online conference is helping over 5,000 freelancers build better businesses.
By Kristen Fischer, October 24, 2011
Hey, How'd You Blog Your Way to Fashion Week's Front Row, Yuli Ziv?
The chic leader of Style Coalition dishes on how to leave a mark on the fashion world while making bank in the process.
By Amanda Ernst, September 6, 2011
Hey, How'd You Report on The Black Market and Live To Tell About It, Scott Carney?
With a new book and a slew of big time bylines, this black market reporter proves that investigative journalism isn't dead.
By Dianna Dilworth, May 31, 2011
Hey, How'd You Get Your 'Transmedia' Film Into Sundance, Lance Weiler?
This self-proclaimed story architect discusses how he's reinventing filmmaking and engaging audiences on multiple platforms.
By Felicia Pride, May 9, 2011
Hey, How'd You Become The Go-To Gal For Personal Finance, Jean Chatzky?
This money expert tells how she became a mainstay on the Today show, and how you can build your own personal finance brand.
By Kristen Fischer, January 11, 2011
Hey, How'd You Spin an Interactive Novel from the CSI Brand?
The creator of TV's most successful franchise takes on eBooks and gives tips for breaking through Hollywood's notorious closed doors.
By Jeff Rivera, November 16, 2010
Hey, How'd You Use Social Media to Crowdsource A Cookbook, Food52?
Food52 cofounder Amanda Hesser discusses how to promote social engagement to fuel an editorial product.
By Jessica Roy, October 18, 2010
Hey, How'd You Establish Yourself as The Budget Fashionista, Kathryn Finney?
This style-savvy expert talks about getting her name out there, staving off competitors in the 'recessionista' era, and her advice for building your brand.
By Janelle Harris, October 5, 2010
Hey, How'd You Create Social Impact Using Your Documentary, Trouble The Water?
The duo behind the critically acclaimed Hurricane Katrina doc explains their strategy for audience outreach and galvanizing support.
By Jennifer Pullinger, September 27, 2010
Hey, How'd You Draw 250 Million Viewers to Your Web Show, The Young Turks?
Cenk Uygur, founder of the Streamy-nominated web talk show, reveals how he expanded the project on a shoestring budget and why he'd turn down an offer to go mainstream.
By Andrea K. Hammer, May 25, 2010
Hey, How'd You Build an Entirely New Publishing Business, Eileen Gittins, CEO of Blurb?
The Mediabistro Circus speaker and founder of innovative self-publishing company Blurb discusses the challenges of entrepreneurship and the key to a successful media business.
By E.B. Boyd, May 4, 2010
Hey, How'd You Build Passionate Bravo Fans Through Mobile Platforms, Aimee Viles?
Ahead of her Think Mobile talk on smart mobile marketing, Viles explains how Bravo uses mobile platforms to boost the brand and contribute to the bottom line.
By E.B. Boyd, March 30, 2010
Hey, Andrew Nachison and Dale Peskin, How'd You Form a Media Think Tank?
We Media's founders believe every institution is a media company and accordingly address how they can make creative advances in a competitive digital market.
By Brian T. Horowitz, March 8, 2010
Hey, How'd You Write A Tell-All Book on Glenn Beck?
Chronicling the meteoric rise of Fox News' Glenn Beck, this investigative reporter scoured the country to get key sources to speak up, and parlayed one zeitgeist-y article into a book deal.
By Daniel McCarthy, March 2, 2010
Hey, How'd You Turn Your Freelance Work in Iraq into Sisters in War?
Investigative reporter Christina Asquith talks about revealing the women's perspective of the war in Iraq and how she framed her pitch to land a book deal in a crowded market.
By Amanda Ernst, February 16, 2010
Hey, How'd Your Events Site Propel Paranormal Activity To Blockbuster Status, Jordan Glazier?
Eventful.com's CEO explains how the site's interactive marketing campaign turned Paranormal Activity from a low-budget, limited release to the most profitable film ever.
By Jennifer Pullinger, November 16, 2009
Hey, How'd You Turn Your Personal Essay Into A Memoir, Walter Kirn?
Journalist and critic Walter Kirn talks about crafting a memoir from a magazine article and how it feels to have your personality reviewed.
By Alex Dueben, October 27, 2009
Hey, How'd You Launch an Online Network of User-Generated Content for Women?
Real Girls Media's CEO builds profitable partnerships and harnesses technology to calibrate a mix of engaging editorial and user-generated content.
By Andrea K. Hammer, October 14, 2009
Hey, How'd You Sell Your Book Series, Lena Katz?
Tenacious first-time travel author Lena Katz revamped an already thorough proposal, campaigned for high-profile interview subjects, and marketed herself like crazy.
By Diana Kuan, October 13, 2009
Hey, How'd You Become A New Media Empress, Shira Lazar?
Hybrid journalist Shira Lazar juggles multiplatform media projects and ingratiates herself as a brand for the 'millenial movement.'
By Jessica Roy, October 5, 2009
Hey, How'd You Grow an Online Mag and Social Network with Minimal Traditional Promotion?
This entrepreneur stretches a limited budget with grassroots marketing techniques and is developing a tiered pay model that promotes user engagement.
By Jennifer Pullinger, September 29, 2009
Hey, How'd You Develop a Killer App For Facebook, Tim O'Shaughnessy?
The co-founder of Living Social explains how to harness user feedback and optimize a product for virality through concept and design.
By Jennifer Pullinger, September 22, 2009
Hey, Claire Shipman and Katty Kay, How'd You Write The Book on Womenomics?
Two network TV correspondents conquer the conundrum of women and work-life balance and divulge how they framed, wrote and sold their book.
By Megan Stride, September 15, 2009
Hey, How'd You Create A Highly Successful Viral Marketing Campaign, Jonah Sachs?
Free Range Studios' co-founder shares his strategy for crafting a campaign that generated more than 5 million views for an online video.
By Jennifer Pullinger, September 8, 2009
Hey, How'd You Write A Tome For Social Change, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn?
Collaborative couple Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn's book Half The Sky tackles women's oppression and raises awareness on the tough subject.
By Amanda Ernst, September 1, 2009
Hey, How'd You Wire A Technology Site Specifically For Women, Suzanne Kantra?
After 20 years covering the tech beat at powerhouse pubs, this gadget guru developed a niche site dedicated to tech from a woman's perspective.
By Megan Stride, August 31, 2009
Hey, How'd You Become A Widely-Read Financial Blogger, Ramit Sethi?
Sick of 'skip the latte' advice, this personal finance writer finds success with his 'brutally realistic' blog and enterprising marketing approach.
By Diana Kuan, August 25, 2009
Hey, How'd You Become The Washington Post's Food and Travel Editor, Joe Yonan?
WaPo's resident foodie capitalizes on D.C.'s proximity to food policy issues and shakes up culinary content by engaging readers online.
By Diana Kuan, August 18, 2009
Hey, How'd You Get A Gig Writing For A Good Cause, MeiMei Fox?
Chronicling a 100-day expedition led by Alexandra Cousteau, this writer and author developed new media skills while raising environmental awareness.
By Kristen Philipkoski, August 11, 2009
Hey, How'd You Cook Up A Book and Film Deal From Your Blog, Julie Powell?
Julie & Julia blogger and author Julie Powell reveals how she built a faithful readership and grew her brand into a bestselling memoir and movie.
By Andrea K. Hammer, August 10, 2009
Hey, David Farley, How'd You Score a Travel Writing Book Deal?
This travel writer explains how to gain newspaper and online exposure and parlay a below-the-radar idea into a successful book deal.
By Jason Boog, July 13, 2009
Hey, How'd You Launch A Lucrative Writing Business, Michael Sedge?
Ingratiating himself in global markets, this writer uses guerrilla pitching tactics and negotiates syndication deals to fuel a steady income.
By Andrea K. Hammer, July 6, 2009
Hey, How'd Your Film Site Become A Success?
From film fan to Web site founder, this editor-in-chief established a one-stop niche authority and plans to expand it into new markets.
By Marty Beckerman, June 9, 2009
Hey, How'd You Become the LA Times' Lead Travel Blogger, Jen Leo?
Fueling her brand with social media tools, the Los Angeles Times' lead travel blogger explains how she built her online media career.
By Diana Kuan, June 2, 2009
Hey, How'd You Reinvent Business Reporting, Planet Money?
Re-imagining business news delivery is the business of this multimedia NPR reporting unit.
By E.B. Boyd, June 1, 2009
Hey, How'd You Launch The New York Times' One in 8 Million Project, Sarah Kramer?
Ripe with radio sensibilities, this New York Times producer shifts gears to a digital endeavor and forecasts the role of multimedia content in newsrooms.
By Paulina Reso, May 18, 2009
Hey, How'd You Build An International Newscast From Scratch, Marc Rosenwasser?
This network journalist-turned-public TV producer strategizes with staffers and creative partners to deliver daily foreign news on a modest budget.
By Andrew Tavani, April 27, 2009
Hey, How'd You Transform Your LAT Columns Into A Book And Film, Steve Lopez?
This L.A. Times journalist talks about how his series of columns about a homeless musical virtuoso brought him book and movie deals.
By Alex Dueben, April 20, 2009
Hey, How'd You Launch 'Help A Reporter Out?'
The man whose journalist-to-journalist service went from Facebook group to burgeoning online community in under a year discusses what's next for HARO.
By Vicki Salemi, March 31, 2009
Hey, How Do You Do 'Literary Anthropology' For Esquire?
Immersing himself in the lives of hard-to-crack subjects helps this veteran magazine writer craft award-winning narratives.
By Maya Kroth, February 9, 2009
Hey, How'd You Go From Foreign Correspondent To Starting An International News Site?
This longtime journo discusses jumping from print to Web, and why we need international news 'unencumbered by legacy media.'
By Alex Dueben, January 26, 2009
Hey, How'd You Launch A Site To Protect New Novelists?
This book-smart and street-smart author describes starting an online community to warn writers about publishing pitfalls.
By Liz Funk, January 5, 2009
Hey, How'd You Build A 50-Title Publishing Network?
This CEO shares how she created a franchise of local food mags in six years and her plans for extending the brand.
By Joy Parks, December 16, 2008
Hey, How'd You Launch A User-Generated Fact-Checking Site?
Ameritocracy.com's community director discusses how commenters can 'get to the truth' behind politics in media.
By Lilit Marcus, December 9, 2008
Hey Chad Gervich, How'd You Write The Book On Breaking Into TV?
This TV pro discusses the evolution of the industry and how aspiring writers can arm themselves for small screen success -- plus, a sneak peek at his new book.
By Jason Boog, December 1, 2008
Hey, Mary Kay Magistad, How'd You Report Amid China's Media Restrictions?
This correspondent discusses the 'Great Firewall' of China, conducting interviews in Mandarin, and citizen journalism on the streets of Beijing.
By Jen Swanson, November 24, 2008
Hey, How'd You Revive An Editorial Franchise, Rob Bernstein, Editor, WWE?
The mind behind WWE's mag makeover explains how 'tapping into a global brand does at least half the work for you.'
By E.B. Boyd, November 4, 2008
Hey, How'd You Become a Full-Time Web Cartoonist, Bill Barnes?
The Microsoft employee-turned-Web cartoonist discusses the challenges and freedoms of self-publishing, creating an 'addictive' comic, and giving it away for free.
By Tina Dupuy, October 7, 2008
Hey, How'd You Develop A Citizen-Powered Political Reporting Site, Jay Rosen?
The creator of HuffPo's election coverage 'experiment' discusses his new media rebuttal to the traditional "on the bus" reporting strategy.
By E.B. Boyd, September 24, 2008
Hey, How Did You Make Bookslut a Premier Literary Destination on the Web, Jessa Crispin?
The literary Web zine's 'benevolent dictator' discusses how she turned her part-time passion into a full-blown book site.
By E.B. Boyd, September 17, 2008
Hey, Susan Johnston, How'd You Write a Roman a Clef on Republican Fundraising?
In an exclusive video interview, this political ghostwriter shares how she sold a 'tell-all' novel based on a proposal, then delivered the goods.
By Andrea Wachner, September 2, 2008
Hey, David Bianculli, How'd You Go from Seasoned Newspaper Critic to Creator of an Online Mag?
With his homegrown online mag, this critic proves that losing a job in print is a beginning, not an ending.
By Kate Dailey, August 18, 2008
Hey, How'd You Leap from Freelancing Whiz to Bestselling Author, Mary Roach?
Humor and a willingness to put herself out there helped this writer transform her articles into a flourishing book career -- she reveals how she keeps the momentum.
By E.B. Boyd, August 6, 2008
Hey, How'd You Motor From Freelancing to a Car Column, Josh Max?
This auto reporter talks about test-driving the Goodyear Blimp, his musical talents, and what to do if you want to get his job.
By Josh Max, July 22, 2008
Hey, How'd You Turn Ghostwriters Into Bestsellers, Agent Madeleine Morel?
Part talent agent, part literary agent, this woman's matchmaking skills take ghostwritten books to the top.
By Andy Heidel, July 15, 2008
Hey, Evan Wright, How'd You Parlay Your Rolling Stone Articles Into an HBO Miniseries?
This writer talked his way into a Marine unit, a book deal, and a seven-part miniseries.
By E.B. Boyd, July 9, 2008
Hey, How'd You Become WSJ's Asia Correspondent, Patrick Barta?
This determined journalist got his foot in the door, and now his stomping ground includes Mongolia, Congo, Brunei, Laos, and Sri Lanka.
By Jen Swanson, June 11, 2008
Hey, How'd You Become a Freelance Foreign Correspondent, Julian Ryall?
Tokyo-based correspondent Julian Ryall gives us the scoop on juggling time zones for The Telegraph (London), The South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) and The Hollywood Reporter, and why he loves going to work (almost) every day.
By Jen Swanson, May 28, 2008
Hey, How'd You Get Your Column Syndicated in More Than 300 Places, Jane Boursaw?
This multitasking mom knows how to market her fam-friendly column.
By E.B. Boyd, May 21, 2008
Hey, How'd You Cover The World's Political Hotspots, Ivan Watson?
A foreign radio correspondent talks about reporting in conflict zones around the world.
By Kathryn Carlson, May 14, 2008
Hey, How'd You Build a Vibrant Digital Brand, Larry Burstein, Publisher, New York Media?
A publisher who's figured out the Web offers insights into making your investment pay off, with or without Lindsay Lohan.
By Noah Davis, May 7, 2008
Ellies 2008: Hey, How'd You Report An Award-Nominated Article, Peter Hessler?
In the running for a National Magazine Award, a journalist describes spending 100 days reporting in China for National Geographic.
By Greg Lindsay, April 30, 2008
Ellies 2008: Hey, How'd You Write An Award-Worthy Feature, Jeanne Marie Laskas
An Ellie-nominated GQ feature sent its writer into coal mines. She describes how she crafted her lauded long-form article.
By David S. Hirschman, April 28, 2008
Hey, How'd You Transition from Commercial TV to PBS, Neal Shapiro?
A 25-year network news vet talks about his jump to public television. The more you know...
By Gail Shister, April 23, 2008
Hey, How'd You Do Write That Investigative Biography, Steve Weinberg?
A working investigative reporter examines the history and legacy of one of the legends.
By Noah Davis, April 16, 2008
Hey, How'd You Decide to Call Out the Travel Industry, Chuck Thompson?
A lifelong travel writer explains how to avoid the editorial perils of today's travel mags.
By Charlotte West, April 2, 2008
Hey, How'd You Write the Book on Bad Celeb Style?
Blogging about stars' lousy sartorial choices pays the rent? It does for this duo, who've extended into books and top-tier freelance gigs.
By Rebecca L. Fox, March 26, 2008
Hey, How'd You Get a Book Out of That Modern Love Article?
This writer explains how she parlayed penning the NYT's No. 1 emailed column of the year into a book deal.
By Michaela Cavallaro, March 12, 2008
Hey, How'd You Build an Internet Hot-Spot for Authors, Ivory Madison, CEO, Redroom.com?
The founder of a social network for authors discusses how she attracted James Patterson, Salman Rushdie, and more.
By Dawn Shurmaitis, March 5, 2008
Hey, How'd You Blog Full-time and Write a Book, Will Leitch?
Find out how Will Leitch juggled full-time blogging for Gawker Media's Deadspin while writing his third book
By Noah Davis, February 20, 2008
Hey How Do You Keep Churning Out Fashion Week Scoops, Brandusa Niro, Daily Publishing Group EIC?
The 'fiery' head of all those staple Fashion Week pubs delves into how her team gets in front of all those style stories.
By Rebecca L. Fox, February 5, 2008
Hey, How'd You Get Your New Blog in Technorati's Top 50, Leo Babauta?
A year after starting his blog, this writer's scored a book deal and quit his day job. He tells us how he did it.
By E.B. Boyd, January 30, 2008
Hey, How'd You Write That 15,000-Word Rolling Stone Article, Benjamin Wallace-Wells?
A Rolling Stone National Affairs scribe talks us through the writing of his massive drug policy opus.
By Noah Davis, January 9, 2008
Hey How'd You Capture Teen Attention Across Media, Amy Goldwasser?
A former magazine editor on tackling the teen market and why girls make great writers.
By Alissa Walker, December 19, 2007
How'd You Get an Indie Film On Big-City Movie Screens, Adam Rifkin?
Make your low-budget film the next Sundance darling by following this pro's advice.
By Dawn Shurmaitis, December 12, 2007
Hey, How'd You Start a User-Generated Print Magazine, Paul Cloutier?
A magazine entrepreneur discusses his successful, sustainable model for launching print pubs.
By Noah Davis, December 5, 2007
Hey, How'd You Redesign BusinessWeek, Modernista?
The team behind BusinessWeek's recent redesign dish on how they got it right.
By Noah Davis, October 31, 2007
Hey, How'd You Tailor Your e-Newsletter to New Cities?
Launched in NYC, Thrillist's tastemaking newsletters now reach readers across the country. The founder describes the challenge of taking his content further.
By Rebecca L. Fox, October 24, 2007
Hey, How'd You Launch a Magazine On Top of a Full-Time Job?
An editor who works in consulting full-time details how she runs her start-up mag by night.
By Rebecca L. Fox, October 19, 2007
10 Years: Hey, How Do You Decide What We See in New York Each Week, Adam Moss?
Our 10th anniversary magazine honoree explains how he chooses what stories appear in the pages of his pub.
By Noah Davis, October 4, 2007
10 Years: Hey, How'd You Drive Publishing into the 21st Century, Jane Friedman?
Our 10th anniversary Publishing honoree talks about going global in the digital age.
By Ron Hogan and Noah Davis, October 4, 2007
10 Years: Hey, How Does Customer Service Drive Craiglist's Success, Craig Newmark?
Our 10th anniversary Internet honoree discusses the vital role customer service has played in his site's unprecedented success.
By Ron Mwangaguhunga, October 3, 2007
10 Years: Hey, How'd Your Agency Change The Ad Industry, Scott Goodson?
Our 10th anniversary advertising honoree discusses opening his ubiquitous agency and his industry's paradigm shift.
By Greg Lindsay, October 2, 2007
10 Years: Hey, How'd You Reach The Design World's Pinnacle, Luke Hayman?
Our 10th anniversary design honoree explains how he jumped from the magazine world to the corporate one and back again.
By Greg Lindsay, October 2, 2007
10 Years: Hey, How'd You Start Repping A-Listers, Ken Sunshine?
Our 10th anniversary PR honoree on why he 'can't seem to get rid of' his star clients and gets political whenever he can.
By Jason Chupick, October 1, 2007
10 Years: Hey, How'd You Go Global With Public Radio, Adam Davidson?
Finding fixers and fixing cars is all part of the job for the international correspondent who's our 10th anniversary radio honoree.
By Tracy Bratten, October 1, 2007
Hey, How'd You Score That Freelance Life?
An expert offers strategies for making the leap into full-time freelancing.
By Rachel Kramer Bussel, September 26, 2007
Hey, How'd You Publish An Industry Tell-All?
This former restaurant hostess turned her journal into a thinly-veiled book right out of NYC's top restaurants.
By Stephanie Burton, September 12, 2007
Hey, How'd You Become a New Media Agent?
Detailing his path to powerhouse agency CAA, where he reps Internet clients, our subject divulges why Web sites need agents, too.
By Stephanie Burton, August 22, 2007
Hey, How'd Your PR Plan Introduce Rachael Ray to the Food Network?
The former publicist who launched Rachael Ray's TV career shares her tips on crafting star-making PR plans.
By Jennifer Pullinger/ Rebecca L. Fox, August 9, 2007
Hey, How'd You Get Promoted Weeks After Your Hire?
Instead of assimilating into a media role she didn't relish, our source gunned for a promotion and got it inside of a month -- here's how.
By Stephanie Burton, July 25, 2007
Hey, How'd You: Self-Publish Your Way Into a Book Deal?
Unwilling to take publishers' rejection as the final word on her first novel, this writer self-published and scored a bona fide book deal along the way. She divulges how she did it.
By Rebecca L. Fox, June 14, 2007