Copywriter Fundamentals: Copywriter Secrets

Behind-the-scenes resources and tips that create copywriting excellence



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Welcome to Copywriter Fundamentals: Copywriter Secrets

Ever wonder how copywriters continuously pump endless projects and maintain their creativity, cleverness and accuracy every time? This course demystifies just that. Get resources and strategies every excellent copywriter keeps up their sleeve to ensure you keep the good copy flowing. 

Learn what sites to bookmark, literary devices you need, how to write like a designer and how to play your own devil's advocate when writing. By the end, you'll have an updated and refreshed copywriting toolbox to keep your words razor sharp and reader-ready, every time. 

Make sure to watch Parts 1 and 2 in this Copywriter Fundamentals Series.

Skills You Will Learn

Letting go of copywriting perfection

The sites you need to bookmark today for at-the-ready referencing

How to keep brand consistency

The 5 secrets to great copywriting: Never one right answer, learning rules to break them, writing like a designer, context is everything and how empathy is your best quality

Advanced wordsmithing: Proven copy techniques and tricks like first word rhyming, hyperbole and rhetorical questions

Session 1

Tips, Tools & Tricks of the Trade

  • Lesson 1: Secret 1 - With Copy, There is Never One Right Answer
  • Lesson 2: Secret 2 - Learn the Rules so You Can Break Them
  • Lesson 3: Secret 3 - Write Like a Designer
  • Lesson 4: Secret 4 - Context is Everything
  • Lesson 5: Secret 5 - A Copywriter's Best Quality
0h 32m
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