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Want to Become a Copywriter? Here’s What You Need to Know

From freelancing rates to portfolios, here are some facts about copywriting for people who are just starting out.

Have you been looking to pivot to a job that’s a hybrid of writing and marketing? Are you just graduating from school with writing skills you don’t know what to do with? Or do you want to start making money from your writing sometime soon?

If any or all these questions are the case, you may be the perfect fit for a copywriting job. Here’s what you need to know before you give it a shot.

There typically aren’t any bachelor’s degrees for it

While not many schools actually have bachelor’s degrees in copywriting, it’s common for someone with an English, Journalism, Marketing, or Communications major to go into a copywriting job. Candidates looking into such positions should have strong writing skills and the ability to write concisely.

It requires a strong portfolio

So how do you get your foot in the door if you’ve never been a Copywriter before and there usually aren’t degrees in it? The main thing most companies or clients look for when hiring a Copywriter is a strong portfolio. To get your foot in the door, you can create your own copywriting projects—fake ads, websites, or social media copy. Even if you’ve never actually done any copywriting work, you can use your portfolio to present what kind of copy you’d provide to a company.

Most copywriters are freelancers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most Copywriters work as freelancers. There’s a chance you may need to work for an ad agency or marketing firm before you are able to build clients and work for yourself.

However, once you make the leap to being self-employed, it can be worth it.

It’s a fast and evolving career

Writing is more important now than ever, and with that being said, companies are hiring Copywriters at a fast pace.

As Copywriter Jacob McMillen highlights, you can make up to $100k or more with this job.

“I’ve been a freelance copywriter since 2013. I went full-time in 2016 and earned around $80k. I netted $130k the following year and $220k in 2018,” he shares.

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