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Reasons to Job Search Over the Holidays

The holidays—December specifically—are notoriously known for being the worst time of year for candidates to find new jobs. It’s usually crunch time for many companies as they close out Q4 and prepare for the calendar year ahead. This leads jobseekers to wait until the new year to even start to edit their resume and apply for new opportunities. And while this may be your train of thought, there are actually ample opportunities in the job market in December. Here are some reasons to job search over the holidays.

There’s less competition

Since the end of the year is known as a quiet time for hiring, you can use this to your advantage. A large portion of jobs are still being posted in December. Although most people are typically busy shopping for loved ones and getting ready for the holidays, you’ll find that there are less people applying for jobs. If you choose this route, you’ll be able to apply for more jobs with less competition.  

You may be able to negotiate your start date

Use the fact that employers are winding down and gearing up for the new year to your advantage. If you start your job search during the holidays and end up receiving an offer before the end of the year, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to negotiate your start date—and have more time to rest and recharge before it.

There are networking opportunities

Believe it or not, there are plenty of networking opportunities in December due to end-of-the-year parties and events. It’s a time when people are socializing and connecting. Even if you choose not to network in person, there are virtual events and virtual ways to connect. Think about sending that LinkedIn introduction at least.

You can maintain your momentum

If you’re on the job hunt, why stop applying when it comes to December? You’ve spent time building momentum and you have the opportunity to maintain that momentum by applying to jobs and networking.

While applying to jobs at the end of the year can feel like a taboo, it’s actually a great time to focus on your job search. If you decide to apply during this time of year, you’ll find that there’s less competition, you may be able to negotiate your start date and network. If you maintain your momentum through the end of the year, odds are that you’ll be recharged and ready to go by January.

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