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How to Prepare for a Video Interview

Now that remote work is common practice at most companies, so is video interviewing. Regardless of if you’ve interviewed with companies before or are just getting started in your job search, it’s likely that the new factor of interviewing online will emerge into your life. Here are some tips that will set you up for success as you head into a virtual interview.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection

This may seem like an obvious one, but having a stable internet connection is the first step to a successful video interview. Test your connection to make sure you have a bandwidth speed of at least 1 megabit per second. Also, closing out extra tabs on your computer will also help. It will not only help your Internet speed but will also limit possible distractions that could occur during the interview.  

Have your résumé handy

A perk that naturally comes with the nature of a video interview is the ability to be overprepared—especially when it comes to any questions you could be asked. Make sure to have a printed (or digital) résumé on hand so you can speak to any questions the interviewer may ask about your skills, qualifications, and background.

Test your microphone and webcam

“You’re on mute!” may be the most common Zoom phrase of the past few years due to the resurgence of remote work and people forgetting to unmute themselves on their computer before speaking. Testing your microphone and webcam are crucial steps to take before going into an interview—making sure the interviewer will be able to see and hear you properly.

Make sure you have a distraction-free setting

Video interviews quite literally invite the hiring managers or recruiters into your home, and most of the time you only have so much space and settings to work with. Even if you don’t have the fanciest background, make sure it’s at least neutral, without distractions, and will help give the interviewer a sense that you’re organized and thoughtful about your surroundings. Also, be sure you’ll be free from interruptions during the time allotted for the interview.

Pro-tip: set your phone to silent.

Dress professionally

Anyone who has been on a video interview knows you don’t technically have to wear dress pants, but make sure to wear a professional top and look as presentable as possible. Once again, since the interview is remote, there’s only so much you can show off to the person on the other end. Make sure that what you do show is impactful and makes a good impression.

Try to maintain eye contact & confident body language

Maintaining eye contact and confident body language may seem impossible through a virtual medium, but you may be surprised to learn that people on the other end of the screen can still pick up if you’re feeling confident and comfortable (or not). Here are some more tips on body language.

Go into the interview prepared to troubleshoot and remember there’s only so much you can control. Good luck!

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