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Public Relations Jobs to Apply to Right Now

Formulate media strategies, cultivate contacts and more in any of these new PR opportunities

The basic skills of public relations—formulating media strategies, coordinating interviews and photo shoots, building relationships with reporters, editors and influencers—are always in demand. And at the moment, there are plenty of jobs in PR and communications on our job board right now.

From junior-level gigs that call for just a few years experience to VP-level roles, and employers that run from public relations firms and trade associations, we’ve got public relations jobs worth, well, publicizing. Check ’em out below.

Bonnier Corporation
10016, New York City
Public Relations Society of America
New York City
DeVries Public Relations
New York City, New York (US)
American Humanist Association
20036, Washington D.C.
The Thomas Collective
New York City, New York (US)
NewYork Presbyterian
New York City, New York
Eleven Six Public Relations
Internship with lifestyle & travel NYC PR firm
Touro College and University System
New York City


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