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ICYMI: Here’s the Career and Job Search Advice You Need to Read This Weekend

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Got weekend plans? Whatever you do between now and Monday morning, be sure to carve out a few minutes to for some reading that’ll do some good for your career.

We understand how busy you are at work, so we’ve rounded up the best career and job search advice from the past week so that you can spend some downtime in the next few days fueling your job search.

Can You Discuss Politics on Social Media When You’re Looking for a Job?: Whether you hate both presidential candidates or love one of them, it’s hard to deny everyone is discussing politics online. If you’re currently looking for a job, here’s how you can join the fray — without jeopardizing your chances of landing your next job.

What Does a Digital Marketing Manager Do?: If you’re equally creative and analytical, and have digital chops to boot, this increasingly in-demand marketing role may be the one for you. Check out what real-life pros have to say about what it takes to do the job.

10 Ways to Use Body Language to Get the Job: Actions do speak louder than words: Help yourself project the most positive mannerisms—and up your chances of going from candidate to new hire—with these pointers on the body language to adopt in your next interview.

Here’s Who Can Benefit From Hiring a Professional Resume Writer: Not sure if it’s worth it to get a pro to help you with your CV? If you belong to one of these groups, hiring a professional writer could give you that critical edge.

How to Turn a Marketing Coordinator Job Into a Stepping Stone: If you’re just starting your career in media, you know it can be tough to get your foot in the door, and excel once you do. Here’s how one marketing coordinator is doing just that, and getting ready for her next step.

Why a Job Title Is the Single Most Important Element of Your Job Listing: Like the title of a book, a job title helps an outsider get an idea of what it’s all about. Here’s how a well-conceived job title can up the number of applications you receive—and your chances of landing a great hire.

Nailed the Interview but Didn’t Get the Job? Here’s Why: It sucks, but it happens: Sometimes you kill it in the interview but still don’t get an offer. Here’s what may have been going on—and how to avoid the frustration next time.

Why You Need to Keep Your Resume Current—Even When You’re Not Looking for a Job: You’re not looking for a job—yet—but should your resume be current? We think you probably know the answer already. Here’s how to get your resume up to date, and surprising reasons why.

One Easy Tool That Can Improve Your Writing: You’ve given your writing a re-read and run the spellcheck, but there’s one more tool to use to make sure your end product is as professional as possible. Here’s how to set up a style sheet, and how to use it.

Do These Four Things Your First Two Months on the Job: You’ve just landed a new job. Time to kick back and celebrate? Hardly. Here’s what to do the first few weeks to lay your foundation for success.

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