Infographics and Visual Data

Tell stories with smart visuals

Level: Intermediate
Instructor: Amanda McCormick

Infographics and Visual Data

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  • Self-paced instruction
  • 16 video lessons
  • 2h 29m of lesson content
  • Design and writing exercises
  • Led by an industry expert
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Who Should Take This Course

Marketers, Copywriters, Journalists, Content Strategists

Skills You Will Learn

Principles of information design—Sequence, Parts to a Whole, Scale, etc.

Identify and utilize trends in infographics to maximize shareability

Distill complex information and transform it to a smart infographic

Do your research, distinguish between sketchy and reputable resources

Generate relevant infographic ideas for your brand, website or business

Compile data, conduct background research and flesh out ideas from start to finish

Build flat and dynamic infographics using free and low-cost tools and resources

Successfully navigate the design process from idea to completion

Why Take This Course

Show don’t tell. The way to get readers to engage with your content is through smart, visually appealing infographics. Next to video, infographics are one of the fastest and most effective ways to deliver information and grasp complex topics.

This course will teach you how to conceptualize, design and produce infographics using free and simple tools. You will learn how to organize information, determine the right graphic elements, structure your visual in a logical way and share the infographic with your target audience.

Session 1

Build a Powerful Foundation for Ideas with Infographics

  • Lesson 1: The Power of Infographics – Simple to Surprising Applications
  • Lesson 2: Forms/Uses of Infographics – 5 Ideas to Put Into Action Today
  • Lesson 3: How Do You Approach Designing an Infographic?
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Session 2

The Fundamentals of Good Design Information

  • Lesson 1: The Process – From Idea to Wireframe to Design
  • Lesson 2: Presenting Data – The Options
  • Lesson 3: Great Tools for Creating Flat Infographics
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Session 3

From Static to Motion

  • Lesson 1: Your Infographic in Many Forms
  • Lesson 2: The State of the Art in Motion Graphics
  • Lesson 3: Creating a Simple Motion Graphic
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Session 4

Interactivity and Release

  • Lesson 1: Why Interactivity is So Important
  • Lesson 2: Simple Ways for Using Interactivity
  • Lesson 3: Plan the Release of Your Infographic
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About the Instructor

Amanda McCormick

Amanda McCormick has worked with a wide variety of organizations including the New York City Ballet, the Film Society of Lincoln Center, startups Bitly and SocialFlow, Bertlesmann, and Lifetime Television. She is driven by a passion for equipping brands and businesses with powerful digital tools and communications strategies and has crafted custom training programs on digital and communications topics for AOL, Comedy Central, VH1, Time Inc, and many others. She blogs about the intersection of technology and branding at her blog, Jellybean Boom, and she is a frequent speaker on technology, social media, and writing on the web.