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Is Remote Work Right for You?

Find out by answering these five questions

Remote work has been on the rise in the last couple of years, but it isn’t right for everyone. If you’re deciding to apply for a remote job and want to make sure it’s the right fit for you, here are five questions you can ask yourself.

1. Are you an independent worker?

This question may seem like a given for working remotely. But independent work isn’t just being introverted or happy with solitude each day; it’s much more than that. Remote jobs require one to be content sitting alone for several hours a day, completing tasks without any in-person support or guidance. Although it’s not the same as in-person communication, managers and coworkers are typically just a chat or video call away. Remote work does force one to become more independent if they’re not already. It requires one to create their own structure day-to-day.

2. Are you self-disciplined?

The idea of remote work sounds appealing to many—especially the concept of working in your pajamas, creating your own schedule, and cooking delicious work-from-home lunches. However, remote work is still work. Successfully working from home requires self-discipline and diligence. It requires the ability to work amidst possible distractions in your home—or wherever you’re working. Remember that working remotely is more productive for those who practice these things.

3. Do you have a designated workspace?

You may be interested in working remotely so you can sit on your couch with your laptop all day. And while that may be the most comfortable and efficient for some, it’s imperative for you to carve out your own space, just for work. Create a home office. If you don’t have an extra room available, create a space—even if it’s small—just for your time spent working. You can also look into shared workspaces. Doing so creates consistency and boundaries for yourself as you navigate remote work-life balance.

4. Do you crave flexibility?

The working world has never adjusted to remote work as swiftly and effectively as it has in the past couple of years. This is due to the pandemic and companies having to become remote overnight. With this came flexibility. And with flexibility comes the ability to work from anywhere, create your own schedule, and much more depending on your company policy. If you don’t want to be trapped in a cubicle and want the ability to hop on a plane for your next adventure, it could be the right fit for you.

5. Does your employer promote a healthy work/life balance and remote culture?

This one can easily be overlooked—especially if the company in question has a remote work policy. Unfortunately, just because they’re remote doesn’t mean they promote a healthy remote culture, which includes a healthy work-life balance. For example, just because you work from home doesn’t mean you’re “online” all the time. A healthy work-life balance would include setting boundaries for yourself during workdays. Your employer ideally would be helping you create those boundaries for yourself.

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