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Introducing the Scouted Fab Five: Our Top 5 Student Entrepreneurs!

You’ve gotta risk it to get the biscuit. Right? George Steinbrenner didn’t build the Yankee dynasty without some tough decisions: like firing  – and rehiring – baseball manager Billy Martin on five (!) separate occasions. Entrepreneurs, just like “The Boss,” know what it’s like to make gutsy calls and pursue their dreams. And some even live to tell the tale (though mostly through Walter Isaacson…)

Innovation alongside effective implementation has limitless potential. Read: effective. I’m looking at you, Juicero! It’s no coincidence that 10 of the top 21 richest people, according to Forbes, are entrepreneurs. With all due respect to the “Beliebers” out there, our generation will be remembered by entrepreneurial icons like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg and the revolutionizing products they created.

Here at Scouted, we know firsthand what it’s like to start a company –  and the accompanying deletion of your mobile banking app (ignorance is bliss!). That’s why we’re super pumped to show off 5 of our amazing candidates that have demonstrated that same fiery entrepreneurial spirit during their undergraduate years:


Brad Guesman – SNOWCRASH

Physicist by day – and rockstar by night – Brad Guesman (Brown ‘20), the solo artist known as SNOWCRASH, started his own indie record label – Achilles Records. Originally producing music in his garage, Brad has begun to incorporate multimedia into his work and now stands as an artist on the rise featured on both Spotify and Apple Music. Definitely add this banger to your playlist ASAP. Not kidding.

Henry Han – Late Nite Swarthmore

Sushi chef and student entrepreneur Henry Han (Swarthmore ‘20) decided to revamp the late-night food options on campus within two months of starting his freshman year. Founder of Late Nite Swarthmore, Henry quickly developed a food delivery service that sells out of California rolls faster than Tomorrowland tickets and now features four employees. If you happen to be in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania in the wee hours of the night (God knows why), be sure to order from Late Nite Swarthmore for a midnight snack!

Edgar Thornton – BonFire Records







The Co-Founder of BonFire Records, Edgar Thornton (Harvard ‘18), manages over twenty five artists and affiliated acts worldwide. With fifty releases to date and 10 million+ plays across platforms, this student entrepreneur’s independent record label is making some noise (haaa) in the music industry. Scared to plug into the AUX? Fear no more.

Marshall Lerner – Marco Pollo Food Truck

Marco Pollo Food Truck, twice awarded best Best Milwaukee Food Truck, was started by student entrepreneur Marshall Lerner (Brown ‘20). The fried chicken themed truck caters anything from weddings and corporate parties to Harley Davidson Bike Nights, and has impressively tripled sales over the last two years. KFC’s Colonel Sanders, you’ve officially been warned!

Daniel Baigel – JumboCode

Co-founder and lead developer of JumboCode, Daniel Baigel (Tufts’ 17)  addressed the unprecedented demand of students looking for real world experience in the tech industry. Connecting engineering students with nonprofits looking for software developers, JumboCode successfully placed students with eight different organizations throughout the greater Boston area. One of their projects included building a mobile app for the Boston Marathon!


It’s amazing to see what some Scouted candidates/student entrepreneurs are accomplishing while still in college! Don’t worry you don’t have to have your own business to get a job so be sure to visit Scouted! And if you’re looking to hire one of these amazing candidates don’t hesitate to post a job on our platform.

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