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How Gen Z Job Seekers Can Utilize Social Media

As the years go by and technology continues to advance, many young people are growing up with the internet, cell phones, and social media. While the folks who make up Gen Z have been using social media for the typical practice of connecting with friends and family, many are taking their use of sites like Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn up a notch. Now, many members of Gen Z job seekers are utilizing social media to land a gig.

You can use the sites you frequent every day to build your brand, find out about new job opportunities, and connect with employers on a whole new level. Let’s talk about how to use this technology to your advantage to find your dream job.

Why many are moving to social media

If you aren’t using social media to find potential job opportunities yet, then it could be time to jump on the bandwagon. Recent numbers show that 48% of those in Gen Z have already been using social media to find promising employment. Young people who find jobs by utilizing websites like TikTok and LinkedIn are finding that not only is this a unique way to find jobs but employers are using the same tools to find you.

Many companies are using social recruiting, which is the process of finding employees through social media platforms because they generally get a further reach and they can find more qualified customers. By expanding their reach, employers gain access to a more diverse candidate pool, and they may find some hidden gems that they may not have otherwise found while going through a pile of resumes. Plus, the human resources team can reach out to more candidates in a fraction of the time and save money in the process.

As a job seeker, you can use social media to look for job listings, make your own posts that describe your abilities and your desire for a job, and you can talk to family and friends who may know of job opportunities that fit your skill set.

Just keep in mind that while there are many advantages of social media and smartphone usage, you also need to be sure to use these devices in moderation. People post a lot of things on social media, and not everything is helpful or positive, so you need to be cautious of who you befriend. Also, be cautious of the physical ailments associated with smartphone usage, including the strain you can put on your hands and thumbs by constantly swiping and the damage you do to your spine by constantly bending over your phone. When in doubt, unplug or put the phone down, walk away from your screens, and do something else for a while.

Using social media to find jobs

Although many social media apps are different, they all have their perks and tools that you can use to try and find your next job. According to statistics, most young people are using LinkedIn as an integral part of their job search. LinkedIn is essential because that is where employees can post their skills and credentials, and employers can discuss their business and what they desire out of their workforce.

One way that you can use LinkedIn to your advantage is to write out your professional objectives and what you bring to the table. While writing these statements, fit in keywords that match the job position that you are searching for and sprinkle them throughout your profile. You can also build your professional network by joining professional groups on LinkedIn. You can introduce yourself, speak up when you have a question or intriguing thought, and find out about job fairs and openings at companies that fit your expertise.

While LinkedIn is what many people think about when discussing social media in their job search, other networks can also help you along, including Facebook. Many companies also post professional business profiles on Facebook, and you can find them there and follow them to get news and updates about potential employment opportunities. You can also use Facebook to simply update your personal status to say that you are looking for work while describing the skills you possess and your past experience. The friends that see your post may be able to help.

Consider TikTok

When employers are looking for the ideal candidates, they are looking for hard skills and qualifications, but they also want to ensure that you have a personality that fits in with their culture. One way you can show that is through attention-grabbing videos on TikTok. Many people are using this incredibly popular app to post personal clips that show their smiling faces as they describe their skills and why they deserve to be hired. There is even a TikTok resumes feature that is in development, so employers have a place to go to find you.

If you are new to TikTok then know that it is free to join, and it is easy to immediately start connecting with people and employers around the world. Once you complete your profile, all you have to do to create your first TikTok is stand in a well-lit spot and hold the red button to start recording. Just be sure that you know what you want to say beforehand. You can re-record or add multiple scenes until it is perfect. Then, you can add text and captions that describe your skills and highlight the most important aspects of your video.

You can increase your chances of getting noticed by implementing strategies to get more views. One idea is to add hashtags to attract a certain audience. You could even use a hashtag for the name of the company that you are trying to attract. Another idea is to make each second count. Don’t make your TikTok too long, or employers may move on. Instead, describe your best professional attributes, mention when you are available to start, and let your personality shine from beginning to end.

In the end, it is no mystery why so many Gen Z job seekers are using the major social media platforms to show off their skills and find work. Consider the advice and tips described here, and good luck on your job hunt!

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