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6 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Build Your Brand

We hear more and more about social media’s influence and power. From keeping families and friends connected to sharing news and information to shopping and finding jobs, people use social media for many things daily. 

Social media is also significant for building memorable brands. Of course, big and small businesses are using social media to increase brand awareness and grow more robust customer relationships. But what about creatives? 

Creatives have a massive opportunity with social media to share their talents with people worldwide. They can and should use social media to build up their brand. Here’s how to do so effectively: 

1. Find out more about your customers 

Using social media to build your brand in a creative field starts with understanding your customers’ behaviors on these platforms. Find out which platforms your customers engage on the most. Then, use the built-in analytics tools on your social media platforms to find out: 

  • The behavioral patterns of your customers on social media 
  • What content your customers are looking at 
  • How they come across your content on these platforms 
  • The demographic information of the people viewing your content 
  • How successful different posts are among your audience 

With this information, you can create content your customers can resonate with and engage with them in a way you know they’ll be receptive to. 

2. Engage with your audience often

It’s crucial to engage with your audience often on social media. Constant engagement is critical when using social media to build your brand as a creative. If you don’t talk to your audience, how will you ever get the word out about your brand?

Engage with your audience as much as possible on your social media platforms. Respond to all comments, even the negative ones. Use the story features to give followers a glimpse into your life and day-to-day processes. Answer all direct messages, mentions, and shoutouts. Be sure you’re commenting on others’ posts too. 

3. Show your work and who you are

To build your creative brand using social media, you must show your work and let your personality shine in your content. Doing so will help you emotionally connect with your customers and create strong bonds with them.

So, get into the habit of standing out with original content. For example, share content that shows you during your creative process. Show off how you’ve intertwined your brand’s aesthetic with your office’s interior design. Show videos and pictures of a piece in progress. You could even do live Q&A sessions so your audience can get to know you personally. 

Whatever content you decide to share on your social media pages, be sure it’s unapologetically you.  

4. Encourage customers to leave reviews 

You can also boost your brand-building efforts on social media by encouraging customers to leave reviews. More people are leaning on reviews from real people before making a purchase or supporting a brand. 

Show how amazing your brand is through the eyes of actual customers with social proof. Ask those who purchase from you to leave a video review of the product or service on social media. Then, give them an incentive for doing the review and ask them to use the video on your own platforms. 

Also, encourage customers to leave written reviews in the comments and in your direct messages. You can always screenshot the written reviews and post them on your pages. 

5. Build your professional network 

Developing a professional network on social media helps you build your brand too. Customers aren’t the only ones who can spread the good word about your brand. Other creatives in your industry, indirect competitors, and other business owners can build up your brand’s reputation as well. 

Join groups on these platforms dedicated to your craft or industry. Lead thoughtful conversations with others. Make friends. And go for any opportunity that allows you to share your talent, like podcast interviews, guest posts, conferences, and panel discussions. 

6. Stay on top of the conversation surrounding your brand 

Social media is a gold mine for discovering what people say about your brand. People always talk about their experiences with different businesses and how they genuinely feel about brands, products, and services on social media. 

Keeping up with these conversations allows you to optimize what people enjoy and adjust what they don’t. The most efficient way to stay on top of the discussion surrounding your brand on social media is through social listening tools. Do your research on the best fit for your needs and ensure it’s easy to use.  

Using social media to build your brand in a creative field is a brilliant business move. Creating a presence on these platforms is a must if you want your brand to be top of mind for potential and current customers. The tips above can help you solidify your brand through social media in the most authentic, efficient way.

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