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Is Job Hunting Like Dating?

The answer is very much so. A job application may not be the first thing that crosses your mind when looking for a potential partner. After all, most people like to keep their personal and professional lives separate. However, there are shocking similarities between job hunting and dating. Both involve things like putting yourself out there, making a good impression, and researching before the first date or interview.

Are you looking for your perfect match? Here are some ways job hunting is like dating.

There’s some research involved

Think of how you prepare before a job interview—and then think of how you compare to a first date. Typically before a job interview, you Google the company and prepare for any questions that could come up related to the company’s mission. And because dating apps allow people to only show specific information, it’s common for people to Google their dates before seeing them in person for the first time. In fact, a survey points to the fact that 40% of people look up their dates on Google and 44% scroll their dates’ social media feeds. So whether you’re lingering on someone’s social media profile or getting a sense for a future coworker through their LinkedIn profile, research goes into both before one meets these people in person.

You have to put yourself out there

Applying for jobs and being an active dater both involve putting yourself out there. Putting yourself out there involves vulnerability. While you may be putting a different version of yourself on dating apps than you would your resume and cover letter, you’re still setting yourself—your talents, your personality, and more—on display to be reviewed by someone, and then ultimately accepted or rejected.

It’s all about first impressions

You can appear one way on a dating app and through a resume or LinkedIn profile, but once you meet your date or a hiring manager face-to-face, you are typically concerned about making a good first impression. Just because a dating app algorithm matched you with someone doesn’t mean you have a new partner, just like a call for an interview doesn’t mean you have a job. You’ll want to make a good impression in both scenarios.

You have to trust your gut

Have you ever gone into a job interview and initially had a bad feeling about the company or conversation with the hiring manager, but couldn’t put your finger on what? Have you been on a date and got a strange feeling about the person but couldn’t figure out why? Both of these cases involve listening—and trusting—your gut feelings and what they’re telling you. While logically, nothing could be wrong with the job or date, it’s valuable to trust your gut.

You have to remind yourself not to settle

A key reminder when going on dates and into job interviews: know your worth. You don’t want to settle for a future partner just like you don’t want to settle for a lower salary or mediocre benefits. Most jobs give you the opportunity to negotiate, so even if you don’t get offered the salary you deserve, you will hopefully be able to be paid a salary you want without settling for something different.  

You may need to weed out the bad ones to get to the good ones

While it does rarely happen, the odds of going on a first date and meeting “the one” are slim. Similarly so, you may need to go on many job interviews or try out different jobs before you end up in one you’re actually compatible with. It takes time and patience to find your dream job.

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