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Best Practices

How Small Businesses Can Use Marketing Strategies to Stand Out

In the third quarter of 2022 alone, 346,000 new businesses were established, according to data from Statista. If you dig deeper into this kind of data, you’ll see that it’s common for hundreds of thousands of small businesses to be formed each quarter. Granted, only a tiny percentage of new small businesses will make it past…

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58 innocent people were killed in the Las Vegas shooting, and hundreds injured. How should you train your staff to protect themselves from violence while working a large-scale event?

Media and Entertainment Employers Must Train Staff to Handle Violent Attacks

The mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas was a devastating tragedy. Amidst the debates about gun control, terrorism, and the shooter’s motive, there is another unresolved issue: Workplace safet In addition to dozens of bands and musical acts, the three-day country music concert was staffed by hundreds of employees: Live…

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employee retention

13 Great Ideas to Increase Employee Retention

There’s a special feeling of accomplishment when you make a great new hire. You’ve invested time and energy advertising the role, getting to know several candidates, and introducing them to your team. When the right one finally signs on the dotted line, it’s time to pop some champagne. Then, the unthinkable happens – six months,…

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working moms

11 Things Your Company Should Do for Working Moms

Things don’t look good for mothers in journalism, according to this excellent longread by reporter Katherine Goldstein. Media organizations everywhere are struggling to keep up with the changing needs of women in the workplace. When women become mothers, it gets even more challenging. As Goldstein writes: “News organizations need to be smart about how to…

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Employee Onboarding

11 Reasons Your Employee Onboarding Process Is Failing—and How to Fix It

Employee onboarding is a pivotal process in the employment lifecycle, but it’s one of the most neglected. You spend a lot of energy scouting, vetting and interviewing new employees. You should spend just as much energy helping them succeed after they’re hired. Does your employee onboarding program suffer from one of these common problems? The…

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Company Culture

Why You Should Hire Employees Who Don’t Fit Your Company Culture

Imagine you’re a jewel thief leading a heist. You can choose between two teams of accomplices, Team A or Team B. Both teams have the highest level of skill and expertise. The only difference is, Team A has the same background, education, and upbringing as you, and you immediately connect on a personal level. Team…

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Company culture

What TED Can Teach Employers About Company Culture

We’ve all seen videos of TED talks—those inspiring speeches by great thinkers that blow your mind in 18 minutes or less. Not only is TED a clearinghouse for powerful ideas that change attitudes, lives and the world—it’s also a great place to work with a fantastic company culture. We spoke with Dana Viltz, TED’s Theater…

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SoulCycle’s Director of Talent Talks Employee Engagement

Sarah Kiernan is Director of Talent Relations at SoulCycle, the indoor cycling fitness phenomenon. SoulCycle is known for its avid consumer fan base, but its employees are equally evangelistic about the brand. As we will learn, there is a direct correlation between this evangelism and employee engagement at SoulCycle. We asked Sarah what makes SoulCycle…

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Hr managers can learn from handmaids tale

What HR Managers Can Learn from The Handmaid’s Tale

Hulu’s new series, The Handmaid’s Tale, paints a picture of a not-so-distant dystopia where women are stripped of all agency by a fascist regime. Based on the best-selling novel by Margaret Atwood, the story is timely and relevant to HR managers — in fact, the show is designed to feel like it’s taking place in…

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Reverse Performance Reviews

Develop Better Talent with Reverse Performance Reviews

Employee performance evaluations are quickly becoming a relic of the past. Studies show that annual reviews are inefficient, ineffective and don’t lead to employee growth. And, let’s face it, nobody—managers or talent—likes to do them. Fortunately, there’s a better way to improve employee productivity and satisfaction within your company. It’s called reverse performance reviews. Reverse…

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How HR Can Increase Employee Happiness in One Hour a Week

Only a few years ago, all it took to keep employees “happy” was an office ping pong table and a kitchen full of free snacks. But those perks aren’t cutting it anymore. Workers want more meaningful perks that directly improve their quality of life. Fortunately, you can increase your employee happiness quotient in just an…

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Using Snapchat in recruiting

How to Use Snapchat in Recruiting

If you’re not already familiar, Snapchat is a messaging app that lets you take a photo or video, layer it with text, doodles or filters, and send to your friends. They can view your snap for up to 10 seconds before it magically disappears. If you’re looking to recruit and hire socially active, digitally minded…

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Retain and reward freelancers

7 Ways to Keep—and Not Have to Replace—Your Best Freelancers

Here’s how to retain your favorite freelancer for the long haul.

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employee managing interns

A Newbie’s Guide to Managing Interns

Before you had interns, you probably joked about needing one. It would be fantastic to have an eager college student take on the dullest parts of your job, fetch you coffee and deliver it with a smile, wouldn’t it? But now that you have interns, you know that’s not quite how it works. If you’re…

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Questions to ask before cybervetting

Read This Before You Look Up Your Job Applicant Online

When you’re curious about a new job applicant, it’s human nature to want to check them out on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are right at your fingertips. What’s the harm in looking? More than half of employers are already researching candidates on social sites, and the actual number may be even higher….

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