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November and December are fantastic months for hiring

Why You Should Hire During the Holidays

November and December can seem like a big black hole when it comes to hiring. There are dozens of reasons why companies don’t like to hire new employees during the holiday season: You’re overwhelmed with end-of-year work and don’t have the energy. Key team members are on vacation and aren’t available for interviews. There’s no…

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Sub-head Google for Jobs has been around for a few months, long enough to see its impact on Mediabistro job boards. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Mediabistro Job Listings Now Get Increased Traffic

Google for Jobs rolled out this summer. This new search feature compiles job listings from across the internet, allowing job seekers to see a wide variety of available roles from a wide variety of sources, all with a simple Google search query. You might be asking: “How do I get MY listings included on Google…

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When you absolutely need to get your job in front of as many job seekers as possible, what do you do? Here are five successful viral job listings that grabbed the world’s attention.

How to Make Your Job Posting Go Viral

We’ve said time and again that hiring is about quality of candidates, not quantity. After all, what’s the use of 100 applicants if none of them are qualified? On rare occasions, though, you need your job description to reach as many people as possible. When your listing absolutely has to go viral, here are five…

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job board talent

Online Job Boards Are the New Talent Battleground

Every year, over 18 million people are hired from job postings on the web. That’s a lot of competition! Online job boards have become talent battlegrounds, where HR and recruiters fight to attract the best new hires. Here’s how to optimize your online job listings and win the battle. Post in the right place One…

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Future of Hiring

4 Predictions About the Future of Hiring

Are you ready for changes in the hiring process and the future of hiring? Over the last twenty years, we’ve seen dramatic shifts in hiring and recruiting. But what’s next for our industry? How will HR, employers, hiring managers and recruiters do business in the next few years? Here are a few short-term predictions to…

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Political Beliefs

Can You Hire or Fire Based on Political Beliefs?

A super-qualified candidate applies for your company’s latest open position. You call them and have a great pre-screen over the phone. You schedule an in-person interview, and you decide to do a little social media vetting before you meet. You find the candidate’s public Facebook page and browse through some of their posts. That’s when…

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What Job Seekers Really Think About Your Company

64% of job seekers research a company after viewing a job posting, but before submitting an application. What they see online is a deciding factor in whether they apply for your job, or keep looking. Is your company a scandal magnet, underpaying and overworking employees, with out-of-control management and a culture of discrimination? Or is…

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33 Ways to Attract Passive Job Seekers

Passive job seeker candidates aren’t actively looking for work. They might be happily employed, freelancing, or taking care of the kids. These “not looking!” candidates are a treasure trove of talent and skills, but employers and recruiters have to work twice as hard to get their attention. Here are 33 things you can do to…

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Find Your Next Great Hire at the Tony Awards

The Tony Awards are Sunday, June 11, and the folks gathered inside Radio City Music Hall to celebrate the best of Broadway might just be your next great hires. That’s because “theatre people” make fantastic employees in any industry—from media to marketing, and beyond. We talked with Elizabeth Kandel, Director of Marketing at Roundabout Theatre…

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Employer Branding

6 Ways Employer Branding Benefits Your Hiring Process

Employer branding has made its way into a lot of news stories these days – brands screwing it up—big time. United Airlines injured a passenger as they dragged him off a plane. Uber was racked with sexual harassment accusations. And Pepsi made a commercial so tone deaf, it became fodder for late night comedy. These…

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3 Places to Find Great Talent for Your Ad Agency

Ad agencies are always on the lookout for new talent—creatives, account executives, project managers, you name it. But where do you look when you’ve exhausted all of your usual recruiting methods? When job boards, social media and recruiting events aren’t bringing in the right candidate, here are three new places to look. In-house agencies What…

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Elevator pitch for employers

How an Elevator Pitch Can Help You Land the Ideal Job Applicant

An elevator pitch is an absolute must when you’re hiring. Every employer, hiring manager, recruiter or HR representative should have a pitch written, memorized and ready to go at a moment’s notice. You never know when you’ll need it.

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Help wanted: why no one is applying to your job listing

Why No One Is Applying to Your Job Listing

Hiring can be hard—especially when no one is applying to your job listing, even though lots of candidates are viewing your ad. When an employer has a tough time getting many, or any, qualified applicants to respond to their job listing, it is often a case of the “Field of Dreams Syndrome”: the belief that…

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employer calling candidate's references

5 Questions to Ask Your Job Candidate’s References

Here’s what any manager can do to yield the most meaningful answers during the hiring process.

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