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ICYMI: Career and Job Search Advice to Read This Weekend

Make the most of your early September weekend and catch up on these articles and prepare to get going on your job search

Got weekend plans? Whatever you do between now and Monday morning, be sure to carve out a few minutes to for some reading that’ll do some good for your career.

We understand how busy you are at work, so we’ve rounded up our best recent career and job search advice so you can spend some downtime in the next few days fueling your job search.

What’s the Best Way to Reschedule an Interview?: No matter how much you want an interview, sometimes—because of illness or an emergency—you’ve got to reschedule. Here’s how to do it without ruining your chances of an offer.

What Does a PR Director Do?: If you have a couple of years’ experience in PR, now may be the time to make the jump to director. Here’s what it takes.

Videos That Can Turbocharge Your Job Search: Tap the power of a range of videos to land the job you want.

Why You Need a Mentor, and How to Land One: A quick course on what a guide can do for your career, and no-fail ways to make the connection.

How I Got a Job by Reframing My Work History to Fit the Position: Here’s how Mediabistro’s Lindsey Varghese turned her background and passion into a job in a new field—and you can too.

Add Marketing Skills to Your Resume—Without Going Back to School: Want to up your skills, but not your student loan debt? Check out these lower-cost solutions.

12 Awesome Websites to Kick Your Freelancing into High Gear: This can-do dozen will help you find gigs, showcase your work and get paid like a boss.

Easy LinkedIn Tweaks That’ll Help You Snag a Job: Find out how to get recruiters to notice you, and how to leverage your resume in your profile.

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