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Prep For Your Interview—Even When There’s Not One on the Horizon

#WeekendJobSearch Assignment #8: Get yourself interview ready

It’s week 8 of our #WeekendJobSearch, our ongoing series that breaks the whole job-search process into 13 totally doable to-do items.

Last week, we helped you power your network even further by getting you enrolled and involved in professional associations or LinkedIn groups.

This week, we’re helping you prepare for your next job interview… even if it doesn’t exist yet. Because you just never know when opportunity is going to knock—or when your application to that listing you found on the job board will yield a call for an interview.

The Weekend Job Search Assignment #8

Prep for Your Interview (Even When There’s Not One on the Horizon)

The best time to prep for an interview is before you even land one: If you’re mentally and physically prepared to head into an interview at the drop of a hat, you’ll likely be more motivated when you actually make it into that interview room.

And having everything ready to go means less last-minute scrambling, which means more time to remain calm and prep for the interview itself.

To be ready for your next interview—whenever it may be—go through this list so you know you’re good to go.

1. Have an Interview Outfit at the Ready

A superhero is able to jump into his outfit at a moment’s notice, and so should you be. Having your outfit ironed and hung means there’s one less thing you need to worry about. And what about those interview shoes: Can a quick shine fix them up or is it time to surf over to Zappos?

Want even more help on your interview preparation? The counselors with Mediabistro’s Career Services can help you refine your interview skills in a one-on-one session.

2. Make a Hair Appointment—Or Other Grooming Appointment—for This Week

Let’s say you get a call on Monday for a Wednesday interview. Would you have time to get in that barber’s or manicurist’s chair before meeting with the hiring manager? Who needs that stress? Take care of any personal grooming early and often so you can keep that to-do item struck off your list.

3. Get Your Printer in Working Order

Have you ever needed to print your resume before heading to your interview, only to realize your printer doesn’t have ink—or it’s displaying one of a thousand error messages? If it’s been a while since you’ve printed anything, check your ink levels and your paper supplies, and do a test print.

If there’s anything else you bring to interviews—a tablet loaded with your portfolio, for example—get those interview-ready today, too.

And that’s week 8!

Next week, you’ll be practicing your interview skills, so by the time you enter the interview room, you’ll be a pro.

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