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party photos

Party Photos: Cocktails in Washington, D.C.
At the Sofitel Lafayette Square, 01.31.03

Just steps away from the White House, war talk was unavoidable and North Korean fears tingled spines. But in the warmth of the Hotel Sofitel, Washington's most happening journos put that all aside to happpily munch complimentary hors d'oeuvres, drink tasty cocktails, and—in more than a few cases—become very friendly with one another.

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(Click for a larger view of the pictures.)

Coulda'-been panelists Nick Confessore, of The Washington Monthly, and Mike Boyer, of Foreign Policy.’s Taffy Akner,’s Sacha Cohen, and The Washington Post’s Rob Pegararo.

New York Times freelancer Matt Oster chats up KB Consultants' Dotty Giordano.

KB Consultants helped host the party.

Posh Media's Stacie Rowell, Science's Alan Stonebraker, and USA Weekend's Dian Holton and Frappa Stoutt.

The Scotsman foreign correspondent Alex Massie and Kelly Buckheit, an editor for a nonprofit.

They may be taxed without representation, but D.C. media folk still know how to par-tay!

The Fratelli Group's Melinda Long, Pine Rose Productions' Megan Mullaney, and freelancer Gavin Rosdale.

Market Watch's Paul McLeary and The New Republic's Clay Risen.

Freelancers Kenisha Wiggs and Kasey Chew.

National Geographic's Heather Morgan, freelancer Chris Shott, and National Geographic's Jenna Kieley and Susanne Hackett

Travel-Writing Boot Camp teacher Luba Vangelova and Boot Camp for Journalists teacher Kate Marsh.

The Sofitel provided complimentary canapes--along with a friendly waitstaff.


Photographs by Taffy Akner.

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