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party photos

Party Photos: The Media Marketing Party in New York City
At Etoile, 08.19.03

Laurel was tired of that silly blackout business. So she said, "Let there be light," and, lo, there was light. Which meant it was easy for her favorite media-biz marketing pros to come out and party at Etoile, in midtown. There was drinking and schmoozing, and everyone had fun.

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(Click for a larger view of the pictures.)

Designer Nancy Taylor, executive producer Michelle Wilson, and Scholastic's Guy Blumberg.

Freelance photographer Rosa Urmazza, GOPPO Digital founder Paul Policarpio, and the Daily News's Rachel Knetel.

Heather Bloom and Lisa Gaglia of Frontline Marketing with media researcher Jodi Wiener.

Eddie Koller, Saks Fifth Avenue's Micki Irving, BusinessWire's Alison Greenwood, Getty Images' Lisa Rayman, and Tapestry Events' Lori Stahl.

Kaplan Thaler's Paige Miller, management consultant Stephen Levine, E. Gluck's Dana Dowe, and LogiForm Marketing's Stephane Chiche.

R/M Public Relations account executive Christie Ly and Morse Partners senior publicist Kate Morgan.

Carr Futures' Erika Etlen, Gerri Meyer, and Cyber-NY's Jason Lewis.

Lifestyle Marketing Group creative director James Mammarella and art director Diana Reed.

Hearst Cover Concepts' Debbie Sanders, Citigroup's Maureen Cantara, Prentice ad manager Nancy Klaman, and McGraw-Hill's Todd Brody.


Photographs by Charity Lorenzen.

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