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Party Photos: Cocktails in New York City

At Naked Lunch, September 18, 2003

Posted September 29, 2003

It was that time again: gathered all the New York media people it could find and lured 'em all down to Soho's Naked Lunch for a big ol' good time. There were crowds, there were drinks, and there was even a hurricane going on outside, desperately trying to get in and join the cool kids.

Photographs by Tricia Couture.

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Freelancer Trevor Stokes and National Geographic and Dateline science-journalism fellow Vinita Mehta.

Freelancer Jennifer Krauss, Daily HealthFeed's Dr. Mike Rosen, and freelancers Valerie Linabury and Brandy Vaughan.

Freelance publicist Samantha Levine and Beth George of Pro-Media Communications.

Performance artist Loren Churchill and novelist David Churchill.

Abby Ludowise, Sarah Phelps, Sharon Kwiatkowski, and Cara Martin.

Freelance writer Chantal Martineau with Seed editors Don Hoyt Gorman and Laura McNeil.

mb's Laurel Touby with Dr. Mike Rosen.

David Churcill, Eddie Goldman, and mb's Laurel.

City Opera program manager Terese McKinney and Shanda Mays.

mb volunteer Tricia Couture with the Dr. Mike Rosen.

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Photographs by Tricia Couture.