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Party Photos: Cocktails in Boston

At Cottonwood Restaurant and Café, November 11, 2003

Posted November 17, 2003

Do's Boston buddies have that Yankee chill? Certainly not after our most recent Hub happy hour, at the hot Tex-Mex spot Cottonwood Café. Filled with hot food, cool people, and refreshing cocktails, the night was a blast.

Photographs by Alex Maresca.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Outside the Cottonwood Caf�.

Author Elaine Mar and Small Times magazine's Matt Kelly.

Freelancers Edward Young, Larry Yu, and Nate Nickerson.

Citizen Culture general manager Irfan Shabeer and editor-in-chief Jonathon Feit, Center for Urban & Regional Policy managing editor Sarah Heim, and mb Boston hostess Meg Feury.

Sarah Heim, The Patriot Ledger's Paysha Stockton and Jessica Fargen, Science & Spirit mag's Mark Kaufman, and Science & Technology News features editor Heather Wax.

Robb Report senior editors Deedra Allison and Laurie Kahle.

Freelancers Kelly Miller and Lynne Mazzoli.

The Patriot Ledger's Cathleen Genova, Jessica Van Sack, and Jessica Fargen.

Lawyers Weekly news editor John Cunningham and Infoworks! writer and editor Amy Campbell.

Freelance writer Janet Strassman Perlmutter, Victor Curran, New Scientist's Sylvia Westphal, and freelance writers Delia Cabe and Joseph Rosenbloom.

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