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Party Photos: The Design Party in San Francisco

At 15 Romolo, November 11, 2003

Posted November 24, 2003

mb brought together all sorts of San Francisco design pros for one of our famous Design Parties. There were big crowds, lots of creative people, and plenty of delish drinks to keep the night going.

Photographs by Joe Jarrell.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Independent TV producer Catherine Haley, cohostess Susan MacTavish Best, and Mobile PC executive editor Dylan Tweney.

Cohostess Amy Gershoni and the Art Institute of California's Nico van Dongen.

KCC Design's Kathleen Chan and Conversal's Chris Heuer.

Designer Amy Gershoni, Big Wig Design's Rich Leeds, and freelance designer Marcia Gagliardi.

Freelance illustrator David Garvey and Computer Gaming World associate art director Michael Jennings.

Wired deputy editor W.O. Goggins, Amy Gershoni, Chris Heuer, and Sci-Fi Love Story's Bennett Hirshhorn.

Freelance designer Matthew Runeare and Tangible Studios designer Kai Haley.

Hotel Triton sales manager Haley Brockmeier, Zaffiro Consulting account director Dante Huapaya, freelance designer Chris Yin, and Youngwells designer Christian McDaniel.

Freelance art director Amy Shroads abd freelance digital photo retoucher Tevi Schwartz.

Cohost Gil Gershoni with Digiwalla digital artist Jon Fox.

Eva Walterof with AND interactive designer Claudia Dallendoerfer.

California College of Art graphic designer and adjunct professor Lee Friedman, Th.Inc. design director Kairsten Wydra, and The Sibbett Group museum exhibit designer Emily Vassos.

Summit ID industrial designer Scott Summit, Norsky Design Studio's Tore Lukashaugen, Susan MacTavish Best, and architect Krisjon Swanberg.

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