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Party Photos: Cocktails in Chicago

At Lot 48, March 4, 2004

Posted March 22, 2004

It was a cold March night in Chicago when we came to town earlier this month, but things were nice and warm inside Lot 48, where all our favorite Chicago media pros gathered for good drinks and good times.

Photography by Nancy Simon.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Reporter newspaper staff writer Ashok Selvan with Materials Management magazine editor and mb host Erin Burke.

Freelancer Mike Tanner, advertiser Mike Brennan, and Jennifer Hornberger of GFX Health Forum.

Freelance writers Clare Curley and Conrad Lawrence with Journal of Dental Hygiene editor Heather Shirley.

Dossier senior editor Nancy Simon with Heather Shirley of The Journal of Dental Hygiene.

Editorial consultant Kathy Layng and British freelance writer Jeremy Wyatt.

U.S. Sports Scene executive vice president Michael Holley and mb host, Erin Burke.

Freelance editor Christen Bolan and Shrunali Tembe of U.S. Sports Scene.


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