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Party Photos: Cocktails in New York City

At Mannahatta, May 20, 2004

Posted June 21, 2004

We brought all sorts of Manhattan media pros together last month at Mannahatta. How very eponymous of us.

Photographs by Celina Lara.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Freelancer Pattie Simone, assistant manager Colleen Costello, Galloway Media Group CEO Laura Galloway, and Strauss Radio Strategies managing director Jason Cohen.

CMC's Robert Presser, mb's Nancy Hwang, and Christophe Viseux of BCA Advertising.

Tri-Plex operations manager John Risdon, Smartbrief editor Paula Schaap, and Strauss Radio Strategies managing director Jason Cohen.

Sheryl Steadman and Kristina Ippolito of Pink Hearts Productions and Rizzoli senior editor Chris Steighner.


McCall Pattern Company home-decorating editor Diana Murphy, Vogue Patterns accessory editor Elenita Fabre, Council on Accredidation's Bojanna Stoparic, and Arc magazine's Greg Matherly.

Susan Fagella and Tracy Lingo of More magazine.

Anthony Todd director of marketing Melissa Ettere and Anthony Todd business developer Cecilia Pattiz.

Jigsaw NYC's Ben Jones, 9mmedia's Jody Seiffert, and 9mmedia director Morgan Lang.

Jigsaw NYC's Ben Jones and freelancer Gina Masullo.

Wall Street Journal photo editors Joe Schram, Tracy Armstead, and Darrell Perry.

Katz Media's Sherise Malachi and Debbie Gretz with Merkley & Partners media planner Erica Smith.

Liza Gennatiempo of William Morris, mb events coordinator Rachel Sokol, and Emre Ozpirincci of SDI Media.

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